• plastic cookie tray
  • plastic cookie tray
  • plastic cookie tray

Plastic Cookie Tray

  • Crystal clear, lids available
  • Produced from food-grade certificated materials
  • Quality design, are both crack and leak resistant
  • Dust-Free workshop to produce all trays
  • RoHS certificated material

Elsepack is proud to manufacture top quality plastic cookie trays and platters for your bakery packaging needs.

For our bakery customers, Elsepack knows clearly how important the presentation and the protection of plastic cookie trays should own during shipping.

Furthermore, Elsepack also knows that eye-catching presentation is a critical element in creating custom plastic cookie tray. We must promise you such kind of baking trays standout in bakery aisles.

Therefore, our talented design team always considers various factors to make sure our plastic cookie tray is strong and appealing.

Plastic Cookie Tray Design

Clever design against shocking and stacking

You will find Elsepack plastic cookie trays that come with a special design to protect your cookies. One kind of our plastic cookie tray could provide two or three extending compartments in rows, which are effective support ribs for contacting cookies at spaced points.

As a result, this clever design can space the cookies and resiliently cushion the cookies against shocking and stacking loads. Plus, the plastic cookie trays are usually in a transparent flexible wrap, it’s convenient for your consumer to view if the cookie is ok or not.

Food-grade Materials

Elsepack plastic cookie trays are made of FDA approved materials, its food grade certified and recyclable.

Elsepack offers wide selections of colors: transparent, black, pink, white, gold or any other color. We will design colored plastic cookie trays based on your detailed requirement; it’s more like decorative serving trays.

You can choose plastic cookie trays from different shapes, sizes, and colors to coordinate with your baking application.

plastic cookie tray

Elsepack can supply extra-large plastic trays, round trays with lids, biscuit thermoformed trays are in stock as well.

Choosing from our plastic cookie tray in stock, your tooling cost is free.

About our in-house pattern and types, it’s low MOQ: 1000pcs to support your wholesale. Please don’t miss our plastic cookie tray that is ideal for your displaying and shipping cookies.

Meet high-quality standards plastic cookie tray, cost-effective design, fast delivery time with Elsepack brand.


Item NamePlastic Cookie Tray
FeaturedAny in-house pattern and mould design
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time 7-15 days
Payment Term T/T ,L/C, etc.

Plastic Cookie Tray: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is a Plastic Cookie Tray?

Plastic Cookie tray-1

Plastic cookie tray is a type of plastic food packaging used for bakery packaging applications.

They are used to pack cookies, biscuits, and other baked goods for shipping and display purposes. You will often find them in bakery stores, supermarkets, fast food joints, and other retail points.

The primary role of these trays is to keep products safe and protected during transportation while giving then an irresistible shelf appeal.

2. Why use Plastic Cookie Trays?

There are a few reasons.

First, you should use plastic cookie trays if you intend to protect and preserve your product during transportation and handling.

Second, plastic cookie trays will help increase your product’s visual appeal.

Third, you can save big by using plastic cookie trays because they are generally inexpensive, and can also be reused.

Fourth, you’ll be supporting the ecosystem by using plastic cookie trays. This is because these trays are primarily made of recyclable plastic materials that you recycle into other items.

And last but not least, plastic cookie trays can help advance your sales. As mentioned above, plastic cookie trays can improve a product’s visual appeal thus drawing customers to it.

Besides, the trays are often wrapped in transparent flexible wraps, which allows customers to check that the cookies are okay before purchasing. This increases customer confidence in your products and brand.

3. Are Plastic Cookie Trays FDA Approved?

Yes, generally all food packaging material is regulated by the FDA.

You’ll be surprised to know that the law and FDA’s implementing regulations establish a comprehensive science-based regulatory program that employs expert scientists who evaluate the use of packaging materials.

In fact, the regulatory body has an entire office assigned to this task.

The office, The Division of Food Contact Notifications, employs a team of chemists, toxicologists and other experts whose sole mandate is to evaluate and ensure the safety and environmental impact of chemicals used to produce food packaging.

4. How are Plastic Cookie Trays different from other Plastic Packaging Solutions?

As you know, packaging must protect and preserve its contents to be fit for purpose.

Plastic cookie trays perform this function better than other plastic packaging solutions. They ensure products are safe from damage and contaminations both during handling and at retail points.

plastic cookie tray

5. Are Plastic Cookie Trays Reusable?

Yes, plastic cookie trays can be used again and again.

6. Are Plastic Cookie Trays Tamper-resistant?

Yes, they’re.

7. What Design Options can you Recommend for Plastic Cookie Trays?

For plastic cookie trays, you can consider several design features to suit your baking application.

You can choose trays from different shapes and sizes and to suit your baking application.

Also, you can include other features such as extra ribs on trays for maximum product protection and to enhance visual appeal.

For advertising and marketing purposes, you can have your brand logo printed on the tray. You can also include other brand information to create more awareness about your product and brand to customers.

Your trays can also be made with lids for more assured product protection and preservation of products.

Further, decorative patterns and colors can also be part of your plastic cookie tray design.

There are so many design options to consider when it comes to plastic cookie trays. You just need to determine your bakery packaging requirements and opt for features that suit your project and make your products stand out.

Work with an expert designer and engineer to find the best possible design solutions for your bakery packaging needs.

8. How can you Ensure the Quality of Plastic Cookie Trays?

Several factors determine the quality of plastic cookie trays. These include the material used, manufacturing, and quality control processes.

You need to ensure that you choose the best quality material that is suitable for the project. Consider durability, safety, and rigidity when selecting a plastic cookie tray material.

Also, choose the right manufacturer for your plastic cookie tray needs.  A reliable and professional manufacturer with a proven track record will be able to produce trays in the quality that you desire.

Don’t just pick a manufacturer based on how cheap they are but based on merit.

Consider reputation, experience, machinery, and product knowledge when contracting a plastic cookie tray manufacturer.

Last but not least, you’ll need to do your due diligence.

When crafting a custom cookie tray design idea, take into account all possible product and application properties. This includes size, shape, and thickness, as well as whether the packaging will be used for shipping or display purposes or both.

Apart from the design, ensure that your manufacturer follows all due quality control processes to ensure the quality of the final output.

Insist on a pre-production inspection, in-process inspection, and product inspection once production is complete.

Let the manufacturer conduct all the necessary tests to ascertain the quality, safety and general suitability of the trays for your product and market.

9. What Plastic does Elsepack use to make Plastic Cookie Trays?

Elsepack uses a range of plastics to manufacture plastic cookie trays. These include PVC, PET, RPET, and PP.

All of these materials are food grade and certified by the US food and drugs association to ensure their safety. They are also recyclable materials that you can recover and recycle into several other items.

thermofromed packaging material

Based on your project requirements, you can choose any of the above materials, and Elsepack will produce trays in any color of your choosing.

We offer plastic cookie trays in a range of custom color options. You can opt for clear and transparent trays or colored ones that could be black, white, gold, green, etc.

10. Does Elsepack Offer Custom Plastic Cookie Tray Solutions?

Of course.

Elsepack’s team of designers and engineers are ready to take care of your custom plastic cookie tray solutions.

All you need to do is convey your idea and specific requirements to us, and let our team handle the rest.

We offer quick and affordable design services, rapid prototyping, and have in-house tooling to cater for custom manufacturing.

So when you need a custom plastic cookie tray solution, trust Elsepack to handle it-from concept and design to manufacturing and fulfillment.

11. Does Elsepack offer Plastic Cookie Trays with Lids?

Yes, Elsepack can provide you with high-quality cookie trays with accompanying lids.

Plastic cookie trays with lids

You just need to include this in your design idea/ order request.

12. How are Plastic Cookie Trays Made?

Plastic cookie trays are made of plastic material through a process known as thermoforming.

In this process, a plastic sheet/film is rolled onto a thermoforming machine where it is heated under controlled temperatures and pressure.

The heating is done to make the plastic malleable for forming. Once it is done, the now pliable plastic moves to the forming stage. Here, the plastic is pressed over design molds to create a string of plastic cookie trays.

It is this string that is conveyed to a section of the machine where the trays are cut off, cooled, and ejected.

Once the process is complete, the trays are tested for strength, rigidity, wall thickness, etc. They are also checked for defects and made ready for packaging after confirmation that everything is in order.

Thermoforming plastic cookie tray

13. Can Elsepack help Design a Bespoke Plastic Cookie Tray for my Project?

Yes, Elsepack understands the importance of an eye-presentation in bakery applications. As such, we employ an in-house team of expert designers that work round the clock to create cookie tray designs that stand out.

Our design team will take your idea and turn it into the perfect plastic cookie tray that is strong and appealing.

We will take into account all possible attributes to come up with a design that meets your unique project requirements.

14. Do Elsepack offer Free Plastic Cookie Tray Samples?

Yes, Elsepack offers a quality and safety guarantee for all our plastic cookie tray solutions.

However, we don’t want you to just take our word for it; that is why we provide free samples upon request so our customers can see for themselves what it is that we offer

15. Will Elsepack Print a Custom Logo on Plastic Cookie Trays?

Yes, Elsepack can produce custom embossed plastic cookie trays at no tooling cost. We can design an embossed logo for your plastic cookie trays.

Also, our designers can include colorful labels to create an all-star shelf appeal for your trays.

16. How Long will it Take to Receive Plastic Cookie Trays from Elsepack?

Delivery of Elsepack plastic cookie trays depends on your order volume, destination, and design complexity.

We can deliver stock orders within 7 days, while custom orders may take up to 15 days to deliver as the process is a bit long.

Designs can be done within 24 hours of receiving your initial idea, and we can make prototypes for the same within 3 days.

For more information on this, please contact our offices anytime.

17. What is Elsepack’s MOQ for Plastic Cookie Trays?

Elsepack offers a low MOQ of 1000 pieces for plastic cookie trays.

You can choose your packaging from our range of stock options at zero tooling cost, or request for custom packaging.

18. What other Plastic Food Packaging Options do Elsepack Offer?

Elsepack designs and manufactures a range of high-quality plastic food packaging to your unique project requirements.

Food trays

Our line of plastic food packaging includes;

19. How does Elsepack ensure the Safety of Materials Used to Make Plastic Cookie Trays?

To ensure that our plastic cookie trays are safe for their intended use, Elsepack uses only food-grade certificated materials for production.

Also, all our plastic cookie trays are manufactured in a dust-free workshop guaranteeing you quality and safe trays for your packaging needs.

For further safety and quality assurance, Elsepack employs certified inspectors that work round the clock to ensure quality procurement and handling of raw materials.

Our inspectors also oversee all production processes and tests every batch of cookie trays produced.

20. What Payment Methods does Elsepack Accept for Plastic Cookie Trays?

For our plastic cookie trays, we take secure payment over PayPal, T/T, letter of credit debit and credit card, etc.

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