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Custom Chocolate Blister Tray Based on Your Own Idea
  • Free Customized Design and Sample within 24 Hours.
  • Over 10 Years Manufacturing Experience.
  • Food-grade and Various Color Materials to Match Your Chocolate.
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  • RoHS
  • SGS
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Your Best Custom Chocolate Blister Tray Manufacturer in China

  • Custom-fit for your chocolate.Color, shape and material requirements are nearly unlimited .
  • Variety of food-grade materials which are certificated and 100% inspection by Elsepack QC team.
  • Broadly diversified machine park allow us not only to produce large volumes for mass production cost-efficiently,but small volumes deliver on time.
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Chocolate Blister Tray Boom Your Business

thermoforming design
Chocolate Blister Tray Design

At Elsepack, in-house designers communicate directly with you one-on-one, provide 2D/3D files of custom chocolate blister tray freely.

thermoforming packaging mold
Chocolate Blister Tray Tooling

Elsepack In-house tooling make your custom clamshell packaging project cost-effective and time saving. All molds are lifetime warranty.

thermoforming material
Chocolate Blister Tray Materials

Elsepack provide RoHS ,SGS certificated and food-grade materials. Various options of materials to meet your produce industry.

dust free thermoforming manufacturer
Chocolate Blister Tray Manufacturing

Elsepack use high-speed inline thermoformers and 24×5 operational schedule to complete your orders to deadline. Dust-free work shop to manufacture your food grade blister tray packaging project.

Transparent Chocolate Box Production
Transparent Chocolate Box Production

Zero tooling cost for Elsepack transparent chocolate box.There are variety of closure and hanging features available. One piece design to save your assembly cost. Low shipping costs due to boxes ship flat.

thermofroming quality control
Chocolate Blister Tray Quality Assurance

Elsepack assure you all clamshell packaging throughout every step of our process using quality control standards guided by the principles of ISO 9001:2015.From raw materials to finished products.

Recent Chocolate Blister Tray Order

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transparent chocolate box
brown chocolate blister tray

Questions You May Ask About Our Chocolate Blister Tray

Design and prototyping

Elsepack in-house designer team provide free design according to your initial idea or sketch.

All hand samples and prototyping are free, and fast-speed within 3 days.

What is the MOQ

Elsepack can manufacture the custom clamshell packaging at Low MOQ from 1000 pieces as initial order to support your business.

We have many standard produce clamshell packaging in stock, the same day ship for you.

Chocolate Blister Tray Manufacturer

Elsepack chocolate blister trays are strictly made of well designed plastic yet disposable material. It is purposely made for your chocolates to look good and presentable.

Our chocolate blister trays are highly made from unique and high level variety of plastics such as polyester, PVC, foam sheets, etc. Whenever you need chocolate blister tray, Elsepack are always ready to provide you.

chocolate blister tray

Elsepack have experts that will ensure and guarantee the safety of your foods eaten. Also, it can prevent your foods from spoiling. For it is high clarity packed, it can get the attention of your own valued guests.

Chocolate blister tray from Elsepack is attractive to the eyes of the costumers for it is economical. Freshness of the foods will remain and possibly extended. Our products are mainly designed for chocolates. It is RoHS approved so you don`t have to worry.

Our team is specialist in manufacturing this kind of packaging for over 10 years. We create broad diversity of chocolate blister tray that allows you to search the complete packaging solution for all your needs.

chocolate box inserts plastic

Plus, chocolate blister trays are easy to construct and fold in any kind of designs. Chocolate blister trays are useful and easy to customize. It is also great for giving leftovers for you loved ones.

We, Elsepack served and supply packaging solutions all over the world. We are also strict when it comes to your high expectation for we always want to achieve it. Chocolate blister trays are available in any sizes, colors, etc.

We are committed to create clamshell chocolate containers for a high level quality of production. We have any sizes available and have a nice functional closure latch.

Elsepack always focuses in giving you well-organized and eye-catching packaging. For how many years in service, we already knew the techniques to produce high qualities of our products. Secure packaging seals and protection of your products during transportation is their main priority.

Elsepack productions can attract many consumers. We aimed that we can give high quality of services based on your expectation.

We are eco-friendly chocolate blister tray designer and known for our high quality services. Elsepack have high skilled staffs in providing you options such as, sleeves, inserts, oval boxes, etc. With a safe plastic blister tray packaging, your product will be protected from poor storage situations and not handling your products during transport.

chocolate box tray

Our team securely locks and prevent your products from polluted environment and protecting it`s freshness until transported. We have the capacity to transport your business products based on your ideal labeling of your products.

We are really best options to choose for your food shops or if your products are being displayed in any supermarkets. For we have a comprehensive experiences, we can handle and take good care of your products.

We, Elsepack are very willing to work with you and review your products demand as always. We are looking forward for more transactions with you.

Don`t get hesitate by getting in touch and contacting us for more convenient, reliable and efficient works.