• clear plastic planter liners
  • clear plastic planter liners
  • clear plastic planter liners

Clear Plastic Planter Liners

  • Made of 100% recyclable and tough clear plastic
  • Customizable shapes &colors for specific planters
  • Decade manufacturer provides a free design for you
Item NameClear Plastic Planter Liners
MaterialPVC, RPET, PET,etc.
FeaturedAny in-house pattern and mould design
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time 7-15 days
Payment Term T/T ,L/C, etc.

Elsepack: Your Leading Clear Plastic Planter Liners Packaging Supplier

Elsepack clear plastic planter liners is a mess-free way to keep your vase, pot, and box dry and your plants hydrated.

Elsepack designs various shapes, colors, and sizes of clear plastic planter liners whatever clear plastic planter liners are made to fit baskets, bamboo, flowerpot, window box or wicker planter, etc.


Clear plastic planter liner


Most commonly, shapes of clear plastic planter liners are round, rectangle and square. Besides, Elsepack keeps updating the design of clear plastic planter liners to support you for any specific application.

Elsepack clear plastic planter liners are made of recycled and incredibly tough clear plastic. Our clear plastic planter liners are Eco-friendly, and consumers all over the world use them.

By providing reliable, top quality clear plastic planter liners for you, we update our manufacturing equipment and expand QC team.

From raw material to complete clear plastic planter liners, different equipment separately handle the small and big orders to assure no any delay.

Meanwhile, our QC team do 100% inspection to help you get perfect clear plastic planter liners with minimal worries about the mess.

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Elsepack can custom-make large and deep clear plastic planter liners. You can choose different sizes based on the hanging basket, flower box, and vase.

These customizable clear plastic planter liners are ideal for protecting your floors, carpets, and furniture, which are durable construction.

Clear plastic planter liners are also called clear plastic floral liners. They are a necessary addition to place under potted plant or flower arrangement sit in vase and basket.

Elsepack can manufacture clear plastic planter liners in different colors, to match your decorated pots and basket. They always please the owners of florist shops, indoor & outdoor garden centers, and nursery use.

Contact us to learn how we provide you with innovative designs of clear plastic planter liners to support your consumer market.

Custom Your Clear Plastic Planter Liners and get free design drawing.

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Clear Plastic Planter Liners: The Complete FAQ Guide

What is Clear Plastic Planter Liners?

They refers to specially designed plastics that are placed in a planting box or pot to help keep the soil intact.

Clear plastic planter liner

What are the Benefits of Clear Plastic Planter Liners?

Some of the main benefits of these products include:

  • They facilitate the growth of plants by minimizing soil and water loss.
  • They help in keeping the planting pots or boxes clean, which ensures the surrounding environment is clean.
  • Clear Plastic Planter Liners enhances the beauty of your products on display

Can you Recycle Clear Plastic Planter Liners?


You can easily recycle these products.

This helps in environmental conservation while reducing the production cost of Clear Plastic Planter Liners.

What are Clear Plastic Planter Liners Used For?

They are used holding the soil in position inside a flowering or planting pot. This has the effect of enhancing plant growth.

How many Shapes of Clear Plastic Planter Liners do Elsepack Provide?

Depending on your unique requirements, Elsepack offers a range of options for you.

Still, we offer guidance as to the shape that you want to ensure that it is up to the recommended standards.

Clear plastic planter liner

How does PVC Clear Plastic Planter Liners Compare to RPET Clear Plastic Planter Liners?

  • RPET has a higher thermal conductivity than PVC.
  • RPET utilizes less energy during the thermoforming process than PVC.
  • The cost of RPET and PVC is the same.
  • It is relatively easier to recycle RPET than PVC
  • RPET does not easily degrade when in contact with UV light when you compare to PVC
  • RPET has a lower carbon footprint when you compare to PVC

What are the Benefits of PET Clear Plastic Planter Liners?

  • Easily recyclable and reusable hence helping in cost-saving and environmental conservation
  • Lower carbon footprint which helps reduce the amount of poisonous gas emission thus protecting the Ozone layer
  • Not easily affected by UV lights, which gives it the durability for its purpose
  • Are relatively lightweight, which makes them easily portable
  • Do not easily break, which offers longevity for their use. They are also easy to recycle which helps in reducing the amount of plastic waste in the environment.

Where Can You Use Clear Plastic Planter Liners?

You can use these accessories in the following areas:

  • As flower pots to keep plants hydrated
  • Offers protection to floors during construction
  • Protects furniture

Can Elsepack Custom Clear Plastic Planter Liners?


Elsepack does customization of clear plastic planter liners.

Transparent  planter liners

All you need to do is to submit your specification sin advance and or team of professionals will work on it to ensure that it meets all the standards.

However, you have to incur the additional cost involves in the manufacturing of your custom clear plastic liners.

How does Elsepack Control Quality of Clear Plastic Planter Liners?

We carry out total inspection of the raw material before thermoforming process.

Besides, we monitor the production process to ensure the right tolerance and dimension consistency.

Moreover, we check in the final clear plastic planter liners to ensure they meet the set standards before releasing them to the market.

Are there Size Limitations of Clear Plastic Planter Liners?

No. Clear Plastic Planter Liners does not have any size limitation. The manufacturing of these liners depends on your specifications and where you want to use it.

Furthermore, we can customize your clear plastic planter liners to fit your size requirements.

All you have to do is to send us your specifications, and we will work to deliver on your order in accordance with the set standards.

How do You Manufacture Clear Plastic Planter Liners?

Our thermoforming process include:

  • Testing material to ensure it meets high quality standards
  • Heat material to a pliable temperature
  • Shaping material using a mold to form the clear plastic planter liner you need.
  • Cooling, testing and packaging clear plastic liner for shipping

What is Elsepack Lead-time for Clear Plastic Planter Liners?

Our lead-time is 7-15 days.

However, we always try our best to work on your order as soon as we receive it, depending on the orders we have.

Does Elsepack have an In-house Tooling for Clear Plastic Planter Liners?

Yes. Elseack offers in-house tooling for Clear Plastic Planter Liners.

Here you get the latest and quality designs of Clear Plastic Planter Liners at an affordable price.

Furthermore, our qualified team will always be in touch with you throughout the production process.

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What is Elsepack MOQ for Clear Plastic Planter Liners?

The MOQ is 500 pieces.

However, we allow for negotiation on the MOQ, depending on your order specifications.

You can contact our team today for more clarifications on MOQ.

Does Elsepack help in Clear Plastic Planter Liners Shipping?


We help you get the right shipping company, mode of shipping and connect you with a freight forwarder.

However, you have to incur all the shipping costs charges.

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