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Mail Order Plant Packaging

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Elsepack Mail Order Plant Packaging

Elsepack offers mail order plant packaging to accommodate a wide range of fragile plant to support your online business.

We know better how to custom different plant packaging for sending plants through the post.

mail order plant packaging


Over 10 years, we have only focused on custom mail order packaging with any type for your needs.

Elsepack’s range of plug plant packaging range includes plant letter packs for posting and seed tray propagation blister packs.

It’s different from cardboard boxes, which are specifically designed to solve your horticultural packaging online.

Elsepack mail order plant packaging accommodates any plant plug size and foliage, no matter how tall or short.

Elsepack mail order plant packaging also suits the different sizes of pots, whether round or square to satisfy your plant needs.

To meet your customer combine different plants at one time, Elsepack mail order plant packaging is designed for single, double, or triple pots/plugs in a plastic plant blister pack.

Above all else, Elsepack mail order plant packaging was developed with specialist expertise.

mail order plant trifold packaging

We design mail order plant packaging base on your plant foliage height, plant plug size or pot size, and the stem opening.

The result Elsepack mail order plant packaging always keeps the plant in a correct position to give the perfect protection for your plant even though mail order plant packaging are carelessly handled during shipping as well.

Elsepack manufacturing of the wall construction of mail order plant packaging is ribbed for extra strength to protect your plant during transit.

This special design of mail order packaging is cost-effective because you can get better strength packaging in the same thickness material.

Meanwhile, mail order plant packaging comes with a ridge to protect the leaves.

Elsepack inventive mail order packaging always surrounded by ventilation channels to avoid the plant rooting or drying out. We call it breathing horticulture packaging.

All mail order packaging stem opening size is super fit for your plant to prevent the soil from falling out.

Mail order plant packaging is easy locking to save your packing time and labor cost. The special button keeps the plant blister packs secure for posting.

Elsepack mail order plant packaging is made of clear PET or custom green transparent to ensure your plant stands out. All mail order plant packaging is further recycled after use to meet your environment-friendly demands.

Elsepack also provides colorful corrugated outer packaging that matches your mail order plant packaging. We can make a seed tray insert corrugated packaging as well.

mail order plant packaging-cardboard bo

Above specialist design of mail order plant packaging to make sure your customer receives the plant in perfect condition.

We have a different division to operate your mail order plant packaging order, whether small or large shorter lead time within 7-15 days.

If your mail order plant packaging is manufactured from our stock tooling, it means zero- tooling cost.

the partners with thousands of mail order plant suppliers, and mail order plant packaging is our specialty. Our mail order plant packaging exports to 27 countries.


We can ensure your online customer with minimum complaints to avoid your re-sending, save the cost for you.

Ready to discuss with our expert development? All design is free.

Develop your dream mail order plant packaging to skyrocket your business with Elsepack!

Item NameMail Order Plant Packaging
MOQ500pieces/In stock
Plug/Cell sizeDepend on detailed requirements
No.Plugs/CellDepend on detailed requirements
Sample ChargeFree/Various kinds in stock
Foliage HeightDepend on detailed requirements
Production Time 1-15 days
Payment Term T/T ,L/C, etc.

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Mail Order Plant Packaging: Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is Mail-order Plant Packaging?

Mail order plant packaging for seedling


Mail order plant packaging is an affordable range of plant packs specially designed for plant posting business.

The role of the packaging is to provide maximum protection and ventilation for plants in transit and on display.

The pack is available in a range of designs shapes, sizes, and strengths.

2. Why use Mail Order Plant Packaging?

You should use mail order plant packaging if you run a business that requires transporting fragile plants from one location to another.

An online plant business, for instance, will require that you deliver plants from your location to customers’ location.

You have to ensure that the plants reach customers in one piece, and this is where mail order plant packaging comes in.

They help to protect plants and keep them ventilated during transportation and also when on display.

Apart from protection and ventilation, this packaging will prevent potted plants from spilling soil matter during handling.

The package can accommodate various plant pot designs, including square and circular pots.

You also save on packaging costs when using mail order plant packaging more so when you have multiple deliveries to make.

There are single, double, and triple pot plant packs that you can use to deliver more than one potted plant.

3. How does Mail Order Plant Packaging Compare to Plant Blister Packs?

Well, blister packs are mainly known to provide excellent clarity and transparency.  These are two properties that are valuable where high product visibility is needed.

Thus, plant blister packs are suitable for on-display plant products.

Mail order plant packaging, on the other hand, is mainly designed to facilitate the safe transportation of plants.

For this reason, the mail order packs are made with greater strength and ventilation features to ensure safe transportation.

Both plant blister packs and mail order plant packs can be used to display and ship fragile plants.

They are both built with excellent plant protection and ventilation features.

However, it is advisable to consider mail order plant packs for delivery purposes. Blister packs are best suitable for projects that require enhanced product visibility on display.

4. Are there Size Limitations to Mail Order Plant Packaging?

Well, yes, the size of the packaging greatly depends on the size of the plant.

This means that large plants will require larger packaging, while smaller plants will need smaller packaging.

So when considering mail order plant packaging for your project, take into account the size (height) of the plant, and foliage.

In the case of potted plants, take into account the size and shape of the pot to be able to design a properly sized package.

5. How do you Pack Plants in Mail Order Plant Packaging?

The primary concern when packing plants for posting is to ensure that the plants reach their destination in one piece.

Here are three simple steps to follow when packing your plants for posting;

i. Prepare the Plants

To prepare your plants for shipping, you need to;

  • Remove the plants from soil and shake off any excesses. Leave just a bit of soil residue to help the plant transition to its new environment.
  • Water the plants beforehand as this will help the plants to survive the transit journey
  • Wrap the roots with a paper towel and put the bundle in a plastic bag
  • For potted plants, you need to ensure that the soil is firm to avoid spillage during transportation
  • Leafy plants must be protected during packaging. In this case, use large enough packaging to give the leaves ample space to spread. Also, ensure that the leaves are in mint condition during packaging.
  • You can also wrap leaves with some newspaper to protect the tops and stems

ii. Packing the Plants

You need to choose an appropriately sized packaging that will accommodate the plant without any risk of bending or breakage.

After placing the plant in the packaging, you can go ahead and put the package in a mailing box.

For the box, choose one that is sturdy enough to withstand rough handling. Boxes get kicked, thrown, and dropped during shipping.

And since you need your plant to arrive in one piece, you’ll need to pick a box that withstands these and any other harsh conditions.

Also, choose a mailing box that is barely big enough to accommodate the plant and not give it room to move around during handling.

Very delicate plants may require extra cushioning. If this is the case with yours and there is extra room in the box, use a newspaper or foam to fill any pockets.

You can also reinforce the box edges with tapes for additional protection during shipping.

For potted plants, you may need to protect the pots and the roots using bubble wraps.

Include a collar of cardboard over the soil and around the base of the plant followed by a plastic bag closed around the bottom of the plant to keep the soil in the pot.

Don’t forget to pack the plant upright. You can mark the package with a “this end up’ to ensure proper handling.

mail order plant blister pack

iii. Labeling

Any products for posting must be labeled correctly to ensure shipping to the right address.

For live plants, you’ll need to put a ‘live plant’ or ‘perishable’ label on the outer packaging so that it is treated with care.

Include shipping and return address on the package as well as any other labels and marking as per the shipping guidelines.

6. What Plastic Materials are Used to Make Mail Order Plant Packaging?

A lot of mail order plant packaging is made using R-PET, PET, and PVC plastic materials.

The choice of material will depend on your project’s unique requirements.

7. Is Mail Order Plant Packaging Recyclable?


As you’ve read above, mail order plant packaging is made using R-PET, PET, or PVC plastic, all of which are 100% recyclable.

8. What are the Design Considerations for Mail Order Plant Packaging?

There are several things to consider when it comes to mail order plant packaging design.

These include the plant height, foliage, pot size, and shape (in case of potted plants).

You also need to consider the number of plants you intend to pack in a single package.

Apart from the dimensional considerations, you also need to take into account aesthetic, security, and ventilation features.

In this regard, you have to consider the locking mechanism, number, and placement of ventilation holes, branding, etc.

Note that the design of your package is very critical to the success of your product.

As such, it must be able to accommodate your plants adequately with zero interference to its structures.

The package should also be able to represent your brand effectively.

9. Can Elsepack Design Bespoke Mail Order Plant Packaging?

Of course, Elsepack can create a bespoke mail order plant packaging to meet your unique project requirements.

All you need to do is contact us with your idea, and we will reply with the best possible design within 24 hours.

10. What makes Elsepack Mail Order Plant Packaging Unique?

Elsepack plant packaging is made of 100% recyclable material.

We also design our packaging, considering the plant’s unique features such as foliage, height, etc.

This way, you can be sure that the packaging we provide will conform to the exact needs of your plant, and will represent your brand adequately.

What’s more, our mail order plant packaging is quality assured. We have in-house inspectors that ensure quality of raw materials and manufacturing processes.

The team also inspects all finished products to ensure that they conform to the required standards.

In other words, quality is what makes Elsepack’s mail order packaging stand out.

11. Do Elsepack Custom Plant Packaging?

Yes, Elsepack can customize mail order plant packaging in various shapes and sizes.

We can provide a free packaging design within 24 hours of receiving your packaging idea.

12. Does Elsepack have In-house Tooling for Mail Order Plant Packaging?

Yes, Elsepack has efficient in-house tooling for mail order plant packaging. With this, we can meet all your unique packaging requirements at zero-tooling costs.

13. Is there an MOQ for Mail Order Plant Packaging?

trip mail order packaging

Elsepack’s MOQ is 500 pieces for mail order plant packaging.

We, however, accept trial orders for as low as 10 pieces and large retail orders for as high as 500000.

14. How does Elsepack Take Payment for Mail Order Plant Packaging?

Elsepack accepts several payment forms, including PayPal, T/T, credit card and letter of credit.

15. Does Elsepack Deliver Mail Order Plant Packaging Outside China?


Elsepack serves thousands of mail order plant packaging customers from all over the world. Currently, our packaging exports to 27 countries.

Meaning, we can easily order our packaging and have them delivered directly to your doorstep, no matter the distance.

16. How Sustainable is Elsepack Mail Order Plant Packaging?

At Elsepack, we love plants and nature in general.

Unfortunately, it is a big challenge to find sustainable plant packaging.

Lucky for us, we have managed to find innovative ways of ensuring our products are friendly to the environment.

For instance, we have resorted to using 100% recycled R-PET, and PET and PVC that can be recycled after every use.

At this moment, Elsepack’s mail order plant packaging is the best sustainable packaging from China for transporting plants.

17. Can I buy Stock Mail Order Plant Packaging from Elsepack?

Yes, for stock mail order plant packaging, you needn’t look any further than Elsepack.

Using our contact information on the site, you can order all the mail order plant packaging you need and have them delivered right to your door.

The best part is that you incur a zero-tooling cost when your mail order plant packaging is made from our stock tooling.

If you’d like to find out more about our stock mail order plant packaging options before placing an order, contact us now.

stock mail order plant packaging

18. How do you Choose the Best Mail Order Plant Packaging for your Project?

When it comes to choosing mail order plant packaging for your project, many things are put to the test.

Among the things that you need to put into consideration are;

  • The plant type
  • Plant size in height
  • Plant foliage
  • Pot size and shape (for potted plants)
  • Number of plants you may need to accommodate in a single pack
  • Budget
  • Material
  • Strength

All of this, in addition to a reliable manufacturer, will enable you to buy the best mail order plant packaging for your project.

19. Why should I consider Elsepack Mail Order Plant Packaging?

Elsepack is a market leader for plant packaging in china.

We have been involved in mail order plant packaging for more than 10 years now, deepening our expertise into packaging for fragile plants.

As such, Elsepack knows better than anyone else that every plant and pot is different. Due to this, we provide a variety of molds that allow us to manufacture a range of mail order packaging products for our clientele.

design drawing of plant mail order packaging

Our mail order plant packaging packs the following benefits;

  • Patented design
  • Unique easy opening and lock mechanism
  • Easy customizability with your brand logo on the front face at a small fee
  • Our packs are made of clear PET and PVC material for high clarity display
  • All our packages are made from sustainable material and can be recycled after use
  • We also provide optional corrugated outer packaging for mail order plant business
  • Affordable and efficient packaging

For more information on Elsepack mail order plant packaging and how to order, please contact us now.

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