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Propagation Dome

  • Superior heat and humidity with adjustable vents
  • Ultra-clear and lightweight but durable
  • Free customized logo on propagation Dome
  • Custom Sample of propagation dome within 3 days
Item NamePropagation Dome
MaterialPVC, RPET, PET,etc.
FeaturedAny in-house pattern and mould design
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time 7-15 days
Payment Term T/T ,L/C, etc.

Elsepack: Your Leading Propagation Dome Packaging Supplier

Elsepack propagation dome wide range size from 2 inches to 7 inches in tall. Besides, Elsepack can customize any size type to fit your particular propagation dome.

All Elsepack propagation dome is made of high-quality plastic which is the most transparent and lightweight on the market. So, Elsepack propagation dome is clear enough for maximum light transmission and viewing of your seeds & cutting starts.

Clear Propagation Dome

Our large propagation dome is made of heavy-duty plastic; it’s sturdy and reusable. We already provide propagation dome to Home Depot and Walmart for many years.

Elsepack propagation dome can keep your seeds or rooting clones with warmth and humidity (~20-25°C / 68-77 °F). You can make your humidity dome. That’s benefit from our clever design of propagation dome.

Aim to control heat and humidity easily, Elsepack propagation dome comes with vents on top or sides.

Regarding small propagation dome, there are 2 adjustable holes on top.

About large dome propagator, there are other 2 vents on the sides to allow you to control the humidity for the ideal growing environment.

Elsepack tall propagation dome is designed to form a tight seal with your seed trays. Such kind of propagation dome is manufactured to reduce moisture loss.

high clear propagation dome

Tall humidity dome is perfect for larger plants. It is built with straight sides for plant’s increased growing volume. Also, tall dome propagator lids feature 3-way ventilation to regular moisture.

Using Elsepack propagation dome can be customized perfectly over you propagation tray and flood tablet. That’s why our propagation dome is always used with cell inserts and flat.

After combination, we call it Seed Starter Kit to give great starting for your seeds and cuttings.

At present, Elsepack keeps improving our design to meet your plant growing needs. Another one of our propagation domes come with light tracks to allow the light runs on length and width. The result makes the light run side by side between two trays.

Therefore, just tell us your requirements or even an idea, and we will have your desired propagation dome for you.

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Propagation Dome: The Complete FAQ Guide

What is a Propagation Dome?

A Propagation Dome refers to a specially built dome that facilitates the growth of your seeds by offering adequate temperature and humidity.

Propagation Dome

What Does Adjustable Vents in Propagation Dome do?

The function of the adjustable vents in a propagation dome is to control the amount of humidity present within the propagation dome for proper growth of the seedlings.

Adjustable vents on propagation domeDoes Elsepack Offers In-house Mould Design for Propagation Dome?

Yes. Elsepack offers in-house mould designs.

Our qualified team will work closely with you to ensure that you get the latest design at a relatively cheaper cost.

Furthermore, we keep you updated on every step of the production until you get your order.

We guarantee quality Propagation Domes and professionalism during the production time.

Between PVC Propagation Dome and RPET Propagation Dome, Which one is the Best?

Both PVC and RPET propagation domes have their advantages and limitations. These include:

  • RPET Propagation Dome has a higher thermal conductivity than a PVC propagation Dome.
  • RPET Propagation Dome utilizes less energy during the thermoforming process than PVC.
  • The cost of RPET and PVC Propagation Dome is the same.
  • It is relatively easier to recycle RPET Propagation Dome than a PVC Propagation Dome
  • RPET Propagation Dome does not easily degrade when in contact with UV light when you compare to PVC Propagation Dome
  • RPET Propagation Dome has a lower carbon footprint when you compare to PVC Propagation Dome.

Are there PET Propagation Domes?


There are PET Propagation Domes. These PET Propagation Domes are available in different sizes, colors, and designs.

PET Propagation Domes offer a wide range of benefits when you compare to other types of Propagation Domes.

This includes them being relatively cheaper as well as easy to recycle, which reduces the amount of plastic waste in the environment.

Does Elsepack Provide Sample Propagation Dome?


Elsepack offers free Propagation Dome Samples. However, we only offer three free samples. Any additional sample comes at a cost.

Besides, you will cater to all the costs involved in shipping the samples to your location.

What is the Size Limit for Propagation Dome?

There are no size limits for propagation Dome.

Instead, we work closely with you in design the type and size of the propagation Dome that you require.

We ensure that your Propagation Dome meets the set standards before delivering it to you.

Why Buy Elsepack Propagation Dome?

Buying Elsepack propagation Dome is ideal due to the following features:

  • Manufactured using High-quality plastic
  • Lightweight, which offers portability
  • Allow for maximum light transmission, which ensures proper plant propagation
  • Easily reusable, which reduces the purchasing cost in the long run
  • A clever design that ensures your seeds or rooting has the necessary warmth and humidity
  • Offer tight sealing, which reduces the amount of moisture loss
  • They have vents on either side or at the top
  • They come with two adjustable holes on the top side
  • We work on your order promptly to ensure you get it as soon as possible
  • We can easily customize your Propagation Dome to meet your requirements

What is Propagation Domes Used For?

  • They facilitate the growth of plants
  • They offer adequate humidity and temperature to plants
  • They allow for light transmission which increases the growth rate of plants

Can You Use Propagation Dome for Display?


You can use Propagation Dome for Display, especially the transparent ones. Elsepack offers customized Propagation Dome for display to various entities.

These Propagation Domes help in marketing different seedlings that are on sale.

Why Package Seedlings in Propagation Dome?

  • They help in enhancing plant growth
  • They provide plants with the necessary humidity and temperature.
  • They allow light to pass through, which increases the growth rate even when in transit.

Which Types of Propagation Domes are there?

There are different types of Propagation Domes depend on the number of vents in a Propagation Dome.

What is the Difference between Propagation Dome and Propagation Tray?

The difference between propagation dome and propagation tray is that a propagation dome facilitates the growth of seeds by allowing light while maintaining the moisture content inside the dome.

On the other hand, a Propagation tray facilitates the growth of seeds by utilizing natural light and humidity.

Normally, a Propagation Dome has a lid that covers the seeds, which facilitates their growth. Propagation trays lack the lid covering the tray.

What Should You Consider before Importing Propagation Dome?

Before importing Propagation Dome, you need to consider the following:

  • Check with the government agencies the type of Propagation Dome they allow for the importation
  • Check the seed requirements to ensure you get the correct Propagation Dome.
  • Ensure you have all the necessary documents needed for the importation of your Propagation Dome.
  • Pay all the necessary duties and taxes before importing your Propagation Dome.
  • If you are not aware of the customs procedure, you need to engage the services of a qualified customs agent.

Why Choose Transparent Plastic Dome for Plants?

clear propagator dome

You need to consider a Transparent Plastic Dome for plants because of the following:

  • They are durable
  • Transparent Plastic Propagation Dome are lightweight which makes them flexible
  • Transparent Plastic Propagation Domes are relatively cheaper when you compare to other Propagation Domes.
  • Transparent Plastic Propagation helps facilitate the growth of seeds by ensuring maximum absorption of light.
  • They are ideal for product display.
  • Transparent Plastic Dome allows for maximum light transmission, which increases plant growth.

Can Propagation Dome Improve Seeds Germination?

Yes. Propagation Dome improves seeds’ germination by offering adequate humidity and temperature needed for the growth of these seeds. They also allow for light transmission which increases plant growth.

Is Propagation Dome Reusable?

Yes. You can reuse Propagation Dome several times before final disposal. This helps in conserving the environment and also minimizes the purchasing cost of the propagation Domes in the long run.

What is Elsepack MOQ for Propagation Dome?

Elsepack offers 500 pieces at the MOQ for propagation Dome. However, we allow for negotiation, depending on your order requirements.

For special MOQ, you can contact us.

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