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Sausage Packaging

  • Maintains natural moisture
  • Prevents moisture contamination
  • Eliminates oxidation

Elsepack: Your Professional Sausage Packaging Tray Manufacturer

Elsepack sausage packaging tray is designed to make sausages product looks great and presentable.

All our sausage packaging tray exceeds the food industry’s strictest standards for food safety.

Whether you need sausage packaging for your food business or other special projects, the Elsepack sausage packaging tray is your ideal solution to skyrocket your brand while saving your cost and time.

Elsepack sausage packaging tray is made of food-grade materials. You can ensure food is safe and free from any harm.

Our sausage packaging tray will improve product shelf life and provide an appealing appearance to customers in the market.

sausage vacuum packaging tray

These packaging trays are designed with a multi-layer thin gauge sheet and PET/PE which helps to keep sausage freshness takes longer.

Thus, the packaging design provides maximum shipping efficiency. It can be traveled for longer areas without compromising its quality.

Elsepack creates a vast variety of sausage packaging tray that allows you to find the right packaging solution for your needs. 

Our sausage packaging is not only eye-catching yet is ready to use. Different packaging processes are available in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes.

sausage tray design

And each method has its unique ability to customize the package presentation and shelf-life needs of the product. 

Elsepack sausage packaging tray is machined through our advanced in-house production.

Packaging solutions for sausages can be made through thermoforming, semi-rigid, and flexible films.

Our sausage packaging trays are kind of thermoformed trays for food. Can fit top sealing, flow wrapping, BDF, modified atmospheres, manual, and auto packing methods.

Our sausage packaging has excellent sealing capabilities and outstanding food safety. Overall, we only produce effective packaging ways to store your sausage products.

Over 10 years in the industry, Elsepack has been familiar with the technique to produce the best quality products.

We have world-class expertise in sausages packaging trays. Along with Elsepack knowledgeable experts and advanced thinking ideas, we can help you design and develop unique packaging solutions for your product.

We are dedicated to creating a sausage packaging tray that lets your business product stand out on the shelf, attract your customers, and boom your sales.


sausage packaging tray manufacturer china
Our sausage packaging can be delivered on the date you expected it. 

With the rich plastic packaging experience, Elsepack aims to provide excellence in design, production, and providing outstanding services to our customers locally and domestically.

We have the capacity to deliver your business the ideal packaging. We assure you that our packaging is made with excellent capabilities, food-safety protection, and nicely cut to meet your requirement.  

Elsepack has been providing and distributing high-quality sausage packaging to all our valued clients.

We continuously gain trust from buyers and increase growth in the packaging industry.

Elsepack manufacture sausage packaging that is handy and easy to identify in refrigerated merchandisers.

Our sausage packaging is really great option to choose for your food shops or if your product is being displayed to supermarkets and stores.

For further info, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We are glad to provide a better quote in any questions you have. We are looking forward to working with you very soon. 

Item Name Sausage Packaging Trays
MaterialPP, PET, PS, etc.
FeaturedAny in-house pattern and mold design
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time 7-15 days
Payment Term T/T ,L/C, etc.