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Elsepack: Your Professional ESD PCB Trays Manufacturer

ESD PCB Trays manufactured by Elsepack provide an accurate fit for multiple PCB in handling and shipping. Our ESD PCB Trays are developed and designed by our engineers for an international industry standard.

These are widely used for a vast array of applications for a stronger card holding for non-conductive and conductive various materials. It’s a kind of thick thermoformed tray.

Our ESD PCB Trays occupy very minimal space while ensuring easy handling. 

easy handling pcb esd tray

Elsepack’s expertise is manufacturing  ESD PCB Trays which are created in order to be an essential tool in PCB handling and storage.

Our ESD PCB Trays are rugged designs with a reinforcing rib that provides protection of your PCB’s during storage and transportation.

Elsepack’s ESD PCB Trays are also designed with “L” and “I” removable brackets which allow the different sizes of PCB’s and their other components to be fitted. 

PCB ESD TRAY IESD PCB Trays from Elsepack offer extreme protection of PCB from damage. Plus, our ESD PCB Trays are more sturdy guaranteeing you a more secure PCB.

Open drainage holes and carrying handles is also incorporated into our ESD PCB Trays providing easy access and ease of use. 

Different sizes and shapes of our ESD PCB Trays are available in Elsepack. Choose among sizes and shapes of our ESD PCB Trays that will surely meet your specific application.

Elsepack’s ESD PCB Trays can tolerate heat up to 185°F. 

Furthermore, ESD PCB Trays are stackable, especially if not in use thus making it labor-saving. These trays can hold up to 25 or more PCB boards which makes them easy and convenient to use.

It is perfect for improving efficiency in the electronic industry. Factories of a circuit board, computer motherboard, light industry, home appliances, electronic, automotive and other manufacturing enterprises trusted Elsepack when it comes to ESD PCB Trays. 

ESD PCB Trays from Elsepack are alkali and acid resistant, odorless, non-toxic, and oil-resistance.

Our ESD PCB Trays are durable which ensures that your PCBs will stay in good condition and free from damage especially when in distribution processing, transport, storage, and handling. 

When choosing a manufacturer of ESD PCB Trays, Elsepack is your best choice. We are a superior manufacturer of excellent quality ESD PCB Trays for 10 years.

esd tray manufacturer

We also have a great reputation for supplying ESD PCB Trays to more than 500 big companies including small businesses. 

Our low MOQ of ESD PCB Trays is convenient and helpful especially in testing your market. The raw materials of our ESD PCB Trays include PET, APET, PVC, and more.

These are 100% inspected ensuring that your ESD PCB Trays are all deformity-free. In fact, ESD PCB Trays from Elsepack are FDA approved and pass the test of EN71. 

With our in-house designing and tooling, high-technology, and automated machines, we can always give you reliable and dependable ESD PCB Trays.

For more information about our excellent services, our professional sales team is 24/7 online to assist and guide you throughout the process. Inquire to us today!