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Meat Packaging Trays

  • Improve meat shelf life without using preservatives
  • The most consumer appealing presentation
  • Low cube designs to promise maximum shipping efficiency
  • Vast selections of food-grade materials colors and glass clarity

Choosing a meat packaging tray manufacturer for your products may seem like a small matter, but choosing the right trays manufacturer can have a large impact on your business.

Elsepack has been designing bespoke meat packaging trays solutions for the food industry for more than 10 years.

We have world-class expertise in the meat packaging trays field, from sausages, burgers, and poultry, to fish.

meat packaging tray


Our meat packaging trays can fit top sealing, flow wrapping, BDF, modified atmospheres, manual or auto packing processes.

Elsepack has vast selections of sizes, types, and colors to fit your customized needs.

Our meat packaging trays are great ways to keep your products fresh while displaying them in a consumer appealing way.

Common ones are sausage & meatball trays, BBQ trays & lids, ready meal trays, fresh meat trays, poultry packing trays, and more.

poultry meat packaging tray

Eye-catching and vast packaging options design

Elsepack expert design team can deliver the best packing solutions to you in any format according to your detailed requirement about displaying, easy stacking, or identification in a freezer or refrigerated merchandiser.

Elsepack already has provided meat packaging trays for Walmart for over 5 years. All meat trays are made in the dust-free workshop.

Our meat packaging trays are really great options for supermarkets, deli, grocery stores, butcher shops, and wholesale.

Besides types, our meat packaging trays can be in a huge variety of colors such as white, glass clarity, black, or are available in a full range of Pantone colors, even marbling or wood effect to make your meat products outstanding.

Furthermore, all Elsepack meat packaging trays are built-in strength, manual, and auto denesting. They are great for the top seal, flow-wrap, or BDF.

Eco-friendly and food-grade materials

Different from Styrofoam or foam meat trays, our meat packaging trays are plastic meat trays. A kind of thermoformed tray.

Elsepack meat packaging trays are made out of plastic materials: MAPET, PP or PP-EVOH-PE.These materials are food-grade, they fit your consumer demands for eco-friendly packaging.

This is also the core issue Elsepack has been considering. We can provide related certificates like FDA to support your final testing.

Extend shelf life

Elsepack can manufacture meat packaging trays to improve your meat products without using preservatives. This is because we use a multi-layer thin gauge sheet, and PET/PE to help keep meat fresh longer.

Therefore, Elsepack considers all the above aspects such as consumer appeal, food safety, protection, excellent sealing capabilities, and effective packaging ways to help you respond quickly to the changing market.

If you are looking for meat packaging trays that come with nicely cut, eye-catching packaging and ready to go, please choose Elsepack as your partner.

Item NameMeat Packaging Trays
MaterialPP, PVC, RPET, PET, PS, etc.
FeaturedAny in-house pattern and mould design
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time 7-15 days
Payment Term T/T ,L/C, etc.


Meat Packaging Trays: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is a Meat Packaging Tray?

Meat packaging trays refer to high-quality standardized trays that you use in the packaging of meat or meat products.

They are versatile trays that conform to FDA food safety standards. Meat trays come in many designs, shapes and colors.

You can use these trays to transport or store meat products.

meat packaging tray

Which Industries Use Peat Packaging Trays?

Among the various industries that use meat packaging trays include:

  • The hotel industry
  • Meat processing industries
  • Supermarkets
  • Meat distribution industry

meat packaging tray

Which Food Grade Plastic Material is Meat Packaging Tray made of?

Meat packaging trays of the following food-grade plastic materials:

  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET)
  • Polystyrene (PS)

Are Meat Packaging Trays Re-usable?


You can re-use meat packaging trays before disposal. Furthermore, meat packaging trays material allows for recycling which helps in reducing plastic waste and conserve the environment.

Can Meat Packaging Trays Prevent Contamination?


Meat packaging trays helps in preventing contamination. The design and sealing of these trays help in preventing contamination of the product.

They are also airtight, which prevents airflow ensuring you get fresh quality meat products.

Elsepack Meat Packaging Trays come in How many Colors and Sizes?

There are a variety of colors and sizes that Elsepack offers for meat packaging trays depending on the customer requirements.

Elsepack offers the option of customizing your meat packaging trays with different colors and sizes.

What is the Quality Standard Requirement for Meat Packaging trays?

The following are the quality standard requirements that meat packaging trays must adhere to before being allowed into the market:

  • ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 which determines the quality aspect of meat packaging trays
  • ISO 14000 and ISO 14001 analyzes the environmental impact meat packaging trays
  • ISO 26000 certifies meat packaging trays on the social responsibility aspect of their production
  • ISO 22000 certifies no contamination when meat packaging trays are in contact with meat products.
  • ISO 31011 ensures meat packaging trays provides for the safety of the meat packaging trays.

In addition to these, the meat packaging tray must comply with FDA food safety rules and regulations.

Does Elsepack Thermoform Custom Meat Packing Trays?


Elsepack thermoforms custom meat packing trays for our customers. All that a client has to do is to submit all the specifications for their meat packaging trays, and we will manufacture them.

However, thermoforming custom meat packing trays are relatively expensive, and as such, a client has to be able to incur the charges.

How do you Seal Meat Packing Trays?

A sealing machine is used to seal meat packing trays. After packing your product, cover the tray using a transparent packing material like aluminum foil.

Pass the tray over a heated sealing machine to permanently seal the meatpacking tray.

The sealing machine extracts air from the tray, leaving a vacuum as it seals the tray.

meat tray packaging

Are Meat Packing Trays Good for Automated Packaging?


The design for meatpacking trays makes them suitable for automated packaging. They are ideal for flow wrapping and modified atmospheres.

What is the difference between Foam Meat Trays and Plastic Meat Packaging Trays?

Plastic meat packaging trays allow for the packaging of hot products due to their high melting point. Foam meat trays have a low melting point hence limited to the temperature of products they can pack.

foam meat packaging tray

The volatility of foam meat trays makes them easy to break. Plastic meat packaging trays are nonvolatile and can handle heavy packaging.

Plastic meat packaging trays are easily recyclable, thus helps in environmental conservation. Foam meat trays are less eco-friendly.

Why should Meat Packaging Trays be FDA Approved?

Meta trays need to be FDA approved due to the type of product that they pack.

Approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ensures that the meat packaging trays are safe for the packaging of food products meant for human consumption.

Can Meat Packing Trays Improve the Shelf Life of Meat?

Meat packing trays help in improving the shelf life of meat products.

Multi-layer thin gauge sheet and plastic materials in these trays improves the shelf life of meat products without having to use preservatives.

Also, packing your meat in these packaging minimizes external contamination, thereby prolonging the shelf life of your meat.

Are Meat Packaging Trays Tamper-resistant?


Meat packaging rays are tamper-resistant to protect and ensure the safety of the product that you pack therein.

You can easily detect if there is any tampering of the trays while in transit.

Do Meat Packing Trays Guarantee Airtight Sealing?


Meat packing trays guarantee you an airtight sealing option for packing your meat. The thermoforming process ensures that these packaging trays are airtight to reduce chances of contamination of your meat.

What is Elsepack MOQ for Meat Packaging Trays?

The MOQ for meat packaging trays that Elsepack offers is 500 pieces. However, we allow for negotiation on the MOQ depends on the specifications of your order.

Can you Use Meat Packaging Trays in freezers?


Meat packaging trays have versatile applications, including using them in freezers.

Their design and physical properties including being nonvolatile make them suitable for use in such places.

How Long Does Elsepack Take to Deliver Meat Packing Trays Order?

Working on an order begins immediately we receive it, and a client should be able to receive it as soon as possible.

However, depending on order schedule we give our clients a period of between 7-15 days to be able to get their orders.

Does Elsepack has Design Limitation for Meat Packing Trays?


Elsepack does not have a design limitation for meat packing trays.


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