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Plant Blister Packs

  • Maximum Protection and ventilation
  • 100% recyclable and durable plastic
  • Customized stylish at low MOQ
  • Same day ship for stock items

Elsepack: Your Professional Plant Blister Packs Manufacturer

Looking for the best plant blister packaging supplies?

Are you tired of unprofessionally packed goods for your customers?

This page is super perfect for you. Journey with me, and we are going to know the best supplier that will provide you with the best plant packaging.

Although, Elsepack is globally renowned for the best plastic blister packaging solutions. We are a widely recognized supplier for 3M, DISNEY, and CLASOHLSON for over a decade now.

Elsepack is also one of the leading plant blister packs manufacturers in China.

We have more than 10 years of experience in custom plant blister packs; we have knowledge about the various kinds of plants to give the best protection more than anyone.

Elsepack plant blister packs, being one of the most recent technologies in packaging and shipping live plants, plug plants, pot plants.

Plant blister pack has become an important packaging method. These multipacks protect the plants from external factors.

Elsepack Plant blister packs come in a unique locking feature. Besides, they are in various colors and sizes.

Elsepack has come up strongly in designing cost-effective plant blister packs. It uses eco-friendly materials to keep safe your plants.

green plant blister pack

Elsepack is known to provide quality plant blister packaging because all our packaging is based on the ideal patented pack design.

Elsepack manufacture plant blister packs in various types, colors, sizes to meet the protection of different kinds of plants.

As one of the largest suppliers of flower and live plant e-commerce in China.

Elsepack can personalize your logos on the plant blister packs freely. You can receive a free drawing within 24 hours and a free prototype after 3 days if you request.

We can design any type and size to match your existing outer cardboard packaging and boxes in order to help you save huge costs.

plant trifold packaging

Further, Elsepack plant blister packs have unique features with a patented pack design. To make it easy for you and your customers to recognize our quality products.

As part of the services that we offer, plant blister packs are manufactured in a clear PET.

clear plant blister pack

These horticultural packaging packs will ensure that there is a high clarity foliage display for all products that we manufacture for your customers.

One of the features that make our plant blister packaging ideal for your customers is the materials that we use. They can be recycled and reused after use.

More Features that you are happy to know :

  • Maximum Protection and ventilation
  • Easy to pack and close even when wearing gloves
  • Personalized logo on blister packs for free
  • Made of transparent or green recycle materials
  • Unique closure &locking feature for maximum secure
  • Various types of the plant pot and plant plug blister pack in stock
  • Stock packs same day delivery
  • Zero tooling cost for our existing types

At ElsePack, we have a very low MOQ for custom plant blister packs.

However, we are also capable of providing you with a high MOQ because we are experts in plant blister packing supplies.

plant trifold clamshell

Unlike other companies, we always have a good layout of the plant blister packaging. You can get the exclusively free prototype within 3 working days.

Alternatively, plant blister packs have several advantages that will give your business a good plan. You can quickly get a free drawing within 24 hours.

You can also decide to have your plant blister packs personalized with the logos. We are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement with you.

plant mail order blister packaging

This is because every logo is secretive. The logo is mounted on the front face for a small and affordable price.

Plant blister packs can have corrugated outer packaging. However, it is always optional for our clients. You can choose to have it for your customers if you really like it.

Suppose you think that the plant blister packaging process is a tough process, then you might be wrong. One of its advantages is its simplicity.

It is simple, secure, and fast pack closure even if you are performing this task with gloves.


ElsePack is unique and ideal for your customers. We have a particular way of packing your customer’s plants. To make it possible for these plant blister packs to pass the dropping test. We ensure that they are not damaged.

Meanwhile, we ensure you can experience what our other customers have been enjoying while transiting their plants as well.

We also have an after-sales team to serve you as our customer and offer you information regarding the steps to follow.

Contact us today to get safe and quality plant blister packs. With more than 10 years of experience, you are sure to have quality plant blister packs from us.

Item NameClear Plant Saucers
MaterialPVC, RPET, PET,etc.
MOQ1000pieces/In stock
FeaturedAny in-house pattern and mold design
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time 7-15 days
Payment Term T/T ,L/C, etc.

All You Need to Know About Elsepack Plant Blisters Packs

Plant blister packs have for some years now, been the ideal solution for many individuals and companies.

It is because it brings along with some benefits which you can hardly get from other types of packaging solutions.

So what exactly is blister packaging and what is its significance to plants?

This post will take you through exactly what you need to know about plant blister packs. Here is an overview:

Chapter1: What Are Plant Blister Packs?

This is a combination of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in plastic packaging.

In simpler words, these are plastics that are used to make packages for plants and other things which can be easily seen inside, hence the nickname sight packs.

It is suitable for packaging plants placed inside the pack.

The pack can be highly transparent, clamshell packaging, plastic blister , or thermoformed trays and they come in a vast array of colors.

plant blister packs

Plant blister packs come with high value as well as packing efficiency which makes them a popular plant packaging pick.

They can be used in real flower shops and also in online sales.

1.1 How Plant Blister Packs Are Manufactured

Unlike another plant packaging, plant blister packs have a wide range of benefits, which you can take advantage of it. Let’s have a look at them.

Chapter 2: Benefits of Plant Blister Packs

  • Preserves freshness

Plants are environmentally sensitive and need to be kept fresh for longer with plant blister packs.

It is because they need to remain neutral or under specific conditions to survive for a more extended period.

Plants can get bad within a super short time if not put under certain conditions.

Elsepack plant blister packs, the right conditions, and proper ventilation are set for your plant to remain alive until when you take them out for planting.

  • Security

Plant blister packs are designed in a way that your plant remains in a constant position hence reducing certain damages which might occur to it.

During transportation, your young plants can easily get damaged when they move around in the package, but this was corrected with Elsepack plant blister packs.

They are able to remain in the same position they were when they were produced and packaged until they reach you or your customer.

  • Visibility

One of the main reasons for plant blister packs is for clarity. You will be able to see what is inside of the package even without opening it.

It is an advantage as you will quickly identify whether indeed that is the plant you had ordered for or not.

It also helps in checking for the freshness of the plants ordered, and you can decide whether it is the right pick or not.

Another great benefit of these plant blister packs is that, in as much as you can see the plant inside the plant blister packs, you cannot touch them.

This ensures that only the consumer is the one who will open the pack and be the first to access the plant ever since it left the factory.

It also prevents your products from being damaged or tampered with.

  • Customization

Plant blister packs can be easily customized to fit your plant which is being packed.

The design can be made in a way that is appealing to your client and is also very efficient in storing your plant, without damage.

Regardless of the size and quantity of your plant, everything is easily customized.

plant blister pack design drawing

So what are the factors you should consider when looking for your best plant blister packs? Let’s dive into that briefly.

Chapter 3: Factors To Consider When Looking For Plant Blister Packs

Already knowing the benefits of plant blister packs, it is necessary to see what you should consider getting the best package.

Yes, there are plenty of options in varying styles and qualities in the market, but Elsepack is there to ensure you get the right plant blister packs.

If you are in the horticultural business, you need a reliable packaging mode.

The mode of packaging should ensure that your cultivated plants reach their destination in pristine condition.

That’s why plant blister packs are the best for keeping your plants safe. Elsepack plant blister packs are a very reliable mode of packaging your product.

However, there are many factors to consider when buying plant blister packs to a good match.

Among the factors to consider are as follows.

  • Material Used

The material used in packaging should be among the key factors that you need to consider when looking for plant blister packs.

In material, we look at stuff that is going to support the integrity of the plant in structure.

We can also look at its material whether it can be recyclable and even its transparency so that the plants can be visible.

  • Durability

In material, you need to look at its thickness.

Thick packaging is okay so long as it has enough air spaces for ventilation and also for maximum protection.

Elsepack plant blister packs are sturdy in toughness and have a high resistance to pressure, and this makes it suitable for mail-order plant packaging.

  • Design

In selecting plant blister packs for your plants, you need to check their design.

The design should be conversant with the shape of the plant in shape and size.

It is critical to prevent the plant from bending as it can cause it to break or interfere with its growth.

Get the right dimensions of your plant for a properly fitting pack. Check on the stem majorly as ill-fitting plant blister packs may cause it to break.

Check on the ease of opening and closure; Elsepack plant blister packs are well-designed to cater to your need.

The design should incorporate the ventilation feature that supports the breathing of the plants.

You can also have your logo etched onto the package for the enhancement of your brand.

To make assembly more effective, you should base the stem shape on different plants.

Also, consider the plants’ crowns and go for a blister pack that comfortably accommodates the leave crowns.

  • Application For Market

The claim based on the market of the pack is also another major factor that ought to be into consideration.

For mail order plant packaging, clamshell plant blister packs are recommendable as they can be easily transported from one place to another with the plant being in the best condition.

The size of the mailbox for transportation needs to be considered, and the blister packs need to meet this specification.

That is to ensure that the blister packs do not shake and also ensure that they take minimal volume for you to save on postage fees

For flower shops, Plant blister packs that are clear and easy to carry. Like Elsepack trifold plant blister packs.

Always provides an eye-catching display for the plants.

plant trifold packaging

  • Cost

The cost of the plant blister packs that you intend to buy is a significant consideration.

In cost, you check for the color where clear is way cheaper as compared to translucent material.

Also, look for the right material in thickness and shape as it reduces the cost in case you get a mismatch.

For example, if the crown is large, go for thicker packaging material that assumes a circular or spherical shape to accommodate the plant.

Similarly, if the plant is about to be used for its roots, a small crown portion is advisable even if the thickness is compromised.

The critical fact here is the right package translates to minimized costs.

  • The Credibility of the Company

When looking for plant blister packs for the packaging of your plants check at the credibility of the manufacturer else you will get counterfeit packaging.

One of the registered and certified companies is Elsepack that matches your taste and preferences of plant blister packs.

Elsepack has made packages for thousands of horticultural companies which translates to experience in the art of packaging.

The feedback receives from its clients helps it to come with many improvements in designs to meet preferred configurations.

Besides, Elsepack is very responsive and communicates details of your preferred package.

This saves on time and aids in avoiding errors which may prove costly.

  • The type of plant blister packs

Based on different kinds of plants, you need the exact types of plant blister packs.

At Elsepack, you can get the right one that has been customized to cater to your needs effectively.

Some of the types we offer include:

You can use all these as carrying packs, mail order packs, seed growing kits, plug plant trays, for packaging bulbs, water plant, and decide how many plants in a plant blister pack.

But how exactly do Elsepack plant blister packs work?

Chapter 4: How Elsepack Plant Blister Packs Works

The plant blister pack is a space created that your specified plant fits in when being packaged.

The plant blister packs have vent holes for the plant to breathe while in the package. It works for various plants as seen below.

For plug plants, clamshell packages are the best option. At the base of the stem, there is an extension that directly fits into the cultured soil and prevents spoil scattering.

Clamshell packages are also used when shipping potted plants. They have an oblique angle at the potting bayonet so that you can set the pot easily.

A piece of non-woven fabric or moist paper towel is put on the pot to prevent scattering of the soil.

Thermoformed trays are another excellent option for packaging where you plug the plants directly inside the plates.

The tray has impressions befitting your plants’ configuration making it a convenient packaging mode.

For a kit set or a carry pack, trifold packaging is an excellent option as it is easy to carry. It also provides some level of stability to the plant.

Chapter 5: Difference between Elsepack Plant Blister Packs and other Methods of Packaging

Other options are foam, bubble column, and cardboard packaging.

With these many options, why are the plant blister packs the best option?

A view into each packaging is going to give us an idea of why they are not the best pick compared to the plant blister packs.

  • Foam Packaging

Foam packaging is a good packaging mode for many goods as it acts as a good shock absorber apart from working as a right stabilizer.

However, it can’t be a good plant packaging as it is made from polymers, which can hinder plants from breathing.

Also, the foam is an insulator,  is not suitable for transportation, especially in hot conditions.

This is because it conserves a lot of heat that may make the plant transpire to death through loss of water.

The foam is also not environmentally friendly as it is non-biodegradable. The mold cost is even higher, and it takes much volume pushing up freight costs.

You also cannot see the entire plant as some parts are concealed.

  • Bubble Column Packaging

Bubble packaging consists of packaging made of plastic with an air-filled column.

This is one good packaging material courtesy of its shock-absorbing properties, and it has breathing vents for the plants.

Apart from being relatively cheap, it is excellent for big potted plants.

The downside, however, is that you need special packaging equipment that fills the air columns with air.

It also consumes a lot of volumes and can increase hauling costs.

The scope of use of this type of packaging is also limited and is not suitable for seedlings or potted plants as the contents may spill or get scattered.

  • Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard packaging is another option to plant packaging.

They are good for the aeration of the plants and are also affordable.

The downside, however, is that they are not waterproof and contact with water can affect their shape causing them to disintegrate.

As a means of packaging, they can provide problems when it comes to adherence to the configuration of the plant shape and size.

This may cause your plants to bend and consequentially break.

You also require taping the package which takes a lot of time and tape. If the tape is substandard, it may loosen, and the contents may be interfering.

Its view is not that aesthetically pleasing, and some parts may be concealed making it not suitable for display purposes.

In the past two years, the price of cardboard raw materials has fluctuated. So you need to consider the overall cost.

This is contrary to the ease at which Elsepack plant blister packs are configured and customized to your plant size.

Its application range is also suitable for only short distances in transportation, but for Elsepack, it is excellent for even overseas.

  • Plastic Box Packing

The plastic box plant blister packs are useful especially in cases where you do not have the right plant dimensions with you.

The plastic box, owing to its volume and dimensions can take plants of different shapes and limited sizes. Elsepack can help you out with that.

They can also take multiple plants at once hence saving a little fortune on the cost of purchasing these plant blister packs.

Having known why many people prefer plant blister packs, primarily made from Elsepack, you should see the difference between them and thermoform.

Chapter 6: Various Plants That Can Be Pack In Plant Blister Packs

There are a variety of plants that you can package in the plant blister packs.

The plants need to be in good health and fresh from the soil for it about to be put in the plant blister packs.

This is to ensure that only the best plants are packed for transportation.

Plants of the herb variety such as onions, tomatoes, and coriander can be put in such packs.

They, however, need to be young and freshly dug out of the soil for them to remain in good condition.

You can pack seedlings such as those for trees and shrubs, vegetable propagation parts such as vines and stems.

Elsepack plant blister packs have ample ventilation for the plants to breathe in as well as are transparent to provide some light for the plants’ nutrition needs.

It means that even leafy plants can be set up in these packages.

Kales and spinaches with their roots intact can be packaged in Elsepack’s plant blister packs. Flowers too can be put in such a package.

Chapter 7: Tips To Remember When Placing Your Plants In Plant Blister Packs

There are specific tips that you need to be conversant with to ensure the proper packaging and transportation procedure of your plants.

Some of the tips you need to have a keen eye on are as follows.

  • Package Only Healthy Plants

It is advisable that when selecting plants to package you go for the healthy ones fresh from the garden or seedbed.

Healthy plants have a higher chance of making the journey to their respective destinations.

You also need to ensure that they are watered to provide them with sufficient moisture for their sustenance.

However, some hardy plants do not require watering especially those from the desert. If need be, include some soil for anchorage purposes for the plant.

  • Ensure That The Packages Are A Proper Fit

One major thing that you need to ensure is that the plant blister packs meet the plants’ configuration in size and shape.

That is to help the plant maintain the right shape and to arrive at the destination in the right way.

Having a rough estimate in shape and size is helpful in this instance for you to get a perfect pick.

With the right pick, you may prevent instances of constriction of the plant’s stalk.

If constricted for long periods the plant may wither beating the purpose of the blister plant packs.

  • For Packaging At Home, Ensure The Packages Are Clean And Disinfected

When you are packaging your plants domestically, ensure that the plant blister packs that are well disinfected.

It is vital for the health of the plant and also others that might be infected on contact.

It takes us to the first tip where you need to ensure that the plants are healthy. It prevents counter infection that may lower the yield of your garden produce.

In a business setting, this might prove to be dangerous as you may lose potential clients.

That’s why Elsepack plant blister packs are designed in a way they are clean always for our customers.

  • Ensure Proper Ventilation

Plants are living things. Hence they need enough air for their survival.

In this case, you need to ensure that the plant blister packs you have chosen to pack your plant have enough ventilation as well as access to light.

Some of the best plant blister packs are from Elsepack.

But why should you choose Elsepack plant blister packs? Let’s have a look at that.

Chapter 8: Why Choose Elsepack Plant Blister Packs

Elsepack is a large company located in China that specializes in packaging material. The most notable in this case is the plant blister packs.

The plant blister packs are great packaging for plants that ensure the plants are correctly fit for transportation or showcase in the shop.

So why pick Elsepack packs and not others?

The reasons below are why you should make Elsepack your horticultural partner.

  • Reliability and Credibility

Having in the market for years they are a registered and licensed manufacturer of plant blister packs across China.

It is due to its exceptional management and a high level of technology.

The attention Elsepack gives to our clients and customers has made them a reliable brand of many.

  • Large Variance Of Package Types

Elsepack has many different plant blister packs from clamshell to thermoformed packages that meet your preference.

It gives you a large pool of choices for you to pick.

  • High-Quality Packages

The plant blister packs from this company are also of good quality and protect your plants perfectly during their movement.

These plant blister packs such as the clamshell packages can be reused owing to their strength and durability.

  • Affordable Orders

The orders from Elsepack are cheap and affordable.

The minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces which come at a very affordable price tag.

  • Additional Services

The company also has other services that enhance client relations.

For example, they can design your logo and attach it to your plant blister packs within a short time of approximately 24 hours to complete.

  • Detailed Customization

If you want the plant blister packs to be customized in a certain way, then Elsepack is going to heed and provide you with the best end product.

All you need is to provide the details of the shapes that you want, and it is acted upon promptly.


Packaging for your plants is very vital as it ensures that your plants reach their intended destination in perfect shape.

Elsepack manufactures a vast array of packaging for plants that come in different designs to meet your expectations.

Additionally, Elsepack is a credible company that strives to ensure to meet all your packaging needs.

For thermoformed trays, plant blister packs, clamshell packs among many others, Elsepack is the right company to consult.

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