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Elsepack Dunnage Trays

  • Superior product protection
  • Available in wide variety of materials and types
  • Easy management to save your time and cost
  • Customizable trays can be in one time or multiple uses

Elsepack designs and manufactures dunnage trays for any industry.

Dunnage trays are a kind of plastic thermoformed trays.

Elsepack custom-designed dunnage trays protect industrial parts in shipping and can be used through the manufacturing process.

Uses of dunnage trays can also be a plastic tray insert in a transfer box.

dunnage trays

These functional dunnage trays offer your products a custom-engineered transporting medium, to provide effective and safe moving from location to location.

Therefore, Elsepack engineering team would like to spend much time to discuss with you from your initial idea or design drawing, to create a mold of dunnage trays, and tell you what the key point of packaging is.

Because the most suitable dunnage trays always provide the best components management during assembly and distribution.

As a result, Elsepack dunnage trays are thermoformed using heat and pressure to mold the trays with exact sizes, shapes for each of your product.

Additionally, our dunnage trays can help you know the exact counts of parts per pack, saving time and cost.

Depending on the end use, Elsepack dunnage trays are available to be handled and loaded by automated platform, and they are reusable.

Another innovative design, our dunnage trays have the functions of the stack and rotate which helps you stack and load the products without damaging.

The stack feature makes dunnage trays nest together; it provides very effective use of space.

stackable dunnage trays

Elsepack can also manufacture disposable dunnage trays based on your detail requirements. Such dunnage trays will meet your cost budget.

In addition to end-use, there are huge selections of material types and thickness, offering different impact strength.

Dunnage trays can be made of PET, PVC, PP, and ESD materials as well.

Elsepack has 10 years’ experience in using various materials to provide the perfect packaging solutions for your special needs.

Elsepack has an engineering team and owns the latest technology equipment to run your order in short turn-time at a competitive price because Elsepack provides all dunnage trays design, tooling, and mass production in-house.

We always challenge ourselves to be a packaging solutions designer and manufacturer.

Elsepack designs and manufactures only custom dunnage trays to meet your expandable needs.

For more information about custom dunnage trays, tell our engineering experts.

Elsepack is here to supply you with your desired packaging solutions professionally and efficiently.

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Item NameDunnage Trays
MaterialPP, PVC, RPET, PET, PS, etc.
FeaturedAny in-house pattern and mould design
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Dunnage Trays: The Ultimate Guide

What are Dunnage Trays?

Dunnage trays are inexpensive trays used during the transportation of goods from one point to another.

These trays help stabilize, protect, and secure goods transported by road, oceans, air, and even railway.

dunnage trays

Also, dunnage trays cut down on the costs of packing materials, minimize environmental impact, and also reduce the shipping weight.

With the appropriate dunnage trays, your cargo won’t keep shifting or chafing during transportation.

You won’t have to worry about the void space because it will be filled using dunnage.

Why Do You need Dunnage Trays?

With the right Dunnage trays, you minimize damages. This is regardless of whether the transportation is by ship, track, or even rail.

Dunnage trays are also useful when you need to move parts from receiving to the work cells or manufacturing compartments.

Fragile parts are safer when you use Dunnage trays. The impressive thing about the Dunnage trays is the way they hold parts in place.

Asides from this, they also absorb vibrations providing the best protection ever.

What Materials are Used for Dunnage Tray Manufacturing?

Depending on the specific applications, dunnage trays are made from a range of plastic materials such as PS, PP, PET, PVC, RPET, etc.

The choice of a specific material will depend on your unique requirements.

Are Dunnage Trays Reusable?

Dunnage is reusable, and so you won’t have to spend more money every time.

It means that you can cut down on costs when you use dunnage to protect the goods you are transporting.

dunnage tray

How Can You Control Quality of Dunnage Trays?

You should follow these key steps:

  1. Inspect quality of plastic material you’ll use to thermoform dunnage trays
  2. Carefully design and inspect the quality of the mold, ensuring every dimension conforms to specified quality standards
  • Regularly inspect the thermoforming process, to ensure each dunnage tray conform to specified standards
  1. Inspect individual dunnage trays after the thermoforming process before packaging
  2. Each dunnage tray must conform to set standards such as ISO 14000, FDA requirements, ESD specification, CE, and other quality standards.

Why Do You need Anti-static Dunnage Trays?

Anti-static trays play a fundamental role when handling electronics parts and components.

So basically, if you’re planning to use dunnage trays, they must conform to the required Electrostatic discharge (ESD) safety standards.

You should use anti-static dunnage trays to store or transport items that must be safe from static charges. Anti-static dunnage trays will ensure all the sensitive electronics components remain safe.

Under normal circumstances, they offer you a surface resistivity of about 10^6-10^9

antistatic dunnage trays

NB: Here are some important aspects to consider when purchasing anti-static dunnage trays:

  • Working environment
  • Cost
  • ESD requirements
  • Chemical resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Color
  • Clarity

Are Dunnage Trays Suitable for Automated Handling?

Dunnage trays are suitable for automated handling as a matter of fact. The robots use Dunnage in the process.

However, the dunnage here is usually in the form of kitting, fixtures, or jigs. The automated platform effectively handles and loads the dunnage trays.

The placement of parts from one point to the other can easily put humans in danger. The robots help protect humans by placing the parts to the right places.

What is ISO Class 8 Clean Room for Medical Dunnage Trays?

It is a hard wall enclosure for the manufacture of Dunnage trays for the medical sector. Normally it has top-class automated forming.

It is where manufacturers develop the top quality thermoformed medical dunnage solutions.

Where Can You Use Dunnage Trays?

Dunnage trays play a crucial role in most of the industries around the globe.

Some of the main industries that dunnage trays for storage, transportation, or part of packaging include:

  • Automotive industry
  • Pharmaceutical or drug industries
  • Food processing
  • Logistics and freight forwarding
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Industrial and machine part fabrication industries
  • Chemical processing industries, amongst others

Dunnage tray with complex design

Why Should you Import Stackable Dunnage Trays?

There are a lot of benefits that come with the importation of the stackable Dunnage trays.

Firstly, such trays provide topnotch management of components during assembly or distribution.

You can be able to tell the exact counts of parts in every pack when using the stackable dunnage trays.

This is important because you can cut down on costs and save time as well. The stacking of the products ensures that the products are not damaged during activity.

The stackable Dunnage trays are special.

The innovative shipping design of the trays makes it possible to snap them together. These make these trays fit into your stacking needs and specifications.

Are there Size Limitations for Dunnage Trays?

Different sizes of dunnage trays

Size limitation for dunnage trays will depend on your specific application requirements.

Whether you want small or large sizes of dunnage trays, you will get specific options that meet your requirements.

In fact with thermoforming, using heat and pressure to mold, you can get virtually any design, thickness, and size of dunnage trays.

Can You use Dunnage Trays in Transfer Boxes?

The answer here is a sure Yes!

It is very much possible to use your Dunnage trays in the transfer boxes.

The good aspect about going down this line is that you can protect your products from damage.

How do you Thermoform Dunnage Trays?

Thermoformed trays in terms of design bear a flat bottom and come in various shapes.

Such dunnage trays are functional and suitable for a range of applications.

The thermoforming process requires black PVC, HIPS, RPET, PE, PPT, CPET, or APET. It will depend on the type of plastic material you need.

Remember that there exist numerous industry requirements which usually dictate the way things should go.

The thermoforming process employs heat and pressure in the molding of trays top to make a suitable shape, size, and design.

Besides, the thermoforming process involves the creation of similar plastics parts. The process begins with the preheating of a flat sheet which we then press into a mold.

Remember, the modern times are witnessing thermoforming take centre stage with most of the companies resorting to it.

There are various associated advantages.

The first one is that it consumes less time.

Second, the initial set up can be done using quite little in terms of resources. Vacuum pressure plays a critical role in the thermoforming process.

For dunnage trays that are durable and reusable, you must work with close tolerances, sharp details, and some tight specifications.

The good thing about employing the newest rugged materials is that such easily conform to the actual specifications.

Asides from that, it results in the production of trays that can resist tear and breakdown.

Can Elsepack Manufacture Dunnage Trays with Textured and Glossy Finish?

Elsepack is a designer and manufacturer with capabilities to develop dunnage trays for any industry around the globe.

It employs a wide selection of materials to come up with products of great strength. These products withstand great strength.

The finishing techniques, such as gloss that the company employs produce high-quality products.

What is Elsepack MOQ for Dunnage Trays?

Elsepack’s MOQ for the Dunnage trays stands at 500 pieces. Every year, the company manufactures about a million pieces of Dunnage trays.

It also serves customers with its secondary contract packaging service.

If you want a low MOQ, talk to our sales team for advice.

Does Elsepack have Custom Dunnage Trays?

Elsepack commits itself to the production of the most desirable packaging solutions. It does so efficiently and professionally.

When it comes to dunnage trays options, Elsepack offers an unlimited solution; from our standard designs to custom options.

For your custom dunnage trays design and thermoforming, Elsepack offers a perfect solution.

What is Elsepack Average Production Time for Dunnage Trays?

Elsepack prides itself in having its in-house tooling in place that enables its save up to 1/3 of its tooling costs.

Asides from this, the company also provides fast service to you.

The company’s team can give you free quote 24hours on the internet.

The other good thing is that the company can deliver the full-size prototypes of its trays and so you can go ahead and conduct your tests and evaluations.

For the urgent orders, the company can complete an order in just 7 days.

The company remains dedicated to serving customers with free custom shipping design and affordable tooling.

The high-speed manufacturing facility makes it possible for customers to obtain top end shipping trays.

dunnage trays manufacturers

Does Elsepack Help in Shipping Dunnage Trays from China?

Of course!

Elsepack facilitates the shipping of dunnage trays from the factory in China to your doorstep, irrespective of where you are.

For this reason, it involves itself in the shipment of Dunnage trays from the manufacturing points in China to the doorstep of the customers.

We have been manufacturing, selling, and facilitate shipping of dunnage trays to global destinations for over 10 years.

Talk to us today in case you need dunnage trays urgently.

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