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Your Best Custom Produce Clamshell Packaging Manufacturer in China

  • Various produce clamshell and container packaging solutions to your produce industry.
  • Variety of food-grade materials which are certificated and 100% inspection by Elsepack QC team.
  • Novel and ventilation design not only enhance the look of your produce, but allowing  cooling capabilities.
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Produce Clamshell Packaging Boom Your Business

thermoforming designer
Produce Clamshell Packaging Design

At Elsepack, in-house designers communicate directly with you one-on-one, provide 2D/3D files of custom clamshell packaging freely.

thermoforming packaging mold
Produce Clamshell Packaging Tooling

Elsepack In-house tooling make your custom clamshell packaging project cost-effective and time saving. All molds are lifetime warranty.

thermoforming material
Produce Clamshell Packaging Materials

Elsepack provide RoHS ,SGS certificated and food-grade materials. Various options of materials to meet your produce industry.

dust free thermoforming manufacturer
Produce Clamshell Packaging Manufacturing

Elsepack use high-speed inline thermoformers and 24×5 operational schedule to complete your orders to deadline. Dust-free work shop to manufacture your food grade clamshell packaging project.

produce clamshell container label source
Produce Clamshell Packaging One-Stop Solutions

Elsepack provide full-service from produce clamshell packaging manufacturing to label source. Provide one-stop packaging solution in a cost-effective manner and meet your exact specifications.

thermofroming quality control
Produce Clamshell Packaging Quality Assurance

Elsepack assure you all clamshell packaging throughout every step of our process using quality control standards guided by the principles of ISO 9001:2015.From raw materials to finished products.

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Questions You May Ask About Our Produce Clamshell Packaging

Design and prototyping

Elsepack in-house designer team provide free design according to your initial idea or sketch.

All hand samples and prototyping are free, and fast-speed within 3 days.

What is the MOQ

Elsepack can manufacture the custom clamshell packaging at Low MOQ from 1000 pieces as initial order to support your business.

We have many standard produce clamshell packaging in stock, the same day ship for you.

Produce Clamshell Packaging Manufacturer

Due to the higher demand of consumer for options of sustainable packaging, continual need for the protection of products and also display appeal, Elsepack has developed an option for sustainable clamshell.

We manufacture Produce Clamshell Packaging in order to protect produce’s lifecycle, whether it is during the transportation. Our Produce Clamshell Packaging also offers an eco-friendly packaging option to market shelf.

produce clamshell packaging

Since most of the consumer choose packaged product such as fruits and other produce, Elsepack’s Produce Clamshell Packaging plays an important role.

This is because our Produce Clamshell Packaging encompasses different benefits including reduced shipping, enhanced food safety, less labor in retail, easy shipping, customer convenience and cleaner displays.

Elsepack provides Produce Clamshell Packaging with 6 oz, 32 oz, 16 oz, 12 oz and more sizes so that it can fulfill amount of produce to be packaged. In addition, Elsepack’s Produce Clamshell Packaging is 100% recyclable.

thermofromed packaging material

It doesn’t have any wax. Moreover, it is food-grade adhesive. Our Produce Clamshell Packaging are fully customizable for branding and structural design.

Produce Clamshell Packaging manufactured by Elsepack is perfect to be stored with citrus, strawberries, oranges, blueberries, cherries, raspberries, grapes, blackberries, kiwis, tomatoes,herbs and much more. These produce clamshell packaging are manufactured in the Dust-free workroom.

If you are a produce grower or retailer, you don’t have to worry because Elsepack has got all your needs for packaging options.

Produce Clamshell Packaging from Elsepack offers high-level cooling efficiency. It also enhanced cube optimization and it doesn’t compromise the quality of the produce as well during the transit and handling.

Elsepack also manufactures Produce Clamshell Packaging with a rigid design making it perfect to pack delicate and highly perishable produce such as fruits and vegetables.

Produce Clamshell Packaging from Elsepack features a crystal-clear visibility of the packaged produce. This enables the consumer to inspect the quality of the contents and see the quantity as well.

pet clamshell packaging-1

A dependable and durable lidding system is also incorporated in our Produce Clamshell Packaging which makes it easy to open and also reclose. Our Produce Clamshell Packaging is designed with tamper evident such as pull tabs and labels in order for the customer to see whether the package seal is broken or not.

Respiration functionality is also added to our Produce Clamshell Packaging in order for the packaged produce to breathe properly.

produce clamshell packaging for tomato

Plus, Produce Clamshell Packaging are cost competitive option because it three-fold reasons.

First is that, Produce Clamshell Packaging from Elsepack are recyclable. Second, our Produce Clamshell Packaging prints and graphics may last over time. Thirdly, Produce Clamshell Packaging from Elsepack are made in an advanced tools and manufacturing technologies to create a rigid packaging.

Our Produce Clamshell Packaging has a MOQ of 1000 pieces.

Elsepack is a leading and reliable Produce Clamshell Packaging supplier and manufacturer for 10 years.

thermoforming process

The material used are PVC, PP, PET, RPET, PS etc. The raw materials are 100% inspected by our team to ensure that it is safe.

Choose to purchase Produce Clamshell Packaging from Elsepack. We will always support your business. Kindly reach us for more details!