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Elsepack Clear Plant Saucers

  • Clear Plant Saucers comes in different sizes
  • 100% recyclable and durable plastic
  • Customized stylish and waterproof design
Item NameClear Plant Saucers
MaterialPVC, RPET, PET,etc.
MOQ500pieces/In stock
FeaturedAny in-house pattern and mould design
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time 7-15 days
Payment Term T/T ,L/C, etc.

Elsepack Clear Plant Saucers

Elsepack provides clear plant saucers in a wide variety of sizes. Currently, clear plant saucers size is from 24 inches. Elsepack can customize any size of clear plant saucers to meet your specific flower or plant pot dimensions.

As a decade professional clear plant saucers manufacturer, all our clear plant saucers are designed to give your plant super protection and optimal drainage.

You can DIY it around your potted flower base because it’s always made of 100% recyclable clear plastic, different from vinyl or ceramic saucer. Great to match any colorful pot. Additionally, clear plant saucers can come with different shapes like an oval.

Aim to keep your plant healthy, Elsepack clear plant saucers with smart airflow design.

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What can you benefit from Elsepack clear plant saucers?  Detail advantage as below:

  • Available in a variety of sizes, like a 25-inch large plant saucer
  • Widely used with any indoor or outdoor plant potted
  • Clear color blends that appeal with the surrounding
  • Critical airflow to keep plants moist longer
  • Ensure your floors and furniture against dirt or water stains

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What our happy customer said:

“Elsepack clear plant saucers are exactly I was looking for. I search it named as clear plastic plant tray for our garden plant project. I like this clear plant saucer because it’s easy to know how much water is in the tray after watering. I’d like to replace the order of clear plant saucers. “

—— Maggie

Using Elsepack clear plant saucers make watering easily. I noticed the clear plant plastic trays are designed with Interior ridges to keep plants out of the water, then keep new plant root healthy. I finally got my new plant re-planted into 2 gals .pot. I will continue to use Elsepack clear plant saucers on my garden project.


Elsepack clear plant saucers are clear, flexible, tough and lightweight to support your houseplants, pots, planters, and flowers.

Using Elsepack clear plant saucers is your best choice to keep plant root system healthy and to maintain moisture.

You never have to worry about the watering damage for your household surface because Elsepack clear plant saucers can collect excess water and soil.

Let us customize clear plant saucers to support your project. We want you to be delighted each time when we work together.

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Clear Plant Saucers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is Clear Plant Saucer?

A clear plant saucer is a clear, lightweight plastic container that is used to support indoor/outdoor plants, pots, planter, and flowers.

It is designed to help keep plant roots, whether indoor or outdoor, healthy and moist.

With a clear plant saucer, you won’t have to worry about water damaging your floors or furniture. This is because one of their primary purposes is to collect dripping water and soil.

2. What is Clear Plant Saucer used for?

clear plant saucer

As mentioned, clear plant saucers are used to support plants, pots, planters, and flowers both indoors and outdoors.

You can rest your plant containers on the clear plant saucers to catch draining water and help prevent spills and messes.

3. Are Clear Plant Saucers Waterproof?

Yes, clear plant saucers are waterproof.

That is why it is advised to always use a saucer with pots and planters to avoid seeping water and soil from damaging your floors and surfaces.

4. Does Elsepack make Custom Clear Plant Saucers?

Of course!

Custom plant saucer

Elsepack has in house expert designers and engineers that can help you create the perfect custom clear plant saucer solution for your project.

We can customize any size and design of clear plant saucers to meet your unique project requirements.

All you need to do is share with us your idea, and we will be glad to transform that idea into reality.

5. What is the Best Plastic Material for Clear Plant Saucers?

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The best material for clear plant saucers should be high quality, flexible, durable, transparent, and above all, recyclable.

You need a material that can withstand the rigors of moving plant position within a household, watering, sunlight, UV, and that keep your plant display pristine.

In this case, RPET, PET, PP, and PVC are the most suitable plastics for making clear plant saucers. These will not just keep your plant displays looking neat and tidy, but will also last long.

6. How do you Use Clear Plant Saucers?

Using clear plant saucers has never been so easy!

No lengthy procedures or tools are needed to put them in place and enjoy their vast benefits.

All that’s is needed is to take out the right size of plant saucer, place it on the floor, and put the appropriate planter/pot on top.

That’s it!

7. Are Clear Plant Saucers Reusable?

Of course, they are!

You know that clear plant saucers are made of plastic. A larger percentage of clear plant saucers on the market today are made from recycled plastic.

But you don’t have to think about recycling just yet.

Plastic saucers have a lifespan of over 10 years because they are made of the most durable materials on the market. So, you won’t have to replace them now and then.

And the best part? You can recycle them when they finally reach the end of their life cycle.

8. What should you Consider when Importing Clear Plant Saucer?

There is a lot to consider when it comes to importing clear plant saucers.

First off is your budget; this needs to cover all the costs of importation ranging from product cost, inspection, shipping, insurance, and import tariffs.

You also need to consider your order volume as most clear plant saucer supplier’s work on the MOQ basis. As such, you must be able to meet the minimum order requirements set forth to be able to import.

Another important thing is your project requirements. Determine your need and its requirements before importing plant saucers.

You need to make sure the products you import will suit your application/target market. Take into consideration elements like size, material, thickness, etc.

9. What is Elsepack Lead-time for Clear Plant Saucer?

It depends.

Elsepack delivers goods based on the order date, volume, order complexity, destination, and urgency.

Generally, though, our standard delivery time is between 7 to 15 days depending on the above factors.

For designs, we can deliver within 24 hours after reaching us, and you can get prototypes for the same in 3 days.

You can reach us any day and time for more information on orders and delivery.

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10. What is Elsepack MOQ for Clear Plant Saucer?

Our MOQ for clear plant saucers is 500 pieces for stock orders.

We can, however, deliver trial orders as low as 10 cartons for your market testing.

11. Are there Size Limitations for Clear Plant Saucers?

Yes, there are.

You need to get the right size clear plant saucers for your planters, pots and flower containers otherwise, they won’t perform well.

Luckily, Elsepack offers these saucers in a wide range of sizes. Currently, we provide saucers from 24 inches onwards, and we can customize them to your unique specifications.

Just remember, the right clear plant saucer size depends on the size of the pot/planter.

So, measure the diameter of the container you intend to use it and then choose a saucer with an interior diameter that is a size larger than the measurements you get.

Transparent plant saucer

12. Are Elsepack Clear Plant Saucers Recyclable?


At Elsepack, we only use high-grade recyclable plastic for our clear plant saucers.

We understand the rising problem of plastics polluting our environment. So we try every day to be a part of the solution by producing eco-friendly products.

One way that we are doing this is using recycled plastics in our production and ensuring that our saucers can be recycled after use.

So yes, Elsepack clear plant saucers are 100% recyclable.

13. What are the Advantages of using Clear Plant Sources?

Clear plant saucers have many advantages which include;

  • Helping to maintain neat and tidy plant displays, floors and surfaces
  • They are versatile as they can be used with a range of plant containers whether indoors or outdoors
  • They are available in a variety of sizes and custom designs to suit different planting needs
  • They are affordable and convenient compared to other alternatives, i.e., ceramic and vinyl saucers
  • If maintained well, clear plant saucers can also be reused over and over again

14. How does Mail Order Plant Packaging compare to Clear Plant Saucers?

Mail order plant packaging is made for the sole purpose of posting plant products.

Clear plant saucers are made to protect floors and surfaces and to avoid waterlogging in plants. They are generally useful when watering indoor and outdoor plants as they prevent spills and messes.

Another thing, mail-order plant packaging, is designed based on the plant features, i.e. height, foliage, etc.

Clear plant saucer designs only consider the size of the planter and a few other custom features such material thickness.

Both products are, however, made from premium quality plastic material that is both durable and completely watertight.


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