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Clamshell Packaging

Elsepack is your premier Clamshell packaging manufacturer and supplier. Free custom design of Clamshell packaging based on your exact requirement. Low MOQ: 500 to support your business. 100% inspection from raw material to shipping Clamshell packaging. Every salesperson is an Engineer, and there’s 24/7 online support for you.

Your Reliable Clamshell Packaging Manufacturer

Elsepack Custom Clamshell Packaging Supplier

As a leading Clamshell packaging supplier, our custom Clamshells are widely used to the retail, produce and food packaging needs. All custom Clamshell packaging is manufactured to your specifications, which is one of the most popular types of thermoformed packaging.

Elsepack Clamshell packaging is a clear thermoform blister packaging for showcase product and maximize your product’s custom appeal. All raw material is 100% recyclable and inspected by our QC team.

Elsepack Clamshell packaging is mainly made of PVC, PET, APET, etc. PET is a food grade Clamshell packaging; it’s applied to clear food Clamshell container, wax melts, fruit, plant and fresh produce.

For example, Sandwich tri-fold packaging Macaron blister packaging, salad Clamshell packaging. Such food Clamshell packaging, including lettuce Clamshell, clear egg cartons are made of PET which can pass FDA testing.

On the other hand, PVC Clamshell packaging grows fastest in the fields of cosmetics & beauty and industry electronics. Shining cosmetic Clamshell packaging can catch consumers’ eyes in 3 seconds.

And ESD trays are made with conductive and anti-static material to protect expensive electric components. They are durable and reusable season after season.

Elsepack is your expert to provide custom Clamshell packaging according to customer’s detail requirements. There are various mould types, such as heat blister packaging that come with theft deterrence.

To satisfy different product placement, Elsepack designs tri fold Clamshell packaging to sit on the shelves easily and plastic Clamshell boxes with hangers for hanging. Variety of round, large and small Clamshell packaging is applied to solve different thermoforming packaging solutions.

All aspects should be taken into account when designing plastic Clamshell packaging. So you have many choices such as double blister packaging. The hinge is the most important part to be considered about the hinge area with length and type. The good hinge allows Clamshell packaging to fold onto itself.

As a company, we are fully concerned about Clamshell packaging flanges, the parts of thermoform packaging for secondary sealing. This is to help consumers open the packaging easily and substantively.

Note that all our Clamshell packaging is made with no flash to prevent consumers from injuries while opening it.

With our aim to offer you exactly and high-quality Clamshell packaging, Elsepack offers full-service of thermoforming mould design and in-house tooling. Our skilled engineer starts with you and offers free design drawing. After your approval, we will provide a prototype within 2 days.

Elsepack as an experienced Clamshell packaging supplier offers the latest technologies, certificated materials, durable moulds, and full production in short lead time.

Besides custom blister Clamshell packaging, we are one of the leading stock blister packs suppliers. Our many standard plant blister package is used as a mail order plant packaging, which is popular in the UK. This means no tooling cost for you, and you can wholesale them at a low price anytime.

All in all, if you are looking for Clamshell packaging for your products, Elsepack will be your perfect choice. We can do any custom thermoforming packaging for you.

Why Elsepack Clamshell Packaging
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  • A leader in manufacturing Clamshell packaging over 10 years
  • Different divisions operate orders to assure you delivery on time
  • EN71, FDA Testing Material is 100% inspected


Item NameClamshell Packaging
MaterialPP, PVC, RPET, PET, PS, etc.
FeaturedClamshell blister packaging,Tri-Fold
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time 7-15 days
Payment Term T/T ,L/C, etc.

Clamshell Packaging: The Ultimate Guide

Are you finding it hard selecting a perfect clampshell packaging solution?

You have a reason to smile today.


Here, you will find all aspects of a clamshell packaging that you need to know. This guide fully covers clamshell packaging from the basic benefits of a clamshell to how you can source for a clamshell manufacturer in China.

By the end of this guide, you will be a specialist on clamshell packaging.

Let’s get started.

What is the Clamshell Packaging?

Clamshell packaging refers to a type of packaging of securing the product between two hooked thermoformed plastic films.

Sounds simple?

Yes. What happens is the edges of the film have to be heat sealed to ensure that the product is firmly secured.

Look at this:

Advantages of Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell is increasingly becoming an alternative packaging solution. We can attribute the increased popularity to several benefits that clamshell packaging offers.

Here are some of the benefits that come with the use of clamshell packaging.

· Transparent Packaging

Clamshell packaging offers transparent packaging for your product. By doing this, potential customers can view the product before purchasing it.

Transparent packaging alongside attractive and strategic design lets your customers see what is inside the packaging which attracts them to your product. In the long run, it increases the profitability of your product since many customers will purchase it.

· Protection

Clamshell packaging offers protection for your product, which ensures your product remains in perfect condition. For instance, clamshell packaging aids in preventing damages.

Also, by using clamshell packaging, there is minimal contamination of your product, which allows your product to be fresh. This offers an opportunity for your customers to purchase fresh products.

· Ease of Use

A clamshell packaging offers the simple way of packaging and unpackaging of your product. There is no expert knowledge required to use this since it has a double-sided feature that allows you to open and close the product.

Many customers make the purchasing decision based on the simplicity of use of the product and its packaging. Clamshell packaging goes a long way in attracting customers.

· Versatility

Clamshell packaging is relatively versatile, giving it an extensive use. Regardless of the size and shape of your product, clamshell packaging can be configured to package it properly.

The versatility of a clamshell packaging adequately protects products from the external environment. Also, your products appear new and fresh, which increases the customers’ appeal.

· Eye Appealing

One of the things that attract customers to your product is its appeal. Clamshell packaging offers this appeal by packaging your product in a clear and transparent pack.

To achieve this, you can use attractive designs on your clamshell packaging. This ensures that you have frequent customers who through purchasing of your product increases your profitability.

· Recyclability

Clamshell packaging offers users the opportunity to continue using the packaging even after removing the product. There are several other uses that clamshell packaging has, which ensures that you get the most out of the package.

Choosing the Best Clamshell Packaging

If you are new in the industry, you will agree that finding the best clamshell packaging for your application can be tough.

Chances are you might purchase an incorrect clamshell packaging which ends up affecting your packaging process.

It is for this reason that this section takes a look at how to select the best clamshell packaging for your application.

Have a look.


· Shape and Size

The shape and size of a clamshell is a vital consideration when selecting a clamshell packaging. Since different products use clamshell packaging, you need to choose a package that fully covers your product.

· Clamshell Material

As we shall see later in this guide, different materials are used to make a clamshell packaging. Each of these materials has its characteristics that make them ideal for the packaging of certain products.

Check on the clamshell material before settling on a given clamshell package.

· Custom vs. Stock

Depending on your requirements, you may talk to your supplier to manufacture your clamshell packaging as per your specifications. This is what is known as custom clamshell packaging.

If you decide to select this option, you will have to pay more depending on the MOQ requirements of your supplier.

The cheaper option is the stock clamshell packaging that comes directly from the manufacturer. However, if you select this option, you need to ensure that the product will fit in the clamshell package.

· Supplier’s Expertise

A more comfortable option that you can rely on to select the best clamshell packaging for your products is by relying on your supplier’s advice.

Most suppliers have a wide range of information from which they can help you in narrowing down your options.

This option can be useful, especially if you don’t know where to begin.

· Type of Product

Different products have different clamshell packaging requirements. For instance, medicinal products will require clamshell approved safety regulation packaging.

It is therefore ideal that you consult with your supplier or the relevant body as to which clamshell to use for packaging of your product.

Clamshell Packaging Wholesale Price

Before you consider purchasing clamshell packaging, you need to factor in the price. The availability of different manufacturers means you will have different prices to select depending on the manufacturer requirements.

But before we check the different available prices, here is a look at what will affect the pricing of clamshell packaging.

· Clamshell Packaging Volume

If you are to purchase a high quantity of clamshell packages, there is a high probability that you will get your purchase at a discount.

This is because most manufacturers tend to work with the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

Purchasing a higher quantity that the MOQ of your manufacturer implies that you will get it at a relatively lower price.

Most manufacturers will accept a MOQ of between 1000 to 2000 pieces.

  • Thickness of your material

The thickness of your material also impacts on the price of your clamshell packaging. The thicker you want your packaging to be, the higher the amount you will have to pay.

The reason for this is the amount of material that is used to manufacture a thick clamshell packaging compared to a thinner one.

· Shape and Size of Your Clamshell Packaging

Your manufacturer will charge you a higher price if they are to manufacture a more extensive clamshell packaging for you. The same goes if your clamshell packaging has a complex shape.

The reason for this is due to the material used to fabricate the clamshell package. On the other hand, if your clamshell is small and straightforward, you will pay less.

· Custom or Stock

Negotiating with your manufacturer to fabricate a clamshell packaging as per your specification will cost you a higher price. This is due to the various requirements that your manufacturer will have to adhere to while manufacturing your clamshell packages.

A cheaper option is to purchase clamshell packages that your manufacturer has already fabricated.

Finding Clamshell Packaging Manufacturers in China

At this point, you might be wondering how do you go about sourcing for a Clamshell packaging manufacturer in China.

The truth is, there are various clamshell packaging manufacturers in China. However, not all of them are legit.

Here are tips that you can follow to find legit Clamshell packaging manufacturers in China.

· Online Platforms

The future is online for most clamshell packaging manufacturers since it connects them to a wide range of customers. It is here that you can use to search for your clamshell suppliers.

These sites give you the opportunity of interacting with various suppliers and selecting the ideal one for your clamshell packaging.

Most of these sites have ratings for the suppliers depending on their relationship with their previous customers. A higher score is a good sign that the supplier offers quality services.

Such are the suppliers that you need to engage when finding a clamshell manufacturer in China.

· Referrals

If you are new in the business, this needs to be your starting point. Engage with your peers in the industry to get to know their manufacturers.

If by contacting these manufacturers, you can get a good deal, you can let them manufacture your clamshell packaging for you.

· Exhibitions and trade Fairs

China typically holds various trade fairs and exhibitions throughout the year. During such events, different manufacturers get to interact with suppliers.

Attending these events gives you an opportunity of interacting with different manufacturers. Through interaction, you can select the best manufacturer to engage with for your clamshell packaging.

Examples of these trade fairs include the Yiwu trade fair and Canton trade fair.

· Directories

Most directories entail a list of different manufacturers and their contact details including their address. A directory will come in handy if you are to select a manufacturer for your clamshell packaging.

Even after selecting your preferred manufacturer using these tips, you need to consider the following to avoid chances of being conned.

First, make it your priority to visit the manufacturer’s physical site. Through these visits, you can know the location of your manufacturer.

Second, check if the manufacturer has the production capacity to meet your order. You don’t want a situation where you run out of stock, and your manufacturer cannot supply.

Third, ask for samples to determine if they meet your specifications and if they conform to the set standards.

If all is good, your manufacturer can proceed to manufacture your clamshell packaging.

Clamshell Packaging Material

You will find different clamshell packaging in the market depending on the given material that makes a clamshell package.

Here is a look at the common materials used in the manufacture of clamshell packaging.


· Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)

PVC offers a low-cost material for clamshell packaging due to its web forming features. However, this material is not environmentally friendly due to the high chlorine content.

Its ability to allow water and oxygen make this material not ideal clamshell package manufacturing for specific products.

However, through the coating of the PVC with other materials such as PVDC and COC, it forms a waterproof as well as airtight material for clamshell packaging.

PVC is also referred to as rigid PVC due to the lack of a plasticizer. Accessing a clamshell packaging of this material is through the push through effect.

The push through effect allows for the web formed to collapse after application of force on it. in case the clamshell packaging is for the medical or pharmaceutical industry, there is a need of using multi-layer PVC films

The multi-layer acts like a backbone for the rigid structure while maintaining the thickness to around 0.25mm or less.

· Poly-chlor-tri-fluoroethylene (PCTFE)

Coating this material with PVC results in an air and moisture tight material depending on the structural levels. These properties makes this material an alternative for the manufacture of clamshell packaging.

These structural levels are triplex structure and a duplex structure. A triplex structure allows for the formation of deeper cavities.

· Polyvinylidene Chloride (PVDC)

PVDC forms an airtight and waterproof material for clamshell packaging when coated with PVC This material is common in the manufacture of pharmaceutical clamshell packages. PVDC is available in triplex and duplex structures and also in two grades, historic grade and super barrier.


CDC does not contain chlorine in its structure, unlike other polymers, which makes it an ideal alternative material for clamshell packaging.

  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETE)

Clamshell packaging manufactured using  this material are transparent and durable. The advantage of using PETE is it allows for recycling thus helping conserve the environment.

  • High Impact Polystyrene Sheet (HIPS)

HIPS is yet another material that you can use for clamshell packaging manufacture. Using this as a material for your clamshell packaging is ideal for several reasons.

For instance, it is lightweight, cost-effective and durable under high temperatures. Also, you are able to print on this material which saves additional cost on printing materials.

  • Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG)

The other material available for clamshell packaging is PETG which offers a number of benefits when using it. first, its high impact resistance makes it suitable for packaging of delicate products.

Also, through sterilization, PETG packaging makes it safe for use for packing human foods.

  • Polypropylene

Polypropylene is a cheap material that is readily available for the fabrication of clamshell packaging. There are different products that you can pack using polypropylene clamshell pack.

This is because it does not react easily with a wide range of products.

Custom Clamshell Packaging Design

You don’t have to always rely on the clamshell packaging your manufacturer offers. Depending on your needs, you may opt for custom clamshell packaging designs.

Here, you give your manufacturer your clamshell packaging requirements, and they manufacture for you.

Among the standard custom clamshell packaging designs available include:

· Round Clamshell Packaging

Round clamshell packaging has a circular shape. The hollowness of this type of packaging depends on the size of your product.

It is ideal for packing various products such as fresh foods and drinks.

· Double-sided Clamshell Packaging

Double-sided clamshell packaging is a custom clamshell packaging that allows for the packing of your product on both sides. Double-sided clamshell packaging is best for packing various electronic products.

· Rectangular Clamshell Packaging

A rectangular clamshell packaging is a type of package that has a rectangular shape. It is a relatively common type of clamshell packaging that is common in the food packing industry.

Clamshell Packaging Recycling Process

As we have discussed earlier, one of the benefits of clamshell packaging is that it allows for reuse. That is ideal for conserving the environment.

So how do you go about recycling clamshell packaging?

· Step 1: Collection

The starting point of the recycling process is the collection of the clamshell packages.  Different clamshell packages are collected and brought to the firm for further processing.

· Step 2: Sorting

After collection, these clamshell packages are of different materials. As we discussed earlier, we have different materials for making clamshell packages.

The reason for this is to avoid mixing of the chemical components of the materials as well as the colors.  Here, specialized machines that are capable of sorting the clamshell packages to their individual properties are vital.

· Step 3: Shredding

The next step after sorting involves cutting the clamshell packaging to smaller particles through grounding. While cutting takes place, there is a separation of the lighter and heavier plastic particles using a particular machine. The importance of this step is to ensure you only have identical particles together.

· Step 4: Washing

In this step, the removal of contamination present in the particles takes place using detergents. After that, all the particles pass through scanning equipment that removes remaining contaminants.

After that, the drying of the particles through moderate heating takes place.

· Step 5: Melting

The particles are now ready for the melting process. This takes place under moderate temperature to avoid damaging the chemical properties of the plastic particles.

After melting, processing of the particles to granules takes place for use for other purposes.

Difference between Clamshell Packaging and a Blister Packaging

In general, there are two packaging options available in the market. Though they serve nearly the same purpose, you need to differentiate them before selecting an ideal one for your application.

Here is a comparison between clamshell packaging and blister packaging that will help you make an informed decision.

Have a look.

For starters, the materials used to manufacture both the blister packaging and clamshell packaging are the same. That is, you can use materials such as PVC, PET, and PETG to produce these two types of packaging.

Blister packaging refers to a preformed plastic package formed through either thermoforming or cold forming. On the other hand, clamshell packaging is a type of blister packaging consisting of hinges.

Ideally, blister packaging refers to a single vacuum-formed film whereas a clamshell packaging is a double-sided packaging consisting of hinges.

When you compare the two, a clamshell packaging has a longer shelf life than the blister packaging. Clamshell packaging also has a broader use than blister packaging.

Ideally, you will find blister packaging useful in the packaging of consumer products that are of low value. Such products include tape measures, household batteries, and kid’s toys.

On the other hand, clamshell packaging is ideal for packing of food products, and high-value consumer products. Such products include smart-phones, high-value electronics, high-value golf balls.

Lastly, on the cost, clamshell packaging is relatively expensive than blister packaging.

Uses of Clamshell Packaging

From this guide, it is becoming evident that you need clamshell packaging in a wide range of applications.

Each application will, however, depend on the material and size of the clamshell packaging.

Here is a look at some of these areas that you will find clamshell packaging necessary.

useful of clamshell packaging

· Food Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell packing is useful in the packaging of food to maintain its freshness and appeal to the customer.

Different foods are packed using clamshell packagings such as processed foods and fresh farm foods and even meat products.

However, for clamshell packaging to be effective in food packaging, it needs to meet the set health and safety standards such as FDA.

· Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

This is one of the sensitive industries that use clamshell packaging of their products. Due to the high sensitivity, these clamshell packages must adhere to specific ISO requirements.

If you are in this industry, you will have to engage with your manufacturer to custom manufacture your clamshell packaging. Clamshell packaging offers a practical packaging solution for medicines by preventing external contamination.

· Consumer Electronics

There are various electronics that we use in our daily lives. Manufacturing and packaging of these products need to be in a way that there is no damage to them.

An efficient way of preventing these damages is by using clamshell packaging. Also, designing the clamshell package makes it attractive t customers.

· Cosmetics

For cosmetics to sell, they need to be attractive to potential buyers. One of the ways of doing this is by the use of clamshell packaging.

Transparent clamshell packaging helps buyers to view what they are buying before purchasing the product. Also, by making the clamshell package attractive through printing, many buyers will be attracted to your products, increasing your profitability.

tri fold packaging

· Retail Products

Retail products not only need to be easy to open, but also, they need to have a customer appeal. Clamshell packaging lets you achieve these on your products by using attractive designs as well as easy to open packages. Such as bath bomb moulds plastic packaging and wax melt containers.

· Mobile Phones and Accessories.

Manufacturing of the different mobile phones that we use takes place several miles away. At the manufacturing point, packing these phones and their accessories safely is their priority.

By using clamshell packaging, these products can be shipped all the way to the purchasing point without any damage.

Choosing Clamshell Packaging Machine

Clamshell packaging manufacturing is a critical role that demands the use of an appropriate clamshell packaging machine.

That’s why when you decide to select a clamshell packaging machine; it has to be the right one.

Here are a few considerations that you need to consider before selecting a clamshell blister machine.

· Speed of the Clamshell Packaging Machine

The speed of a given clamshell packaging machine determines the output level of your production. If you have high demand, it is best to select a clamshell packaging machine with a high production speed that will increase your clamshell packaging output.

· Overhead Operating Costs

Check on the value of running a given clamshell packaging machine prior to purchasing one. A clamshell packaging machine might be cheap, but when you factor in the operating cost, the machine becomes expensive.

· Advanced Features

The ability of a given clamshell packaging machine to have certain advanced features like printing and labeling features gives it an edge. Selecting such a clamshell packing machine means your packaging needs will be simplified.

· Variety of Packaging

A clamshell packaging machine is ideal if it is flexible in the types of clamshell packages it can manufacture. For instance, if it can produce rectangular clamshell packaging as well as circular clamshell packaging, then you better select it.

· Your Packaging Needs

Your packaging needs will determine the type of clamshell packaging machine that you purchase. If you have high packaging needs, it is best to select a clamshell packaging machine that will conveniently serve you.


At this point, you can comfortably select a clamshell packaging that will serve your purpose.

Remember to clearly detail your User requirements when negotiating with your supplier before settling on a specific clamshell packaging.

And don’t forget to get the best price of your clamshell packaging from your supplier.

Get in touch with us today if you still need any clarification on clamshell packaging.

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