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Elsepack Plant Packaging

Elsepack is a professional plant packaging supplier for over 10 years. Our design team provides custom plant blister packs for posting 24/7 support.

Elsepack range of mail order plant packaging is manufactured with low MOQ: 1000pieces.

Elsepack offers free design within 24 hours when we get your initial idea. Various plastic plug plant trays for posting is manufactured from stock tool, no tooling cost to support your business.

Elsepack Custom Plant Packaging Manufacturer

Elsepack is an expert for plastic plant packaging. We provide plant packaging for thousands of domestic mail order plant suppliers since 2000.

Elsepack knows better than anyone that the design of plant packaging must be with various sizes and shapes. The result mail order plant packaging gives different live plant maximum protection, ventilation, and appealing visibility.

Why Elsepack Plant Packaging
Is Trusted

  • Every sale love and treat plants like baby
  • Detail customization base on your plant needs
  • Short lead time from 7 to 20 days

Elsepack: Your Professional Elsepack Plant Packaging Supplier

Types and Material of Elsepack plant packaging

Elsepack plant packaging is manufactured with types of the plant blister pack, plug plant trays, seed starting trays, plant water catcher, plant pot trays.

All Elsepack plant packaging is made of 100% recycled PET, which is clear enough to show your plant to the best effect. After use, your customer can make empty blister packs further recycle.

Our QC team did 100% inspection to make sure all thickness it’s correct and has strong support to protect your fragile plant during transport.

Application of Elsepack plant packaging

To meet your business model, Elsepack plant packaging is divided into mail order plant packaging, clamshell plant packaging for the shop, packaging for sending plants through the post, and plant trays for the gardening base.

plant plastic packaging


Among them, Elsepack plastic plant trays have many kinds, such as plastic plant starter trays, greenhouse trays, germination tray that’s also called propagation tray, etc. Elsepack stocks plant trays with many different sizes. You can order any time -zero tooling.

Design of Else plant packaging

Elsepack manufactures millions of plant packaging per year and visits thousands of plant suppliers in the UK and many other countries during for decades now. Our designer team knows which type of plant packaging is super fit for your plant.

Elsepack mail order plant packaging is always designed with easy locking feature; even you can assemble it with gloves. Rocket speed of packing to help you save 50% labour cost.

plant clamshell packaging

Elsepack can freely emboss your company logo on the plant blister packs or plant starter kit to enhance your brand.

We can also supply colourful corrugated outer sleeves or cardboard combined with plug plant clamshell packs. This plant packaging solution ensures maximum protection and appealing appearance to please your customer.

Elsepack plant packaging is a breathing clamshell pack. You can find much ventilation around the mail-order packaging to keep the young plant pretty for the best start in life.

plant blister pack

As the market leader for plant packaging manufacturer in China, Elsepack supplies you with the highest quality mail order plant packaging at the most competitive price.

Item NamePlant Packaging
MOQ500pieces/In stock
Plug/Cell sizeCustomizable
Foliage HeightCustomizable
Sample ChargeFree/Various types are in stock
Production Time 1-15 days
Payment Term T/T ,L/C, etc.

Plant Packaging Enclosures: The Helpful Guide for Importers

If you happen to be in the horticultural or floricultural business, you definitely find the need for transporting your produce to various clients who have made an order.

To ensure that the plants you reach their destination in pristine shape, then you need proper plant packaging mode.

By the end of this article, you will be in a position to make the right choice when it comes to plant packaging. Here is an overview.

Chapter 1: What Is Plant Packaging?

Plant packaging comes through to help you out in situations when you need to transport your plants safely.

Plant packaging is the various ways in which you package your plants for them to make it to the other party in splendid condition.

The packages come in various sizes, shapes, use and even materials so as to match your respective needs in plant transportation or display.

1.1 Different Plant Packaging

As earlier indicated, plant packaging comes in various forms so as to match your immediate needs when packaging.

At Elsepack, for example, the plant packaging is mostly categorized depending on the intended use of the packages.

Among the different types of packages that Elsepack plant packaging has to offer you include the following.

  • Mail Order Plant Packaging

This type of plant packaging is suitable for you, especially if you are on the online side of carrying out your business.

The mail-order plant packaging is recommendable as it ensures that your fragile plants reach in one piece.

It is also good as it results in no spillages more so of the soil matter if the plants are potted.

The mail order plant packaging also comes in various designs to meet plant needs in shape and size for proper accommodation while in transit.

Talking of potted plants, the mail order plant packaging can accommodate various plant pot designs.

This includes squared pots, circular pots and many more.

The plant packaging also comes to your rescue in instances where you are delivering more than one potted plant.

In such you have single, double and triple pot plants, or plug plant when you have multiple deliveries to the same destination.

mail order plant packaging

The ridge on these plant packaging ensures protection to the leaves while on transit.

And such packaging comes with” small ear “design on the package for quick opening and closing, improving packaging efficiency

  • Plant Blister Packs

The Plant Blister Packs are another great plant packaging mode that you can pick for the delivery of your plants.

This plant packaging type comes in the form of a blister pack that accommodates your plant.

The blister has sufficient air holes for aeration purposes and takes the shape of the plant.

To make sure that the plant is secure in the package and also takes definite shape.

This prevents the plant from bending or breaking, which may interfere with its integrity.

The plant being transported ensures that its contents, such as soil in potted plants never spill out or cause a mess.

This makes the plant blister packaging one of the most secure plant packaging that you have at your disposal.

  • Clear Plant Saucers

The clear plant saucer is packaged for your indoor plants. A kind of thermoformed tray.

They are not necessarily meant for the transportation of your plant rater they serve as coasters for your plants that are situated in the house.

They come in a variety of colors according to your pick same as different shapes and sizes.

clear plant saucers

They are made of recyclable plastic that makes them a good pick if you are the environment-savvy type.

The plastic that the plant saucers are crafted from are very durable and are going to serve you for long without prompting a replacement.

The hardy stature is also great when it comes to supporting plants in huge pots as it will not break due to pressure.

All these clear plant saucers are waterproof.

This means they are not going to let water spill onto your floor creating a mess.

clear plant saucers

Other plant packaging includes the propagation dome for seeds and cutting starts and also the seed starter kit for growing seedlings.

With this large variance of plant packaging, you cannot miss any package to suit your needs.

1.2 Plant Packaging In Different Material

There are different materials in which you can package your plants apart from plastic that is mostly used.

Some of the different plant packaging materials are as follows:

  • Cardboard Packaging

Just as its name indicates, this packaging utilizes cardboard as its material.

It is good for plant packaging as it allows for some and it is also suitable for bulk deliveries.

Its downside is on the display as it is totally enclosed.

It is also not suitable for plants with moisture as it can get damaged and spill out the contents.

  • Foam Packaging

Foam plant packaging is crafted out of a hard polymer that is good as a shock absorber.

It is good for delicate deliveries but is not suitable for plats as it can lead to suffocation or heating of the plants.

This can lead to dehydration of the plant, the end result being delivery of a dying plant which is not good for business.

plant foam packaging



  • Bubble Column Packaging

Bubble column plant packaging can be seen as one of the most secure packages for your plant. They have an air-filled column that serves to cushion your plants while on transit.

The downside is the expenses involved in their production, which is way too much. The labor involved is also overboard and most of it is consumed in filling the air columns.

Chapter 2: Plant Packaging Design

One of the key areas that you need to focus on when it comes to plant packaging is the design of the package.

The design that you pick should accommodate your plants perfect without any interference to any of its structures.

Your design should also be a representation of your business and act as a branding tool.

Elsepack takes care of this and can emboss your logo on your selected packages.

When it comes to design, many aspects of the plant are put to test.

Among the aspects that you need to very keen on in the design when placing your order are as follows.

  • Plant size in height.
  • The foliage of the plant.
  • The size and shape of the pot in the case of potted plants.
  • The number of plants to be accommodated in a single package.

The design may also incorporate some features for an aesthetic appeal such as patterns and color schemes.

One thing that is not to be overlooked in the design is the locking mechanism for the security of your plants.

You need to opt for an effective locking mechanism that keeps all the contents intact inside the plant packaging with minimal or no risk of spillage.


Finally, you need to ensure that the design of the package also factors in ventilation.

This allows your plants to breathe well while being delivered for a fresh delivery.

 Chapter 3: Benefits Of Plant Packaging

Plant packaging comes with a lot of benefits that cannot just be ignored.

Here are some of the many benefits of having an efficient plant packaging.

3.1 For The Secure Transportation Of The Plants

One of the situations where a plant packaging comes in handy is in the secure transportation of your plants.

The plant packaging will secure the plants in place and ensure that all the contents of the package are in good shape.

3.2 For Display Purposes

When it comes to displaying, plant packaging really plays its role perfectly.

When placed in a neat and clear package, it does more justice for your plant and sorts of markets it.

If you have a store you can place the plants in  Elsepack plant blister pack.

This will give it a display where clients can appreciate the beauty of the plant without necessarily touching it.

Plants in Color cardboard package which with window, can be a gift box. Customers easily take it away

3.3 Ensuring The Integrity Of Your Plants While In Transit

The transportation of plants can be so hectic more so if you factor in the various environmental factors such as heat.

With great plant packaging, you are sure to beat these factors to ensure that your plant reaches its destination safe and sound.

The plant packaging is designed in such a way they allow for the aeration of the plant as well as conserve some moisture too.

It also ensures that if potted, the soil is in one piece and no soil is coming out, hence your plant delivery will be as expected in condition.

3.4 Improves Your Brand Image

The plant packaging that you select is a reflection of your business.

With the right plant packaging, a message of seriousness, when it comes to business, is passed and it does justice to your overall brand image.

Elsepack plant packaging also imprints your logo on the packages, making your brand stand out.

mail order plant packaging

3.5 Portability

The plant packaging also makes it easier for the plants to be carried around easily without too much strain.

The plant packaging is designed in such a way that you can carry it comfortably.

When compared to carrying a plant without a package, this is definitely a perk that you should not miss out on.

3.6 Protection Of The Carrier

The plant packaging also ensures protection to the person carrying the plants.

This is evident especially when you are dealing with plants that have spines such as cacti as the spines may prick you causing some injuries.

Chapter 4: Plant Packaging For Mail Order

4.1What is Mail Order Plant Packaging?

Plant packaging for mail order as earlier indicated is the different packaging modes that you employ when mailing plant deliveries.

For the mail order, the plant packaging needs to be effective so that the plant reaches its destination in good condition as wanted by the client.

There are many plant packaging types that can be used for mail orders that you can opt for.

The mail order plant packaging comes in different sizes and shapes to accommodate both your plant and its foliage and also its pot if it is a potted plant.

Some of the different plant packaging modes for your plants are as seen below.

4.2Mail Order Plant Packaging Types

4.2.1 Plant Blister Packs 

You have already seen the plant blister packs and how efficient it is when it comes to transportation.

Its effectiveness is seen when ensuring the security of the plants as the contents cannot spill out.

For mail order, this is a good option as the client can assess the plant from inside the package and ascertain that it is in great condition.

The blister plant packaging ensures that the plant integrity is intact with the plants’ foliage and roots in a stable condition.

The Elsepack blister plant packs still remain the best when it comes to mail order.

The air holes in these packages ensure that ample ventilation is provided for the plants to breathe freely while on transit.

4.2.2Plant Packaging Boxes

Also known as mail order boxes, these are cardboard boxes that come in handy when you are mailing in bulk or mailing larger plants.

The mail order boxes are designed in such a way that allows for ample ventilation.

Its interior may be partitioned into smaller compartments that other plants can fit in perfectly with minimum risk of any disturbance.

For potted plants, there can be modifications on the box to accommodate the pot so as to hold it firmly and prevent spilling of contents.

4.3  What Kind Of Plants Are Picked To Various Plants?

The Elsepack plant blister packs can accommodate a given number of certain plants in one package comfortably.

The carrying capacity of the blister plant packaging is as shown below:

  • For plugged plants, it can reach up to 72 plants in a blister pack.
  • For potted plants, it can accommodate many plants for round pots and square pots respectively.
  • For flower bulbs, it can take up to 3 bulbs at a go.

This is packaged in accordance with the category. In accordance with specialty, the following are its various carrying capacity.

  • For cacti or succulents, it takes up one item same as for amaryllis and retainers grew plants.
  • It takes 3 items from the water plant specialty.
  • When it comes to sweet peas and potted flower bulbs, it can take 2 items.

4.4  How We Pack

So as to ensure that the plants reach their intended destination in one piece, there is a way in which you are supposed to pack the plants.

Among the things you need to ensure when doing plant, packagings are as seen below.

  • Water The Plants Before Packaging

Plants need sufficient moisture for them to be able to survive the transit journey.

This ensures that they do not dry out and wither due to the environmental conditions in the transit chambers.

For this reason, it is advisable that you water the plants before packaging them to ensure that they reach their destination fresh.

  • Ensure The Soil Is Firm

You also need to ensure that the soil, in case of potted plants, is firm with minimal risk of spilling out.

Also, ensure that the soil does not spill out as it may interfere with the presentation of your plant to the client who may see it as messy.

  • Protect The Leaves

For leafy plants, the first thing that a client notices are the leaves.

In this case, you need to ensure that the leaves are in pristine condition, evergreen and protected.

Apart from watering the plants, ensure that the leaves fit into the package perfectly without being bent or broken.

  • Use A Plastic Bag And Cotton On The Pot

You can also use cotton with some water placed on the soil in the pot of the plant.

Then cover it with a plastic bag so as to conserve moisture when transiting the plants.

You can also pack the plant blister packs into the mail order boxes’ compartments.

This is way cheaper and saves on space and subsequently costs.

4.5 Benefits Of Plant Packaging For Shipping

Some of the benefits  of plant packaging for shipping are as follows:

  • Security of the plant during transit and ensuring that they are fresh when they reach their destination.
  • Gives the plants ample time to grow and mature as they are transported. This is observable in seedlings.
  • The packages also preserve the integrity of the plants in their structure and ensure everything is in the right shape.

Chapter 5: Plant Packaging For Flower Shop

5.1  Flower Packaging

The plant packaging can also be used to package flowers and do their best while at it.

Apart from transportation needs, the plant packaging is also used for display purposes at the shop where clients can check them out with minimal disturbance to the plants caused.

Some of the plant packaging that is used in the flower shop are as follows:

5.2 Carry Packs for Pot Plants

Carry packs are good for your display purposes owing to the transparent package that encloses them.

The plant packaging as earlier indicated minimizes the disturbance of the plant by touching from curious clients.

The clients can, however, appreciate from the carry pack as they can see the plant clearly.

This plant packaging is also great for plants with spines such as cacti and it goes a long way in preventing accidental pricks ad injuries to clients appreciating the plants.

Elsepack plant blister packs are a great example that is used by many people.

5.3 Succulent Packaging

Succulent plant packaging takes the form of a cardboard box, clear plastic box packaging, thermoformed trays and resembles the mail order boxes.

They are suitable for succulent plants with thick leaves that store water.

The succulent plant packaging comes in various designs with some having instructions for them on how to take care of the plant.

The inside compartments have enough space to accommodate the pot of the plant as well as its leaves.

These are a good plant packaging option that moves various succulent plants, which like flowers, are for aesthetic appeal.

5.4 Seed Growing Kits

There are packages that are designed for the main purpose of aiding the growth of seeds.

A good example is Elsepack’s seed starter kit.

The seed growing kits provide a great environment for your seeds to grow and it is made of durable material that can be reused.

They incorporate the germination dome, cell insert and the base tray in guaranteeing you a 100% germination rate of your growing seeds.

The kits can accommodate a large number of seedlings from 32, 50,72,128 and even 200 making it suitable for a large scale venture.

Chapter 6: Dos And Don’ts In Plant Packaging

There are many things that you need to ensure are right before plant packaging so as to ensure that they are in perfect condition.

Some of the dos and Don’ts when it comes to plant packaging are seen as follows.

6.1 Do’s

  • Get the right fit in the plant packaging
  • Water your plant before packaging.
  • Ensure that the soil is firm.
  • Make sure that there is proper ventilation.

6.1 Dont’s

  • Do not squeeze the plants to fit into an ill-fitting plant packaging
  • Do not package sickly plants.


In conclusion, plant packaging is very important when you are in the horticulture business.

The plant packaging, apart from ensuring that the plant reaches its recipient in one piece also helps in making your brand visible.

Furthermore, the right plant packaging can make the mail order packing effective to save your labor cost.

There are many different package types that you can use for plant packaging depending on the material like Elsepack plant blister pack.

You need to opt the right pick befitting your taste and immediate needs for the best experience.

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