• herb clamshell packaging
  • herb clamshell packaging
  • herb clamshell packaging

Herb Clamshell Packaging

  • 100% recyclable PET clear material
  • Embossed customer logo on packs is free
  • 24/7 online support for the quick reply on any of your needs
  • Various types to meet your needs at Low MOQ

Elsepack Herb Clamshell Packaging

Elsepack Herb Clamshell Packaging is ideal for fresh cut herbs and other green plants.

They protect and present the product in a presentable and versatile way. It can preserve the herbs freshness and taste for longer.

Our herb clamshell packaging formed as a sturdy protective packaging for every herbs and leafy greens.

herb clamshell packaging

This packaging solution ensures your produce will never reduce its shapes wherever it is placed.

Elsepack Herb Clamshell Packaging is tough yet provides maximum transparency. This feature allows shoppers and customers in the market or store to clearly see the content quality being enclosed.

Each and every herb clamshell container is made up of 100% recyclable materials. The material being used is high-grade and approved by FDA.

With Elsepack herb packaging you can ensure your fresh produce are enclosed with durable case.

The Herb Clamshell Packaging offered by us is available in several sizes, shapes, designs and style options. Due to this, you can choose the perfect packaging for your business needs.

herb clamshell containers

Whether you need small or large orders of the mention packaging, we can smoothly accommodate your needs.

Our Clamshell Herb Packaging products are the right fit for all your fresh produce herbs and greens.

These are manufactured through our experience engineering team and in-house advanced tooling equipments. All our products are strictly inspected by our Quality Control team.

herb clamshell packaging manufacturer

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Elsepack: Your Leading Herb Clamshell Packaging Supplier

Our Herb Clamshell Packaging is very useful to showcase your product. It has very appealing appearance on its placed that easily attracts the shoppers and potential customers to view the entire product within.

Thus it offers outstanding protection of your fresh herbs from any other contaminants.

This Herb Clamshell Packaging can be placed standing on the shelf, sitting on the display, or it can be hang on the wall.

Elsepack Herb Clamshell Container hinge and flanges are the most important part to be considered when choosing the best packaging.

Yet, our Herb Clamshell Packaging can be manufactured with tri fold designs for product to easily sit on the shelves.

Others also come with hanger holes for easy hanging in display market and increased revenue.

These varieties of packaging structure are performed to meet different herbs packaging solutions.

Thus we also tailor herb clamshell packaging for your specific requirements. Our designing team will construct products that fit to size you want.

Also, you can custom printed text, logo and other details of your produce. Moreover, custom locks are also manageable for quick and easy sealing capability.

These Herb Clamshell Containers provide advantageous feature for your branding or private demand.

In Elsepack, we can deliver your order within 3-4 weeks. But we can work with fast lead time depending on the availability of material to use.


Elsepack as a professional herb clamshell packaging manufacturer, we can support your business with a LOQ MOQ of 500 pieces.

Elsepack Herb Clamshell Containers designed to fulfil every herbs packaging challenges.

It is composed of innovative designs which allow us to satisfy different packaging solutions of various placements.

If you have any request, please feel free to contact us.

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