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Custom Clamshell Packaging for Your Own Industry
  • Free Customized Design and Sample within 24 Hours.
  • Over 10 Years Manufacturing Experience.
  • Low MOQ 1000PCS to help test your market.
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  • RoHS
  • SGS
  • FDA

Your Best Custom Clamshell Packaging Manufacturer in China

  • Customized design based on your Own Application
  • Every salesperson is an Engineer, and there’s 24/7 online support for you.
  • 100% inspection from raw material to shipping Clamshell packaging.
  • Over 10 years Custom thermoformed manufacturing experience
  • custom clamshell packaging
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custom clamshell packaging

Elsepack’s professional and expert team will analyze the several important factors of our custom clamshell packaging.

Such as functional elements for hanging or standing,the closing mechanism.

And how the package will display to meet your exact specification.

custom clamshell packaging design

Free 3D and 2D Customized Design Drawing within 24 hours.

Rapid Prototyping within 2 days.In-house CNC Mold Milling Machine.

Elsepack turn your initial clamshell packaging idea to a real sample to help test your product market faster and cost-free.

clamshell packaging with insert card

Elsepack In-house design team can select and make the graphic inserts into your custom clamshell packaging seamlessly.

Free digital sample of graphic inserts and ship it the same day.

In-house printing manufacturer to get 0ne-stop packaging solution to low your total cost.

Custom Clamshell Packaging Boom Your Project

thermoforming designer
Custom Clamshell Packaging Design

At Elsepack, in-house designers communicate directly with you one-on-one, provide 2D/3D files of custom clamshell packaging freely.


thermoforming packaging mold
Custom Clamshell Packaging Tooling

Elsepack In-house tooling make your custom clamshell packaging project cost-effective and time saving. All molds are lifetime warranty.

thermoforming material
Custom Clamshell Packaging Materials

Elsepack provide RoHS ,SGS certificated and Eco-friendly materials. Various options of materials to meet your special industry.

dust free thermoforming manufacturer
Custom Clamshell Packaging Manufacturing

Elsepack use high-speed inline thermoformers and 24×5 operational schedule to complete your orders to deadline. Dust-free work shop to manufacture your food grade clamshell packaging project.

clamshell packaging heat process
Custom Clamshell Packaging Sealing

Elsepack provide in-house secondary service including clamshell heat sealing. Provide one-stop packaging solution in a cost-effective manner and meet your exact specifications.

thermofroming quality control
Custom Clamshell Packaging Quality Assurance

Elsepack assure you all clamshell packaging throughout every step of our process using quality control standards guided by the principles of ISO 9001:2015.From raw materials to finished products.

Custom Clamshell Packaging Sealing Options

custom clamshell packaging
clamshell packaging button seal-1
clamshell packaging rail seal

Elsepack Custom Clamshell Packaging

Design and prototyping

Elsepack in-house designer team provide free design according to your initial idea or sketch.

All hand samples and prototyping are free, and fast-speed within 3 days.

What is the MOQ

Elsepack can manufacture the custom clamshell packaging at Low MOQ from 1000 pieces as initial order to support your business.

Custom Clamshell Packaging Manufacturer

Are you looking for a custom clamshell packaging for your products? You have come to the correct place.

Elsepack have develop the ultimate economical packaging along with our custom designed processes, packages and equipment for your product or in the market.

Our in-house equipment and production lines eliminate outsourcing time and costs, improve your speed into the market and reduces shipping costs.

Elsepack custom clamshell packaging is one of the most powerful and versatile solutions available. Our custom clamshell packaging are made of clear PVC or PET material.

Thus, your customer can view your products directly. Our professionals and experts have designed our custom clamshell packaging that meets the safety standards and highest security.

pvc clamshell packaging

At Elsepack, we produce and design a custom clamshell packaging to the industries including retail, health and beauty, consumer electronics, cell components, medical and pharmaceutical, food industrial always come with clamshell containers and many others.

Especially for produce industrial, you can see various types of lettuce and herb clamshell packaging. Furthermore, pint clamshell packaging are always used to be in various fruits, such as strawberry, blueberry.

strawberry clamshell packaging

Elsepack’s professional and expert team will analyze the several important factors of our custom clamshell packaging such as the hinge and the closing mechanism. We design and prototype the hinge of our custom clamshell packaging. Thus, you can open it properly and you can access your product easily.

In addition, if you want your product to be secure as well as easy to open for your customers, Elsepack custom clamshell packaging is the ideal to be use. Our engineers and designers know well on striking the right balance between access and security.

Elsepack custom clamshell packaging is available in any colors and sizes according to your request. Elsepack used various types of materials in our custom clamshell packaging such as PS, PP, PET, PVC, PLA Starch, biodegradable or flocking and PETG.

thermoforming material

Elsepack custom clamshell packaging included regular, double fold clamshell packaging and tri-fold clamshell packaging. All of our custom clamshell packaging is highly visible and attractive. It allows the customers to view your comprehensive products.

Our custom clamshell packaging can be designed to stand on a shelf, sitting in a display and hang on a peg wall.

Elsepack is a custom clamshell packaging company for more than 10 years. We produce thick and thin gauge custom plastic products,Since 2003.

dunnage tray factory

Elsepack have been providing complete service from mold making, design, production and delivering at very competitive price. Elsepack is an expert industry in packaging for a wide range of applications and expert in thermoforming plastics.

Elsepack is improving the quality of our products and efficiency by our automation and technical force in production. Our business is founded on our experience and focusing in custom clamshell packaging.

Elsepack will provide solution of wide range food packaging to our customers and export it worldwide. All products from Elsepack have comply FDA regulations.

thermoformed packaging shipping

As we have our own factory, Elsepack will always provide high-quality products at competitive price. Our custom clamshell packaging has excellent hardness performance, stable clearance, flexible and will not change the colors in two years.

If you are interested with our products, please feel free to visit our factory.

Contact us now! We will be at your service anytime!