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Blister Tray

  • Over 10 years Blister Tray manufacturing experience
  • Customized design based on your Own Application
  • Free 2D or 3D drawing in 1 day,sample in 3 days
  • Lower shipping cost because the stackable feature

Let’s face it; a good packaging of your products can easily take your business to the next level. That is why we, at Elsepack, design exclusive blister trays with amazing features such as clear display and shipping functions.

Elsepack has consistently been the best blister packaging manufacturer for over 10 years. That is why our blister tray process is based on the best technologies such as custom thermoforming.

Besides, we are well equipped with more than 10 efficient thermoforming machines that are capable of producing millions of packages every year.

Though Elsepack has been blister tray supplier for over ten years, it does not mean that all our staff is beyond the tenure age.

Elsepack competent designer team is composed of 13 professional engineers with an average age of 20 years. They clearly know how blister packaging is made step by step.

As part of our quality service, your orders value strict inspection for every blister tray that we manufacture.

A 100% inspection from the blister tray materials to the final production step.

In fact, if you need food-grade raw materials that are in accordance with the FDA.EN71 test.

Besides, Elsepack do not use blister tray pieces of equipment that are already irrelevant in the industry.

We ensure that all your blister tray are manufactured by our production equipment that has an average age of 4 years.

In most cases, our equipment is in line with the working principle of the blister pack machine.

In addition to that, Elsepack has ISO9001:2015 certification that shows that we meet all your requirements that are necessary for the manufacturing of blister trays.

To seal it up, we use original blister packaging materials to ensure you all blister trays that we supply are 100% recyclable.

Are you new to this blister packaging business? Elsepack is your ultimate supplier. Because we do not have a standard MOQ for all our blister trays.

All you need to do is to order a quantity that is enough for you to start your wholesale shop or a retailer shop.

Once you have purchased blister trays, we organize the shipping process as soon as possible.

More importantly, we have our own freight company to ship your supply. Therefore, we do not need a third party for shipping in China.

It is just between Elsepack and your business. However, small orders are shipped within 7 business days.

We manufacture blister trays that can be used in a broad spectrum of application.

Elsepack blister tray is suitable for use in medical and dental instrument trays, food packaging trays, material handling trays and storage tray.

Additionally, Elsepack is an expert in the design of blister tray. With the latest blister tray manufacturing machines.

We are able to come up with different colors, material thickness, and types that suits your business setup.

In fact, we can also add your business logo to every blister tray that you have purchased.

Elsepack also values our customers with optimum respect. Unlike other suppliers that delay responding to customers’ request, we always respond to our customers within 12 hours.

Therefore, Elsepack can serve you even at your urgent moments.

In case you were thinking of how to find a new supplier for the best blister trays in the world, then you have surely landed on one.

Contact us now and we will serve you better. Waiting to hear from you soon.

Item NameBlister Tray
MaterialPP, PVC, RPET, PET, PS, etc.
FeaturedAny in-house pattern and mould design
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time7-15 days
Payment TermT/T ,L/C, etc.

Blister Trays: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Blister Tray Packaging?

Blister tray packaging refers to a type of pre-form plastic packaging that is of use in the packaging of pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, among others.

Where can You Use Blister Trays?

Best uses of Blister trays include packaging of:

  • Toys
  • Hardware
  • Consumer goods
  • Medicines
  • Food products

Are there Size Limitations for Blister Trays?


There are different sizes of blister trays depending on the product that you are going to pack in them.

Blister trays manufacturer can produce virtually and size and shape.

What Kinds of Material Do You Use in Blister Trays?

The primary material for the manufacturing of blister trays is plastic. The different types of available plastic include:


  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Commonly used material in the production of blister trays due to its numerous properties.
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).  An easy to recycle material.
  • Polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polyvinylidene Chloride (PVDC)
  • Cyclic Olefin Copolymers (COC)
  • Polystyrene (PS)
  • High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS). It is relatively cheaper and durable.
  • Aluminum foil.

Is Material Thickness Critical in Blister Trays?


The material thickness helps in determining the weight of the product that a particular blister tray can handle.

What is the Difference between Stock and Custom Blister Trays?

  • Stock blister trays refer to trays that are directly manufactured by a manufacturer to meet the market demand. Custom blister trays are those trays whose manufacturing process targets a specific client.
  • The overall cost of manufacturing stock blister trays is relatively cheaper than that of manufacturing custom blister trays.
  • A manufacturer will have to adhere to the specification of a given client when fabricating custom blister trays. On the other hand, a manufacturer uses general guidelines when producing stock blister trays.

Should you Consider Blister Trays or Clamshell Trays?

It depends on your packaging requirements.

Blister trays are ideal if you are considering packing products of relatively low value such as consumer products.

Clamshell trays are ideal for packing products that are of relatively higher price, such as high-end golf balls or an automotive part.

What is Blister Trays Thermoforming?

Blister tray thermoforming refers formation of blister trays that have cavities.

This is through heating and use of pressure and sometimes the use of a plug-assist feature.

Is ISO 14000 Compliance Important when Importing Blister Trays?


It is a vital aspect to consider when importing blister trays. ISO 14000 ensures that your blister trays adhere to environmental standards of recycling plastic products.

What are the Benefits for Blister Trays thermoforming?

  • Cheaper blister trays since the ideal material to use are PVC because of the ease of forming a web.
  • Transparent blister trays enhance visualization of the product by potential clients

What is the Difference between Blister and Strip Packaging?

Whereas blister packaging has a cold-formed cavity, strip packaging lacks this aspect of manufacturing.

Instead, there is a formation of a cavity around the product during the sealing stages of the product.

The packaging section of strip packaging usually is more significant when you compare to that of the blister pack. This is because strip packaging lacks pre-formed cavities.

Strip packaging has a wide range of materials for use such as plastic, regenerated cellulose, foil, and paper. Blister packaging is limited to the use of plastic material only.

What are the Advantages of Blister Trays?

  • Blister tray help in maintaining the freshness of your product.
  • The Serving size. When it comes to medicines and certain foods, blister trays offer the best option for ensuring that you have the correct size and amount at a particular time.
  • It offers a visually appealing packaging solution to clients. Clients can visualize the product before they can make a purchase.
  • Attractive packaging
  • Blister trays offer secure packaging option
  • Blister trays help in product customization.

How long will Elsepack Take to Make Blister Tray 2D and 3D Drawings?

The duration for making blister tray 2D and 3D drawings varies depending on a couple of factors such as the complexity of the drawing and the type of machine to use.

However, we start working on your order as soon as we receive them, and we will keep you informed all through the process.

Does Elsepack have MOQ for Blister Trays?

Yes. The standard MOQ for blister trays is 500 pieces. However, we can still do your order depending on a couple of factors.

Will Elsepack Provide Free Blister Tray Samples?

Yes. Elsepack will provide you with free blister tray samples upon your request. However, you will have to incur any shipping charges if applicable.

How Long will Elsepack Take to Deliver Blister Tray Orders?

We deliver blister tray orders as soon as possible and within the timelines that we have agreed with our clients. However, the delivery process depends on several factors, such as the number of orders in line.

Whichever way, we will keep you posted on the progress of your orders.

How does Elsepack Control Quality of Blister Trays?

We ensure the quality of blister trays by carrying out many tests on our products before releasing them to our clients. Such tests include:

  • Leakage tests. It ascertains that the blister trays do not leak, which can cause damage to the products therein.
  • Durability test. It determines if the blister trays can withstand different environmental factors such as heat and wear and tear.
  • Strength test. It determines if the blister trays are strong enough to hold during the entire period until it reaches the final customer.


Does Elsepack Help in Shipping Blister Trays from China?

Yes. Elsepack offers you a guideline on shipping blister trays from China such as the packaging and labeling requirements.

Elsepack Provides How Many Blister Tray Color Options?

We offer a wide range of colors which depend on the specifications of our clients. We manufacture your blister trays regardless of your color option needs.

Can Elsepack Brand Personalized Logo on Blister Trays?

Yes. Elsepack offers personalized logo brands on your Blister trays. For this to happen, you need to provide us with how you want us to personalize your logo brand on your bister trays.



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