• heat seal blister packaging
  • heat seal blister packaging
  • heat seal blister packaging

Heat Seal Blister Packaging

  • Under-budget packaging solution
  • Great advertising space
  • Attractive & clear product display
  • Unique Tamper Evident & theft deterrent
  • Single sourcing for blister,cards and heat sealing service

Are you looking for heat seal blister packaging full-service company? You have come to the right place.

For the past 10 years, Elsepack only focuses on thermoforming and provides full service of packs solutions.

Owing to our vast experience in this domain, Elsepack engages in manufacturing a wide range of heat seal blister packaging.

heat seal blister packaging machine

Elsepack provides heat-sealing and blisters coating capabilities to support your business in one stop.

That includes:

  • Coated blister card
  • Heat sealed tooling
  • In-house blister tooling
  • Contract Packaging

We design and manufacture various style of heat seal blister packaging to suit any application.

Elsepack customizes the following blister packaging:

  • Normal face full blister, blister main body heat sealed to the coated It is used for small consumer goods, toys.
  • Trapped blister packaging, one blister sandwich to two pieces cards or on the folded card which is printed-coated.
  • Full face seal blister, differ from normal Its flange area covers the full side of a blister card.

The heat seal blister packaging is produced by simple heat seal process, therefore its economic way to pack your products.

Depending on the end market, the heat seal blister packaging is typically made of PVC and PET materials.

Elsepack owns several automated heat seal blister packaging equipment; we do such packaging for Disney over 5 years. They appreciate we can provide a one-stop solution for them.Here’s our showroom for heat seal blister packaging.

heat sealed blister packaging

At Elsepack, they are kept to know how we designed blister packaging step by step and offered detail inspection in ppt or pdf format.

In many cases, if you purchase the printed-coated card and plastic blister from different manufacturers, you will be left to fend for yourself when the blister fails to seal.

These two suppliers may blame each other, and no one takes responsibility.

At Elsepack, you can rest assured that such things will not happen. We know all how it works, from the plastic blister, printed-coated card, heat sealing tooling, and equipment. Our inspection team tests all these processes.

On the other hand, many customers concern about sustainability and try to reduce their environmental impact by choosing an eco-friendly packaging.

Therefore Elsepack keeps improving our adhesive and coating card service.

Before on-machine production, our expert’s team test which coating works best for different material of blisters; and we also use cold sealing blister as a replacement to support your eco-friendly needs.

We have 2000㎡ and professional works to handle such projects.

Please contact us with your projects, and tell us how we can best serve you.

Item NameHeat Seal Blister Packaging
MaterialPP, PVC, RPET, PET, PS, etc.
FeaturedAny in-house pattern and mould design
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time 7-15 days
Payment Term T/T ,L/C, etc.

thermoforming factory in china Elsepack thermoforming workshop

Heat Seal Blister Packaging: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is Heat Seal Blister Packaging?

A heat seal blister pack is a type of blister packaging that is made via a heat sealing process.

It comprises of a single, rigid, thermoformed plastic which is bonded (via heat sealing) to a coated back card.

The clear plastic houses the products in a heat seal blister pack while the coated back card helps with marketing and advertising.

2. What are the Benefits of Heat Seal Blister Packaging?

Heat seal blister packs are the most commonly used type of blister packaging in the retail industry. The reasons for this are many, and they include;

  • Heat seal blister packaging is inexpensive as it uses a small amount of material
  • The coated back card of a heat seal blister offers a great advertising space
  • Clear thermoformed plastic provides an attractive and clear product display
  • The heat sealing process makes this packaging uniquely tamper-resistant
  • Easily customizable to fit the needs of a product
  • Heal seal blisters are very strong and durable

3. What Plastic Material is Used for Heat Seal Blister Packaging?

The plastic used for most heat seal blister packs is either PVC or PET.

thermofromed packaging material

This is because PVC and PET are known to be the most suitable for heat sealing processes.

Both materials also offer excellent clarity that enhances the visibility of products while on display.

4. How is Heat Seal Blister Pack made?

The heat seal blister packaging process is fairly simple. It can be done in segments or all at once. Regardless of how it is done, the process follows the same order as seen below.


heat sealing blister packaging process


The process begins with the input of raw materials. These include the plastic material, backing material, and the product itself.

If the backing material, i.e. paperboard is brought in as one large piece, it is cut into properly sized sections before manufacturing begins.

Next, the plastic material which is usually in the form of sheets or film is fed into the thermoforming machine.

The machine heats the plastic material under set temperatures to make it soft so that it can easily be formed.

Once malleable, the plastic moves to the next stage where it is fed into/onto molds that create one or more cavities to hold the product.

After thermoforming, the plastic undergoes a short cooling process after which it is now ready for the heat sealing process.

To seal; the product is placed in the plastic blister, and the backing is placed on top of (or around, depending on the package) the heat seal blister.

Next, the blister plastic is bonded onto the paperboard/card using heat and pressure.

Once sealed, the packaging process is complete, and the packaging is ready to be ejected.

Note that each step of the blister packaging process is unique and individually needed.

Also, each of the steps directly impacts the seal strength.

As such, everything must be done and monitored carefully.

Parameters such as temperature and pressure must also be controlled to ensure quality production.

5. Any Limitations to Size and Thickness of Heat Seal Blister Packaging?

No, and this is because there is an endless variety of heat seal blister packaging.

The packaging can be adapted to any product shape, size, and thickness depending on the application and desired quality.

heat seal blister packaging

6. Heat Seal Blister Packs are Suitable for which Products?

As earlier mentioned, heat blister packs are popularly used in the retail industry to increase products’ visual appeal and marketability.

This packaging is used to pack products such as;

  • small electronics
  • computer hardware
  • cosmetics
  • fashion accessories
  • toys
  • stationery
  • hardware tools
  • automotive parts
  • medical and pharmaceutical kits

Please note that heat seal blister packs are more suitable for medium weight to lightweight items.

If you’re looking to package heavier items, clamshell packaging would be an excellent alternative.

7. Are Heat Seal Blister Packs Reclosable?

Not all of them.

Some heat-sealed blister packs like the fold-over and clamshell blister packaging can be opened and closed with ease.

8. Can You Print on Heat Seal Blister Packs?

Yes, you can print either side of the heat seal blister card. This gives you ample space to advertise and market your product and brand.

9. Are Heat Seal Blister Packs Tamper-resistant?


As a matter of fact, heat seal blister packs are known to offer retailers the best protection against tampering, pilferage, and theft.

Many retailers will swear by this packaging as no other type gives better protection against in-store theft.

The packaging is highly tamper-evident that even customers find it hard to open them. Sometimes, one will need scissors or a knife to open a heat seal blister pack.

10. How much Does Heat Seal Blister Packaging Cost?

Honestly, no one price can be put on heat seal blister packaging.

As earlier mentioned, heat seal blister packs can vary in size and shape. It can also vary in the material used and its intended application.

Also, it can vary depending on whether the packaging is a custom or stock design.

The range of pricing will reflect all these aspects.

For this reason, you will always find some heat seal blister packs costing more than others.

However, all of these will benefit from higher volumes to reach lower unit costs.

Meaning, the more packaging you buy, the steeper the discounts you can work out with the manufacturer.

This is true whether you’re buying stock or custom heat seal blisters, with easy opening or not, etc.

11. Can Elsepack Design Heat Seal Blister Packaging with Easy-opening?


Using the latest designing and programming software, Elsepack designers can create packaging design with a range of custom features.

Whether you want easy opening or custom size and thickness, Elsepack will deliver excellence.

We can duplicate or modify an existing package, or design a new package for your product altogether.

heat seal blister design

12. Does Elsepack have MOQ for Heat Seal Blister?

The good thing with Elsepack is that our customers don’t have to worry about the MOQ of heat seal blister packs.

We have our own in-house team of designers and engineers, tooling, printing house as well as the latest heat sealing equipment.

As such, we can produce both low and very large volume orders.

We can produce as little as 10 pieces for your trial order or 500,000 pieces for your large retail packaging needs.

Just contact us for more information on how to order.

13. Does Elsepack have In-house Tooling for Heat Seal Blister Packaging?

Yes, Elsepack has in-house tooling for Heat seal blister packaging as well as the latest heat sealing equipment.

This helps us to lower the costs for you while speeding up production time.

Our in-house tooling is made from high-grade aluminum using state of the art machines. The tooling is also hand-polished for greater clarity.

themoformed package mold

Being able to design, and produce our packaging in house from scratch to finish allows us to handle urns of any size with precision and efficiency.

So contact us today with your order; whether large or small, we will handle it.

14. How does Elsepack Control the Quality of Heat Seal Blister Packaging?

Elsepack uses the best quality materials to manufacturer heat seal blister packaging.

We also use the latest quality heat sealing equipment, which matches the materials being used.

These allow us to produce heat seal blister packs that are of excellent quality and have good and reliable sealing.

Other than that, we also conduct inspections at every production stage, starting from design, prototype, tooling, and thermoforming to heat sealing.

This helps us to ensure that products are made as per the required standards.

15. Apart from Heat Sealing, What Other Sealing Options does Elsepack Offer for Blister Packaging?

Blister packaging can be sealed using either cold sealing, ultrasonic sealing, or high-frequency sealing.

Elsepack offers all three alternatives.

Note, however, that some of these methods are cheaper, faster, simpler or higher quality than others. All of these factors are important to consider when choosing a suitable method for your product packaging.

As you make your consideration, remember that the best sealing technique for you will depend on your project requirements.

It will also depend on your choice of plastic material.

If you’re sure which method to opt for, we advise that you consult with our engineers. They are ready to offer advice on the best sealing option for your product and application.

16. Can Elsepack Help to Ship Heat Seal Blister Packs from China?

Yes, Elsepack can ship your heat seal blister packs from china to any destination of your choice.

Whether regional or international, Elsepack will produce, pack and ship your packaging from china within the shortest time possible.

17. Why should I Choose Elsepack for Heat Seal Blister Packaging Needs?

Elsepack is a leading designer and manufacturer of heat seal blisters in china. We can produce heat blisters in any shape, size, and design to match your products.

As a company, Elsepack only can design and manufacture custom packages, but our line of stock heat seal blister packs leads the industry.

We have extensive thermoforming and heat sealing capacity in our facilities. We also produce a variety of blister packaging, including trapped blisters, slide blister packs, full-face, and face seal blister packs.

Elsepack also offers a range of custom heat seal blister packaging solutions that include;

  • Coated blister card
  • Heat-sealed tooling
  • In-house blister tooling
  • Contract Packaging

We make packaging that will showcase your product in the best possible manner.

If you choose to work with us, Elsepack will assign a specialist whose mission will be to help you find the best packaging solution for your needs.

And while we always strive to provide the most competitive prices to our customers, we do not sacrifice product quality to do so.

All our packaging undergoes all the necessary tests before leaving our factory. The tests include checks for clarity, wall thickness, and dimensional compliance.

So whether you have an idea or not, contact Elsepack today. Our team is ready to help you find the perfect heat seal blister packaging solution for your needs, budget, and more.

18. Are heat Seal Blister Packs Recyclable?


Heat seal blister packs can be recycled after use. You just have to separate the blister card from the thermoformed plastic before recycling.


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