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Sealed Clamshell Packaging


  • Standard sealing options include snap seal, button seal,and heating seal
  • Custom design and materials to work with most sealing equipment on the market
  • Turnkey contract package experts provide free design, secondary sealing ,and assemble service

Elsepack: Your Professional Sealed Clamshell Packaging Manufacturer

Since 2003, Elsepack manufactured sealed clamshell packaging is durable, versatile produce packages. Due to its features, Elsepack has stood out among packaging companies.

Most retailers and distributors depend on Elsepack sealed clamshell quality packaging to transport fresh fruits and vegetables to the customers. 

Elsepack manufactured sealed clamshell packaging using different materials including PET, PVC, APET, and many more.

sealed clamshell manufacturer

Our professional and expert team has inspected the materials used in producing sealed clamshell packaging to verify its dependableness. It’s a little different from standard clamshell packaging.

Also, Elsepack sealed clamshell packaging can be recycled into different forms such as crafts, décor, gardening, storage, and others. 

At Elsepack, we accept custom and semi-custom sealed clamshell packaging. Through custom and semi-custom sealed clamshell packaging,

you can save money and time while delivering customized clamshell to your specific product. We can customize your ideal sealed clamshell packaging in various styles, designs, colors, and sizes.

Send us your drawing or layout and our professional designer will produce your sealed clamshell packaging according to your specification.

We at Elsepack will do our best just to provide you with the right sealed clamshell packaging.


At Elsepack, we take time to understand your needs when it comes to packaging and blends each sealed clamshell packaging design.

We have our professional packaging design team to produce all over customized sealed clamshells by considering factors from how the package will be merchandised and displayed.

We can even incorporate special features such as functional elements for standing or hanging, thermoformed insert trays, and completely customized cavities. 

With comprehensive prototyping capabilities and extensive packaging design, our expert packaging design team can turn your ideal designs quickly into touchable prototypes.

thermoformed prototype

Thus, you can get Elsepack sealed clamshell packaging more cost-effectively and get to market faster.

Once your sealed clamshell packaging is designed, we can assure you that it will be manufactured with an efficiency of ISO9001 and excellent quality featuring high-speed inline thermoforms. 

Elsepack has a pre-designed packaging solution for you. For certain applications, Elsepack provides standard packages design that we manufacture in huge stock and quantities for immediate shipment.

Here at Elsepack, we can process the request of our customer for custom or rapid prototyping on our complete line of forming equipment such as seal equipment, fill, and horizontal form.

Elsepack will be taking care of your rigid or flexible sealed clamshell packaging. 

We have a complete fabrication and design facility with great experience in manufacturing sealed clamshell packaging.

We are dedicated to providing excellent product value and professional customer service that will make us your leading choice to fill your sealed clamshell packaging needs.

Elsepack is proud to have a wide range of sealed clamshell packaging that serves different industries throughout the world. By acquiring Elsepack, you will see the difference when you work with us!

With over 10 years of experience in the sealed clamshell packaging industry, Elsepack can provide and manufacture all packaging solutions and full-service contract packaging.

Get in touch with our professional customer service representative to learn further about our products. 

We will always help your business with sealed clamshell packaging so much more! For more details, please check our website today!