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Plastic Catering Trays

  • Great for Displaying Desserts, Cut Fruit
  • Low MOQ, Custom Made Design with Your Brand Logo
  • A Wide Variety of Sizes, Colors, and Materials to Choose From

Elsepack: Your Professional Plastic Catering Trays Manufacturer


Elsepack’s Plastic Catering Trays are the best way to grow your sales’ profit margin.

With our plastic catering trays, bakery items, meat, foods, and produce can be shown off of your store in a bright and colorful package that doesn’t detract from the quality of the product.

Our wide choices of plastic catering trays cover a vast range of applications. Typically, our Plastic Catering Trays are useful tools in concession snacks and cafeteria services.

It is also perfect for cut fruit choices from supermarkets and plastic catering trays for cheese and deli meats.

plastic catering trays for cut fruit

Plastic catering tray from Elsepack is also great for displaying desserts, cheese or hors d’oeuvres for catered or party meals.

A plastic transparent dome lid is also provided by Elsepack for our Plastic catering tray to help your product away from contamination and maintain its freshness.

Plastic catering trays manufactured by Elsepack are specifically designed for a more efficient catering process. It’s different from our other thermoformed trays.

These plastic catering trays provide shattering resistance, are lightweight, quick, and easy to clean. Our Plastic catering tray is essential in a bakery, café, deli, grocery store, catering process, and more.

Elsepack specially engineered Plastic catering tray for processing, delivery or transporting, and serving foods.

In addition, our Plastic catering tray features a professional and sleek appearance making it perfect to be set on a buffet table.

plastic catering tray with compartment

Our vast array of Plastic catering trays includes a different range of capacities and shapes to accommodate low or high-volume applications and needs.

Elsepack’s Plastic catering trays are available in extra-large, large, and small sizes. The Clear, black, and white colors of the plastic catering tray are also available in Elsepack.

clear plastic catering trays

Choose from our round traditional look Plastic catering tray or rectangular and square Plastic catering tray which possesses a modern look.

With our plastic catering tray, you can have a Plastic catering tray an eco-friendly and environmentally safe.

Elsepack’s classy collection of Plastic catering trays is perfect for any setting. It’s smart, it’s subtle and it gives an excellent quality standard for a catering service.

Our plastic catering trays are durable and can withstand heavyweight dishes. Along with its durability, it also has a definitive design and quality construction.

Most of our Plastic catering trays are created with materials such as PS, PP, RPET, and PET.

plastic catering trays material

These raw materials are all subjected to certifications especially FDA and EN71. This is to ensure that our Plastic catering tray is according to safety standards of food handling.

Whether you want to purchase plastic catering trays for your retail shop or catering business, Elsepack is a reliable partner and manufacturer for over 10 years.

Moreover, we can provide you with plastic catering trays with a free embossed logo to improve your brand and support your business.

plastic catering tray design drawing

Other than that, a low MOQ of Plastic catering tray is also offered by Elsepack to support your market testing.

Our sales team is online 24/7 to support you. So, if you need more details and information about our Plastic catering tray, don’t hesitate to contact us, as soon as possible.