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Melon Support

  • One-stop solution for melon support
  • Prevent many diseases and make melon grow better
  • Plastic melon support are in large stock to support small quantities

Elsepack: Your Professional Melon Support Manufacturer

If you are a melon grower who is raising a lot of melons to support your business, plastic melon support is a great way to in order to keep your melons off of the ground.

If your melons are starting to form, place Elsepack’s melon support beneath and lift the melons up. This plastic melon support manufactured by Elsepack is bowl-shaped. It’s kind of a thermoformed tray.

It features a spike at the bottom in order to keep it in place. The upper surface of our melon support is perforated in order to have excellent air circulation around the melon.

Moreover, our melon supports are reusable. You can use it after many years which will help justify your expense.

Plus, Elsepack engineers carefully choose materials for our melon support. Melon support designed by our engineers is made of durable materials such as high-quality plastic.

Assuring you that our melon supports are long-lasting. It can be used in wet environments and you don’t need to buy melon support every single year, thus, saving your costs.

Elsepack’s melon support is designed to elevate your melons up from the ground. It contains a hole that allows the air to circulate.

melon support base manufacturer

Through this, the yields of your melons will increase. As in an addition to that, it maintains the melon’s soft, clean, and ripe fruit which is free from rotting.

This will make your customers choose to purchase your melons thus increasing your sales and income as well.

The manufactured melon support by Elsepack is transparent which increases the light reflection. It resists heat and makes the temperature cooler. Most importantly, it reserves your melons’ flavor and coloration.

When selecting a melon stand, choose one which is sturdy and heavy-duty. Elsepack’s melon support is the perfect choice for that.

Our melon support comes in varying sizes and can support up to 20 lbs. of weight and more. It can also be cleaned easily for the next use.

watermelon support

High-quality melon support from Elsepack is made with Polyethylene material which is safe, sturdy and non-toxic.

Raw materials used for our melon support are tested and inspected thoroughly by our strict quality control team. Furthermore, our melon support has the ability to nest in order for a compact off-season which saves space.

melon support net

Melon support specially designed by our engineers is not only limited to melon use.

Its versatility allows it to be used as a support for pumpkins, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe and more. With Elsepack’s melon support, get a fruitful harvest of juice and fruity melons and other produce.

Always rely on Elsepack when it comes to purchasing melon support. We have more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing melon support.

Cantaloupe support base

Our professional engineers are always willing to work with you to provide you with melon support that satisfies your requirements. For more information about our melon support, ask our friendly sales team.

We are always 24/7 online to give you full support and guide throughout the whole process. Contact us and tell us your requirements now!