• seed tray covers
  • seed tray covers
  • seed tray covers
  • seed tray covers

Seed Tray Covers

  • Fit most standard seed trays or seedling flats
  • Keep regulated temperature to improve germination rate
  • Large enough to sit on full-size seed trays
  • Durable plastic reuse season after season
Item NameSeed Tray Covers
MaterialPP, PVC, RPET, PET, PS, etc.
FeaturedAny in-house pattern and mould design
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time 7-15 days
Payment Term T/T ,L/C, etc.

Elsepack Seed Tray Covers

Elsepack provides a wide selection of seed tray covers to give your plant a helping hand.

Seed tray covers also named as propagator lid which is designed to sit on full-size propagator trays.

These seed tray covers can be designed for large or small high dome propagator. And it is often used for 72 cell seedling trays.

Elsepack seed tray covers are made of clear, durable plastic; you can reuse it season after season. Clear lids are convenient for you to observe the growth status of plants at any time.

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All materials of seed tray covers are recyclable material, support your environmentally friendly needs.

Elsepack can custom any lightweight economy or deluxe seed tray covers to meet your different needs.

Why you will love Elsepack seed tray covers

  • Seed tray covers can increase compost temperatures & maintain moisture, for better seedling germination & growth.
  • Ideal for keeping your plant seeding out of the cold because seed tray covers keep regular temperature all the time
  • Elsepack custom seed tray covers with low MOQ:3000pieces based on your exact requirement
  • All Elsepack seed tray covers are manufactured with crystal and rigid features.
  • Elsepack seed tray covers are designed with unique integral handles to help you lift them easily and securely with one hand.
  • Elsepack custom seed tray covers with adjustable sliding vent
  • Seed tray covers create a great environment for sowing and growing seeds, keep moist at all time
  • Elsepack has been supplying seed tray covers over 10 years, we are trusted by 1000+ clients.

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Our engineer team provides free design drawing to make your initial idea come out.

seed tray covers

Nowadays, all seed tray covers manufactured by Elsepack in-house tooling come in cost-effective design and high quality.

Elsepack can supply you any types of seed tray covers that satisfy your detailed requirements, including material, layout, sizes, etc.

Elsepack is equipped with industry-leading manufacturing equipment to make sure great production ability to support your custom business.

All of them are ready for your orders and spare no effort in satisfying your needs.

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Seed Tray Covers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is a Seed Tray Cover?

seed tray covers


A seed tray cover is clear plastic lid used cover seed starting trays.

The cover fits over a standard seedlings tray to help maintain humidity and offer protection while germinating seeds.

It is available in a range of sizes and heights depending on your requirements.

2. Why do you need Seed Tray Covers?

You should use seed tray covers if you need to increase air temperature for your developing seeds and seedlings.

The trays are also handy for increasing and retaining moisture when germinating exotic plants. Also, they can be used for growing a range of seeds, mostly vegetable seeds such as cabbage, celery, tomatoes etc.

These tray covers are a great addition to your gardening supplies. They are very affordable and can allow you to grow a range of seeds in your garden.

Besides, they also help maintain the condition of your seed, allowing them to grow for a more extended period.

What’s more, is that the covers can be reused over many growing seasons and are not limited to number of tray cavities.

After use, the tray covers can also be stacked together for easy storage.

3. What is the difference between Seed Tray Covers and Propagation Dome?

seed tray covers

There is not much difference between a seed tray cover and propagation dome. Only that the former is used with seed starting trays while the latter is used with propagation trays.

A propagation dome is often made of heavy-duty plastic and is meant to improve seed germination and success rate of cuttings.

The domes, just like seed tray covers allow light in, while keeping moisture levels high and constant. They also help to retain heat supplied to root zones.

4. Which Plastic Material is used to make Seed Tray Covers?

Seed tray covers are made of clear recyclable plastic that you can reuse season after season.

Clear plastic is used to allow you to conveniently monitor the growth status of your plants at any time.

Plastics used in this case include PP, PVC, RPET, PET, and PS.

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5. Is Seed Tray Cover Material Eco-friendly?

Yes, seed tray cover material is ecofriendly.

The tray, as already mentioned, is made with 100% recycled material to support your environmental friendly needs.

Besides, a lot of the material that makes seed tray covers is biodegradable. This means that the material will eventually deteriorate adding organic matter to the soil.

The material is also food grade, so you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals leaching into your edibles.

6. Does Elsepack Offer Custom Seed Tray Covers?

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Yes, Elsepack offers custom seed tray cover options to meet your unique requirements and budget.

We can custom any lightweight economy covers to protect your seed until they are ready to be potted and robust enough to be reused season after season.

Elsepack can also provide crystal clear; rigid deluxe seed tray covers that fit snugly over your deluxe seed trays.

Additionally, we can include integral handles on the covers to make lifting them simple and secure with one hand.

7. What Factors should you Consider when Importing Seed Tray Covers?

There are several factors to consider when importing seed tray covers. These factors include;

  • cover material and sustainability
  • Cover size and thickness
  • Your budget
  • Your unique project requirements
  • Design
  • Order volume
  • Custom features such as integral handles, etc.

All these elements are essential as they each will influence your ease and cost of importing seed tray covers.

8. What is the Maximum Thickness for Seed Tray Covers?

Thickness depends on your project requirements and budget.

You can get a lightweight economy seed tray cover or order deluxe quality for commercial usage. At the end of the day, you need to do is get a cover that will fit well on your seed trays and that are long-lasting.

Based on your project requirements, it is best to discuss with your supplier on what would be the best thickness for your seed tray covers.

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9. Is Seed Tray Cover part of Seed Starter Kit?

Yes, it is among the things that make it easy to grow rigorous, healthy seedlings.

10. Do Seed Tray Covers have Adjustable Vents?

Yes, they do.

Most seed tray covers feature adjustable vents on the top cover to allow air into the plants. This helps to prevent growing plants from damping-off and die.

The adjustability feature will enable you to adapt the growing environment to the plants you are trying to grow at all times.

11. Will Seed Tray Covers Deteriorate on UV or Sunlight exposure?

Most cheap, thin plastic seed tray covers will eventually deteriorate with the UV from the sun. The covers will start to become brittle and begin to crack even before the growing season is over.

Well-made seed trays covers, however, such those from Elsepack feature high-grade plastic material that can stand up to heat and UV rays.

These are covers that you can use over and over again to grow your seedlings.

12. Does Elsepack provide Free Samples of Seed Tray Covers?

Yes, Elsepack can provide free seed tray cover samples upon request.

You can make your order afterwards when you have confirmed the design and quality match your project requirements.

13. Can you Reuse Seed Tray Covers?

Yes, being that they are made from recycled/recyclable plastic, you can quickly empty, clean and reuse seed tray covers over many seasons.



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