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Elsepack Clear Plastic Box Packaging

Elsepack is a specialist in the designing and manufacturing of clear plastic box packaging over 10 years. We customize transparent plastic boxes with no tooling cost. MOQ is available as 500 pieces. All crystal materials are high clarity and extremely durable. Customizable boxes are easy to fold and assemble in different shapes and styles.

Your Reliable Clear Plastic Box Packaging Manufacturer

Elsepack Custom Clear Plastic Box Packaging Supplier

For the past 10 years, Elsepack manufactures and suppliers attractive and economic clear plastic box packaging worldwide.

Elsepack focuses on custom-made clear plastic box packaging to meet your specifications. Those crystal rigid plastic boxes can meet your needs whether storage, shipping bulk products, or displaying for self-marketing products.

All Elsepack tailor-made clear plastic box packaging comes in a wide range of sizes, shapes, thickness, and styles. They can attract consumer’s 300% attention more than products in paper boxes.

We can treat clear plastic box packaging as a mixture of a paper carton and clamshell or blister packaging. They are not only made of clear plastic like PVC, PET, PP, RPET but also can be full-colour printing like paper cartons.

Elsepack specialists provide you with various options including small or large clear plastic boxes, sleeves, inserts, oval boxes, square, rectangular boxes, clear box with lids, even handle boxes.

Depending on different enclosures, Elsepack clear plastic box packaging comes with auto-bottom, straight truck and 1, 2, 3 closures.

Elsepack is more than willing to work with you to review your product demands to create clear plastic box packaging to match your exact needs.

Elsepack clear plastic box packaging has soft creasing and nice square corners. As a result, it’s easy to be an automated assembly.

In addition, all clear plastic sheets can be offset printing, silk screen printing, and foil stamping and debussing.

It’s an outstanding way to catch your consumer’s eyes. And many clear gift boxes, clear candy boxes are such plastic boxes to highlight your products.

Moreover, clear plastic box packaging is widely used in so many industries including cosmetic, food, health and beauty, wines and others.

We would like to tell you more benefits from Elsepack:

  • Low MOQ: 500 pieces allow you to wholesale
  • No tooling cost
  • Boxes shipped flat save much more shipping cost
  • Experienced design team work with you one on one
  • Offering free CAD samples, even a prototype

Reach out to Elsepack’s knowledge and experienced team to find how we help you upgrade your clear plastic box packaging. Any of your requirements will be met perfectly and on time. Simply tell us your packaging project and let’s work for you.

Why Clear Plastic Box Packaging
Is Trusted

  • A decade of extensive experience in designing and manufacturing
  • All machines are up to date and automatic to ensure the highest quality
  • Offering free CAD design and sampling in 2 days


Item NameClear Plastic Box Packaging
TestingEN71, FDA, 7P
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time7-15 days
Payment TermT/T, L/C


Clear Plastic Box Packaging: The Ultimate Guide

Whether you’re in OEM partnership, wholesale distributor or packaging company looking for clear plastic box packaging, here is a perfect guide for you.

It covers every detail about plastic box packaging.

And guess what?

With this information, you will easily get the right packaging solutions.

But before we proceed, let’s start by defining a clear plastic box packaging.

A clear plastic box plastic packaging refers to a type of packaging that is of purely a transparent plastic. Packaging transparency enhances product visibility, which attracts potential buyers.

There are different materials which we shall discuss later that are available for the manufacture of transparent plastic box packaging.

As you can see, this is just a tip of what the guide offers.

Do you want to get more?

Let’s read along to find out.

Uses of Clear Plastic Box Packing

If you are thinking of which industry to use clear plastic box packaging, the answer is quite simple. You can use it in virtually any industry.

Here are some of the industries that find clear plastic box packaging useful.

· Food and beverage industry

The popularity of clear plastic box packaging in the food and beverage industry is due to its transparency nature. The transparency allows customers to see what is in the package before they make the purchase.

Through designing of these packs, they make your products attractive to potential customers

· Arts and crafts industry

Clear plastic box packaging is a common feature in the art and crafts industry as it offers a unique way of making them presentable.  These transparent plastic box packs hold pieces of arts tightly and securely.

These packs also make art products presentable and attractive to a potential buyer.

· Heavy industries

Heavy industries depend on these packs to significantly organize and store smaller parts. Such parts include nuts and bolts.

Through the use of these packs, contractors, technicians, and engineers can organize their tools and equipment.

· Medical industry

Various medical fields utilize transparent plastic box packing. From suppliers, dentists to physicians, these packs are very useful.

These packs help to pack medical supplies and lenses securely. Also, through the use of these packs, medical practitioners can locate their equipment quickly.

· Cosmetic industry

Beauty industry utilizes transparent plastic box packing to pack their products securely. Also, by designing these packs, they appear attractive to potential consumers.

· Consumer electronics

Several electronics that we use are mostly packed using these transparent plastic box packing. Such electronics include mobile phones and accessories and adapters.

The advantage of these packs is you can customize to fit different consumer electronics regardless of the size.

Benefits of Transparent Plastic Box Packing

As you can see from its uses, clear plastic box packing is gaining popularity among its users as well as the manufacturers. This is due to the several advantages that it offers.

Among these benefits include:

Transparent box packaging


1. Customer visualization of the product

A transparent plastic box packing helps the customer to view the product before deciding if to buy the product.

Customers will, therefore, purchase a product they have seen and are sure of how it looks like.

2. Manufacturer showcasing their product

The use of a transparent plastic box packing by a manufacturer helps them to showcase their product.

This is vital in ensuring they improve their sales.

Also, through careful designing the packaging, a manufacturer can let customers have a view of what to expect when they purchase the product.

3. Safety of the products

Transparent plastic box packing helps in ensuring your products are securely packed. This helps in preventing damages of the product.

You, therefore, have an assurance that your products will reach the final customers in the same condition as you have manufactured them.

4. High-quality product finishing

What transparent plastic box packing offers is high-quality, unique product finishing. Such finishing gives your products a unique appearance which attracts customers.

5. Affordable packaging

Despite the unique finishing and safety of your product, the truth is, transparent plastic box packing is more affordable. As a manufacturer, you will be able to cut packaging cost while offering safety to your products.

Types of Clear Plastic Box Packing

Of course, not all products have the same specifications that require the same packing. As a result, you will find different types of these packaging depending on your product.

Here is a look at the main types of transparent plastic box packing available for selection.

a) Custom Clear Plastic Packing Box

A custom clear plastic packing box offers you the opportunity of customizing your pack as per your specification.

Such specifications include having logos, names, or even images on your clear plastic packing box.

b) Large Clear Plastic Box Packaging

Transparent plastic box packing offers you an opportunity to pack your product even if it is big. You achieve this through the use of large clear plastic box packaging.

c) Small Clear Plastic Box Packaging

Small transparent plastic box packaging is ideal for packing relatively small products.

Such products are not of the standard size to be packed in regular plastic box packs hence the need for smaller packs.

d) Round Clear Plastic Box Packaging

Round clear plastic box packaging is yet another type of clear plastic box packaging available for use. It is best for circular packing products.

Alternatively, you can use these packs to pack fluids.

e) Trapezoid Transparent Plastic Boxes

Trapezoid transparent plastic box packaging has a wide range of uses. For instance, you can find it in the wrapping of gifts, the cosmetic industry, and in the arts and crafts industry.

These types of packs offer an attractive packaging solution for your products.

f) Multi-purpose Transparent Boxes

Multi-purpose transparent boxes refer to a type of clear transparent boxes which you can use for a wide range of products. These boxes can be customized to fit the packaging requirements of different products.

g) Clear Rectangular Plastic Box Packaging

Transparent rectangular plastic box packaging is ideal for packaging of different products. These products include gift, consumer products, and art and crafts.

Decorating these packs not only makes them attractive but also presentable.

Clear Plastic Box Packing Material

Depending on your needs, you will find several materials available for manufacturing clear plastic box packaging.

This section examines each of these to help you select the best material for your clear plastic box packaging.

Have a look.

i. Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)

There are several benefits that you get from using a PVC material for fabrication of your clear plastic box packaging. First, it is cost effective, which goes a long way in saving your bills.

You will also find its web forming features an attractive option.

However, while using this material for your packaging, expect a few limitations.

For instance, high chlorine content present in this material makes it an environmental hazard.  Also, packages fabricated from this material are not ideal for water and air-sensitive items since it is not air or water tight.

To overcome this challenge, you will find this material coated with other materials such as COC and PVDC.

The design of clear plastic box packaging manufactured using this material allows you to use the push through the effect to open it up.

Through effect allows for the application of pressure which collapses the package’s web, thereby opening it.

It is vital to note that there are cases where you will have to use a multilayer PVC sheet for manufacturing of the clear plastic box package. Here, the multilayer will form the backbone structure of the package.

ii. Polypropylene (PP)

PP material is ideal if you are considering the production of your clear plastic box packaging under intense heat. Such packaging includes those for medicine, automotive products, and food

The advantage of this material is that it is environmentally friendly. It is easy to recycle to produce other products such as camera casing and plastic moldings.

iii. Recycled Polyethylene terephthalate (RPET)

RPET offers a strong and durable clear plastic box packaging. This material is useful for the fabrication of soda, water, and food packaging. RPET constitutes recycled PET.

The use of RPET as a material is an effective way of protecting the environment due to several benefits that it offers. For instance, it contains a low carbon footprint as well as reduces plastic waste through the recycling of PET.

The material is 100% safe for human packaging products.

iv. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETE)

PETE forms a durable transparent box packaging that allows for a wide range of applications. Many features of this material make it favorable manufacture of these packs.

Such features include its lightweight, resistance to force and high clarity. The flexibility of this material allows for the production of different clear plastic box packaging.

Lastly, the fact that this material can be recycled helps in conserving the environment.

However, failure to recycle these materials may lead to environmental pollution. For instance, this can lead to environmental pollution.

What to Look for When Buying Clear Plastic Box Packaging

Buying a clear plastic box packaging can be challenging, especially if you are a first-timer. One of the easiest ways of ensuring you have the correct clear plastic box packaging is by considering its specifications.

Such specifications include:

· Clear plastic packaging design

As we have seen, there are different types of clear plastic box packaging. Each of these types has a different design.

By having the right design for your clear plastic box packaging, you will have an effective packaging option for your product.

· Quality compliance

It is vital to ensure that your clear plastic box packaging passes all the relevant tests and complies with all the standards available.

Like other packaging accessories such as plastic blister, clear plastic box packaging must conform to certain quality standards.

For instance, those used in the food industry must conform to set standards by the FDA test and certifications.

This is critical in preventing contamination of your products

· Closing mechanism

The ease of opening and closing of a clear plastic box packaging can determine which package you select. Always go for one that has a simple closing mechanism since it will facilitate your packing process.

· Anti-static, anti-scratch and anti-fog plastic material

Remember, apart from safely packing your product, the essence of your clear plastic box packaging is to make it attractive.

The only way to achieve this is by avoiding anti-static, anti-fog, and anti-scratch plastic materials.

· Lead and phthalate free

Clear plastic box packaging containing either lead or phthalate elements do react with certain products. The reactions can harm consumers.

You, therefore, need to avoid transparent plastic box packages containing these elements.

· Easy to assemble

Quick assembling, as well as packaging, is vital when it comes to selecting a clear plastic box package.

By choosing a package that is easy to assemble, you will save time when it comes to the packaging of your product.

· Tamper resistant after sealing

You don’t want to temper your products after you have packed them. Tampering may have severe damages to your package, including destroying the quality of your product.

You, therefore, have to ensure you select a clear plastic box packaging that nothing can tamper with after sealing it.

· Dimensions

Your product needs to be covered appropriately for your clear plastic box packaging to be effective.

You achieve this by ensuring you have the correct dimensions such as the height, width, and length.

How to Order for Clear Plastic Box Packaging

This process might seem complicated, but the truth is, it is a simple procedure. The secret lies in identifying the critical elements of the process and fulfilling them.

Allow me to explain to you these elements in details.

i. Know MOQ for Clear Plastic Packaging

Most manufacturers work with the Minimum Order Quantity to produce transparent plastic packaging. Through identification of the MOQ, you will be in a position to bargain with your manufacturer on the cost.

Most manufacturers require a MOQ of 1000 pieces for them to start your production. For you to get a favorable price from your manufacturer, you need to order a higher quantity than the MOQ.

ii. Confirm Clear Plastic Box Packaging Order

It is essential to go through your order before submitting it to your manufacturer. The purpose of doing this is to check if you have all the details in place.

Such details include package dimension and design.

iii. Transparent Plastic Boxes Test

You need to test your transparent plastic box packaging before you order them. There are several tests that you can have for your packs.

Such packs include leakage test, collapsibility test, moisture permeability test, and transparency test.

iv. Clear Plastic Box Packaging Delivery

Delivery of your order is a crucial step when ordering your clear plastic box packaging. Check with your manufacturer to ensure that the delivery is in line with your demands.

Finding Clear Plastic Box Packaging Manufacturer

The process of finding a reliable manufacturer for your clear plastic box packaging can be challenging, especially if you are new in the industry.

However, with time, you get to understand that the process is quite simple.

So, how do you start?

Here are a few tips that you can follow to find a reliable manufacturer.


· Directories

Perhaps this is the easiest way of finding a reliable manufacturer for your clear plastic box packaging.

In a reputable directory, you will find a list of manufacturers with their location and contact details.

Through contacting these manufacturers, you will be in a position to identify a potential

· Search for Clear Plastic Box Packaging Manufacturers Online

You can easily find a manufacturer for your clear plastic box packaging by “googling”. However, this is not the safest and ideal method of finding a manufacturer.

If you opt for this method, make sure you have conducted further scrutiny before selecting a particular manufacturer. This is due to the availability of scammers, who can easily swindle your cash.

· Trade Fairs and Exhibition

If you are not sure of finding a reputable manufacturer, perhaps you may consider attending Chinese Trade fairs and Exhibitions.

During these events, different manufacturers come to showcase their products.

Through attending these events, you will be in a position to interact with different manufacturers before selecting one.

· Referrals

Referrals work best if you have peers in the industry. People who have successfully interacted with different manufacturers can link you up with them.

Through this process, you will be able to establish your own reputable manufacturers for your clear plastic box packaging.

There are a few essential points that you need to understand even after identifying your manufacturer.

First, it is necessary to visit the physical premises of your manufacturer before signing the contract.

This way, you will be able to gauge the ability of your manufacturer to manufacture your products.

Also, you will be in a position to visit them in case anything goes wrong during the manufacturing period.

Another thing is that you need to ask for samples to check if they meet the quality standards that you require.

If everything is in order, you can now go ahead and have them produce your clear plastic box packaging.


There you have it.

You have all the information you want on the clear plastic box packaging. You are now able to go out and yourself the perfect transparent plastic box packaging for your application.

Remember, there are several benefits to selecting a reliable supplier.

Not only will it save you the hassle, but you also have an assurance of getting your clear plastic box packaging.

If you still have any question on transparent plastic box packaging, get in touch with us for professional feedback.

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