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Berry Clamshells

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Elsepack: Your Professional Berry Clamshells Manufacturer

Berries are field packs that is why it needs to be packed in order to be protected from transport, cold, moisture, and heat.

Elsepack as a professional Berry Clamshells manufacturer. Our Berry clamshells which features a PET crystal clear plastic for complete visibility from any angles.

This feature allows the consumer to see the amounts of berries they are buying and also the quality berries themselves.

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It is also vented which lets the air in and keeps the condensation and preserve the freshness of the berries.

Our Berry Clamshells has a slotted side which allows an easy transition into different temperatures.

In addition, it also features a dog-bone closure lock that ensures a more secure seal. It is perfect for sale and display, transport from and to any location as well.

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As a decades manufacturer, we produce Berry Clamshells are ideal for merchandising not only for berries but also for fresh cherry tomatoes, grapes, strawberries, and blueberries.

Berry Clamshells from Elsepack manufacturer has a rippled textured in order to protect the inside product from the exterior surfaces.

Since Elsepack’s Berry Clamshells is designed with hinged lid, the storage is an easy task.

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Our Berry Clamshells are made from thermoformed plastics. The materials used in manufacturing our Berry Clamshells are mostly APET, PET, PVC, and so on.

As a quality manufacturer, Elsepack’s materials are tested and approved by FDA and EN71 to guarantee you that our Berry Clamshells are safe to use and are functional.

Berry Clamshells manufactured by Elsepack are popular for storing berries and securely but aesthetically displayed in the market.

Elsepack’s Berry Clamshells comes in a wide array of styles and sizes. It also features a wide opening which improves the convenience and ease of opening and putting berry fruits.

If you are a retailer or grower of berry fruits, our wide selection of Berry Clamshells will surely suit your needs.

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Whether you have the huge volume or small volume orders of Berry Clamshells, Elsepack as a manufacturer always ready to work with you.

We have more than 10 years of manufacturing Berry Clamshells. Due to that, we are dedicated to providing you a high-quality Berry Clamshells manufactured by using Elsepack’s high-technology and advance machines.

Throughout many years, it is our pride offering an eco-friendly Berry Clamshells solution.

Our Berry Clamshells are also reusable and can also be recycled as crafts, home décor, gardening, storage, and more.

Due to the flexibility of our Berry Clamshells, it is perfect and convenient as storage of smaller foods especially berries to avoid waste and spillage.

berries clamshell manufacturer

Because Berry Clamshells from Elsepack is durable, it is guaranteed that berries are safe and secured during the delivery and shipping process.

With Elsepack’s Berry Clamshells, you can assure that berries inside are protected against distribution abuse. It also has a shelf-life extension, sustainability, and re-sealable.

With Elsepack’s in-house tooling competitive prices, excellent services, and professional engineer team.

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We are dedicated to providing you an innovative and efficient Berry Clamshells making us your number one manufacturer and supplier of Berry Clamshells.

Feel free to contact us for more details!

Item NameBerry clamshells
FeaturedAny in-house pattern and mould design
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time7-15 days
Payment TermT/T ,L/C, etc.