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Double Blister Packaging

  • Over 10 years’ experience and innovation on plastic blisterWide range of materials and types for your options
  • Offers effective protection design within 24 hours
  • Excellent product visibility and large advertising place

Double blister packaging is extremely popular with retail market due to transparent product presentation and the best protection.

Several double blister packaging has a flat back to give your products a large advertising place. Help your consumer read the instruction and know your brand well.

double blister packaging-1

Double blister packaging showcase your products front as well as back. It helps the consumer to learn about the best advantage or feature which you want to show.

Elsepack experienced designers’ team always consider the key factor in producing a perfect double blister packaging for you.

The weight and depth are the important factors. Then we calculate where is the best to place your product and make the double blister packaging hang straightly in the shelf.

Although the double blister packaging is better for depth product than the single blister.

In order to let your customer know better about products, we put an insert printed cards or papers between front and back blister to help them read instructions easily.

Different from trapped blister packaging, slide share and strip packaging, the double blister packaging on foot can be closable. It’s really convenient for end users.

On the other hand, Elsepack designs double blister packaging with ultrasonic sealing or simple heat sealed. You can use such double blister packaging to pack up valued products or in self-selling environments. We called this packaging as heat sealed blister packaging.

Depending on the sizes, shapes and the desired strength, we can adjust the thickness of double blister packaging according to your specific requirement.

We usually use clear PVC, PET, it’s easy to make double blister packaging attractive and catch your consumer’s eyes.

Our double blister packaging is recycling. Including the cards or papers are also eco-friendly. We are a full service, can control all production processes for you.

You can tell us your exact requirements, then we figure out the right double blister packaging solutions to support your business.

Here, you can know about how double blister packaging is made step by step, and if necessary, we can show you detail information by ppt of pdf.

Our experienced specialist can develop custom double blister packaging for any industry and any product, such as electronic, health care, pharmacy, cosmetics, household, and industry.

At Elsepack, all your design drawing in any format, even an idea is available.

We can provide initial drawing within 2 days, and prototypes can be offered freely.

You are kept to know any situation by our follow- up the team.

Elsepack, your thermoformed packaging solution specialist, please contact us to work for you.

Sometimes it’s not suitable for very depth product as well. But you do not worry about it, our experts will develop another innovative design for you.

Item NameDouble Blister Packaging
MaterialPP, PVC, RPET, PET, PS, etc.
FeaturedAny in-house pattern and mould design
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time 7-15 days
Payment Term T/T ,L/C, etc.

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Double Blister Packaging: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is Double Blister Packaging?

double blister packaging

A double blister packaging is a two-sided type of blister packaging. Unlike ordinary blisters that are one-sided and sealed to a card, double blister packs are two-sided. And, they are not heat sealed to a card.

For this type, two pieces of plastic are formed to create a package that allows for product visibility from either side of the pack.

They are quite popular in the retail market as an inexpensive solution to increased product visibility and full protection.

2. What are the Advantages of Double Blister Packaging?

Double blister packaging offers several advantages that include;

  • Complete transparency and view of the package
  • Easy open and closeability
  • High level of durability
  • Versatility as can be stand or hang on displays
  • Large advertising space
  • Tamper evident
  • Effective protection against theft
  • Relative inexpensive way of showcasing products

3. Can you Suggest the Best Double Blister Packaging Material?

PVC and PET are commonly used to make double blister packaging.

And although there is a wide range of plastics that can be used, these two are popular because they are sustainable, versatile, easy to form, inexpensive, and readily available.

Other materials that can be used include PP, RPET, PET, PS, etc. These are however less common and costlier.

As for the insert card that contains the marketing material, it is made of printed paper or cardboard.

Your manufacturer should be able to guide you on the best material to use depending on your unique requirements and application. So make sure to ask before deciding on a best double blister packaging material.

4. Is Double Blister Packaging Suitable for Display and Advertising?


Double blister packaging offers both front and rear view of products. Customers can have a clear view of the product before making a purchase.

Also, a lot of these packs are made with a flat back, giving products a larger space for advertising.

You can print an alluring insert with your brand name, promotional message as well as user instructions and place it in the pack for customers to see.

You can have insert cards both at the front and back of the pack for better efficiency.

So again, yes!

Double blister packs with a printed insert card can support the promotion of your products and give the customer all the necessary product information

5. What is the Best Double Blister Pack Design?

Well, this depends entirely on your product and general application.

Different products and applications require packaging of varying sizes, shapes and strength.  So the best thing to do is determine the critical properties of your product and application requirements.

After this, talk to your supplier/manufacturer to provide a suitable double blister packaging design for your specific requirements.

6. Are there any Disadvantages of Double Blister Packs?

Yes, there are a few.

One, double blister packaging are known to be better for depth products.

Two, they’re technically more complex to manufacture compared to normal blister packaging alternatives.

Last but not least, they are relatively expensive compared to other packaging alternatives.

7. Double Blister Packaging vs. Single Blister Packaging; How Do they Compare?

As already mentioned, double blister packaging is most suitable for depth products. They hold this kind of products better than single blister packaging.

Other than this, they both provide similar functional benefits which include superior product presentation and protection.

8. What is the Difference Between Double Blister Packaging and Trapped Blister Packaging?

Trapped blister packaging is basically a hybrid paper and plastic blister package. The packaging consists of a thermoformed blister pack sealed between two cards.

Double blister packaging as severally mentioned is a two-sided blister pack without any paper or cardboard sealing.

Unlike trapped blister packs, the double blister packs can be closeable, making them a more convenient option for customers.

9. Is There Thickness or Size Limitations for Double Blister Packaging?

No. Double blister packaging thickness and size can always be adapted to the specific application requirement.

10. Can you Thermoform Double Blister Packaging?


Double blister packaging is made primarily using the thermoforming process. Thermoforming is the primary method of forming plastic packaging.

It involves heating a PVC, PET or preferred plastic sheet or film to a malleable state that can be formed using a mold.

11. What is Double Blister Packaging Used for?

Double blister packaging has found use in a range of industries and applications.

appliacation of double blister packaging

Some of the applications for double blister packaging include;

  • Medical and pharmaceutical products
  • Laboratory items
  • Cosmetic products and accessories
  • Hardware items and tools
  • Electricals and electronics
  • Office stationery
  • Toys
  • Automotive items and parts

12. Should You Choose Stock or Custom Double Blister Packaging?

The answer to this question depends on your specific requirements, and partly on your budget.  And the best way to determine this is to know the difference between stock and custom double blister packages.

Stock double blister packaging comes in standard manufacturer shapes and sizes.  These could be square, rectangle, round or oval-to closely fit your product.

These can always be purchased off-the-shelf or produced on order if you need a larger volume. And, they don’t incur tooling costs.

Custom double blister packs, on the other hand, are made to follow clients’ unique requirements. In most cases, they’re created to fit the size of the product and, to contour the product’s shape.

Unlike stock options, these are formed using specific molds that are made just for your product. The molds used for one product cannot be used to produce another type of product. This means that you will have to incur extra tooling costs for custom design options.

Note that custom designs provide the advantage of personalization. They can include special features or unique sizes and shapes.

So if your product requires specialized packaging features and you can afford it, then a custom design would be suitable. Otherwise, a stock option would still be handy and more economical.

13. Why Choose Double Blister Packaging and not Normal Blister Packaging?

Well, simply because you need better product presentation.

A normal blister packaging won’t provide the full view of the product. So if you intend to deliver optimum product visibility, a double blister packaging is the better option.

types of blister packaging

14. How Much Does Importing Double Blister Packaging from China Cost?

Importation costs from china vary greatly depending on the volume (MOQ), type of double blister packaging, shipping destination, and the mode of shipping.

Also, depending on your destination, you will have to pay customs fees for your packaging imports to be admitted for entry into your destination country.

My advice: take time and consider several factors. Apart from the product, shipping and customs costs, decide whether you need stock or custom packaging. Also, consider the amount of money you have in your budget to work with.

15. Elsepack Takes How Long to Produce Custom Double Blister Packaging?

Elsepack’s lead times vary depending on the complexity of the order, lead time or raw materials, and the clients’ unique requirements.

Some orders take months to finalize while some take as little as a week or even days.

However, our standard delivery times are as follows; free design in 24hours, tooling in three days, and five days lead-time for final parts.

Lead times on stock options are often shorter while custom orders take longer, and this is due to the factors that we’ve stated above.

Not to worry though as we always provide the delivery date on the order confirmation. Besides, our sales, design, and engineering team work closely with customers to understand their time constraints and do everything possible to meet or exceed their expectations.

And in case of anything, Elsepack’s support team always communicates to keep our clients in the know. So again, there is no need to worry.  Just contact us with your order details, and we can agree on a lead time that is suitable for all.

16. What is Elsepack MOQ for Double Blister Packaging?

The minimum order quantity is 500 pieces on stock double blister packaging. Products that are not directly available on stock are made to order. And here, the MOQ will depend on the type of product.

Keep in mind though that the larger your order volume, the more we can save your per-piece costs, including tooling costs.

So please, contact Elsepack for in-depth information about MOQ of your desired double blister packaging.

17. Does Elsepack has In-house Mold Design for Double Blister Packaging?

Yes, we are used to dealing with different sizes, shapes, and thickness of double blister packaging.

For this reason, we have a variety of in-house mold designs that we can provide for you.

18. What Payment Terms does Elsepack Accept?

We accept PayPal, T/T, letter of credit, and wire transfer.

19. Will Elsepack Help Ship Double Blister Packaging to my Country?

Yes, global shipping is possible at an additional shipping cost.

double blister shipment

20. How Does Elsepack Control the Quality of Double Blister Packaging?

Elsepack controls product quality through quality control checks in all stages of production. We check the quality and sustainability of raw materials before production.

During production, our certified quality control team ensures that all processes are done following industry rules and regulations.

And after production, we perform inspections and tests to ascertain that the product is on par with yours and the industry standards.

21. Why Should I Choose Elsepack for my Double Blister Packaging Needs?

Because Elsepack is a professional thermoformed packaging manufacturer with over ten years’ experience.

Elsepack is a company that strives to make each of our customers’ success in their respective industry. We believe that the success of our customers is also our success.

For ten years, our company has been exceeding customer expectations in the thermoformed packaging industry. We have the experience, expertise, and machinery necessary to transform your double blister packaging need into reality.

And as a leading packaging manufacturer in china, we pride ourselves on product quality and can provide turnkey double blister packs with short lead times.

For all these reasons, Elsepack is your ultimate double blister packaging manufacturer. We are a complete service manufacturer that can work with both small and large scale packaging projects from design to finished product.

We are committed to being your quality-driven yet low-cost double blister packaging manufacturer.

As your chosen manufacturer, we will provide you with exceptional customer service as well as quality, attractive and durable products that meet or exceed your market requirements.

Call us now for a free quote, or for answers to any questions that you might have about our products and services.

22. Will Elsepack Send a Free Sample of Double Blister Packaging?


We can send you free samples of double blister packaging on request.

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