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Elsepack Shipping Trays

  • Over 10-years history of creating custom shipping trays
  • Low volume for smaller trays begins at 500PCS
  • Maintained In-house tooling for the life of your project
  • Various material, including FDA, EN71 approved and anti-static

Elsepack offers customized design, in-house tooling, and mass production of shipping trays over 10 years. Our mission is to be a full-service source of inserts or shipping trays to meet your different applications.

Depending on your end use, we provide any custom type of shipping trays. Elsepack shipping trays offer the largest selections including small cavity trays, ESD trays, clear plastic pocket trays, small parts shipping trays, ready-made trays, beer shipping trays.

But we only focus on custom-made, no any plastic shipping trays in stock.

Concern for critical electrical components, Elsepack design engineer teams, use ESD shipping trays to minimize the static properties.

Elsepack always creates innovative shipping trays, such as tray to tray snap together or trays for your specific stacking needs.

If you need excellent sealing, you can choose a separate lid for shipping tray or snap-perimeter design.

Besides, Elsepack can manufacture custom disposable trays, large plastic packaging trays, medical shipping trays, food packaging trays, storage trays and more.

Therefore, our design team will discuss with you to create the best design and tightly suitable shipping trays for you.

Common material of shipping trays is clear plastic, such as PVC. Clear shipping trays help you inspect and count parts easily without removing the loaded parts. Styrene and PVC shipping trays are the least expensive option.

Elsepack can also offer special materials based on your packaging requirement such as anti-static or conductive material. Elsepack was also asked to manufacture a heavy duty black shipping trays for automotive components.Similar kind of Dunnage Trays.

Elsepack amazing equipment capability allows us to treat your orders of shipping trays equally from 10 to millions. And our plastic engineers always keep developing innovative drawings of shipping trays for your new project freely. Because of in-house tooling, we can save up 1/3 tooling cost and offer fast service for you.

Our sales team can give you free quote 24hours online. Elsepack provides full-size prototype of shipping trays for your testing and evaluation. We can manufacture new shipping trays within 7 days for urgent order.

Going above and beyond, Elsepack is here to provide free custom shipping trays design, cost-effective tooling, and high-speed manufacturing facility for delivering you excellent shipping trays.

Please contact us for a free consultation today. Customize your shipping trays.


Item NameShipping Trays
MaterialPP, PVC, RPET, PET, PS, etc.
FeaturedAny in-house pattern and mould design
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time 7-15 days
Payment Term T/T ,L/C, etc.

Shipping Trays: The Ultimate Guide

In any importing businesses, you need shipping trays to store, transport and secure foodstuff, electronics, machine parts or all sorts of items.

And today’s guide will take you through all the vital aspects you must know before investing in shipping trays.

Let’s get started.


Benefits of Plastic Shipping Trays

Among the benefits you will gain through the use of plastic shipping trays include:

· Safety

Plastic shipping trays prevent damages on your product during the shipping process. This ensures your products get to its destination in the same condition as you packed them.

Also, plastic shipping trays are safe to handle as compared to other types of shipping trays.

· Cost-effectiveness

Plastic shipping trays are relatively cheaper than other types of shipping trays.

Low tooling cost start at $100 for simple design for low volume trail order.

Labor savings due to simple pack and easy count.As an importer, minimizing your purchasing cost while maximizing on your products is critical.

Plastic shipping trays offers you an option of maximizing your profit while minimizing your purchasing cost.

· Longevity

Certain shipping trays are affected by external elements, which affect its durability. For instance, metal shipping trays do rust after a while, which reduces their lifespan.

However, quality plastic shipping trays can offer longer service since they are not affected by external factors.

· Reusability

The use of plastic shipping trays offers you the ability to reuse it over time and even when packing different products. This is due to the ease of cleaning them.

· Efficient

The use of plastic shipping trays offers you the ability to stack them on top of each other. The advantage of this is that you can minimize the space.

This ensures efficiency when packing products.


Know MOQ for Plastic Shipping Trays

Most manufacturers in China work well using the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). This is the minimum quantity of plastic shipping trays that you can from a particular manufacturer in China.

MOQ differs from one manufacturer to another as it depends on different factors such as their production and warehousing costs.

You will find the least MOQ for several manufacturers in China is normally around 500 pieces. However, there are different ways you can use to reduce the MOQ.

For instance, you are using simple designs for your plastic shipping trays. The complex the design, the higher the cost you will pay for your plastic shipping trays.

Alternatively, you can consider using small manufacturers. These manufacturers will require a lower MOQ, which will turn out to be favorable on your part.

Types of Plastic Shipping Trays

There are different types of plastic shipping trays available in the market. These include the following:

· Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Plastic Shipping Trays

ESD plastic shipping trays are a special type of tray containing anti-static features. These features minimize static electricity, thus protecting products that are electrostatic sensitive or those that are flammable.

Such products include MOSFET transistors, CMOS ICs, computer cards, high precision resistors or petroleum products.

· Vacuum Formed Plastic Shipping Trays

Vacuum formed trays offer an efficient and cost-effective way of shipping your products. The design of these plastic shipping trays protects the products during the shipment process.

These types of plastics are common in the shipping of electronic and interior automotive components

· Disposable Plastic Trays

Disposable plastic shipping trays are a type of shipping trays that allows for single use only. This is due to the type of product that they handle.

These products may be hazardous, which renders the trays unsuitable for use. Alternatively, they may be consumable products.

There are two types of disposable plastic shipping trays. That is, those with lids and those who don’t have lids.

· Blow Mold Plastic Shipping Trays

Blow mold plastic shipping trays are convenient for use in the packaging and shipping of liquid products. The manufacturing process involves blow-mold technology, which offers an airtight as well as watertight plastic shipping trays.

The limitation of using these trays is that you have to be specific when selecting them. This is because selecting an inappropriate size may not secure the cargoes properly.

Shipping Trays Quality Standards

Plastic shipping trays need to meet specific standards before they are considered safe for use. Such standards include:

· Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulations

Shipping trays, particularly those that you use for human products, need to adhere to FDA regulations.

Such regulations include the trays should not contain any particles, including chemical elements that will contaminate the products.

The plastic shipping trays also need to be clean when used for human foods. The essence of these regulations is to protect the health of consumers.

· Flame Retardant Grades

Accidents do occur during the shipment process. However, there is a need to prevent these accidents from causing total loss to the products.

One of these ways is by using plastic shipping trays that are of the required flame-retardant grades like UL84-V0.

How to Inspect Quality of Plastic Shipping Trays in China

Inspecting the quality of plastic shipping trays in China involves subjecting these trays to various tests. These tests include:

· Impact Test

Impact test assesses the various types of shock that a plastic shipping tray experience during the handling process.

It aids in evaluating the strength quality of the plastic shipping trays, which determines the level of protection of your products.

· Water Resistance Test

A quality plastic shipping tray needs to be waterproof. For you to ensure this, you have to subject these trays to a water resistance test.

This test helps in ensuring water won’t get into contact with products during the shipment process.

The test can also be used to analyze the strength of these trays against breakdown or deterioration as a result of water contact.

· Horizontal Impact Test

. A quality plastic shipping tray needs to be able to protect products from any failure that may occur due to horizontal impacts. To determine the quality of the plastic shipping tray on this aspect, you need to do a horizontal impact test.

· Vibration Test

There are three different methods available for doing the vibration test aspect of a quality plastic shipping tray.

First, you have the repetitive shock test, which is for analyzing stain on plastic shipping trays.

The second method is the single plastic resonance test. This determines the strength of an individual plastic shipping tray and its interior ability to protect the product.

Lastly, you have a vertical plastic resonance test. The purpose of this test is to determine if the strength of the tray can hold large loads when stacking them vertically.

Custom Plastic Shipping Tray Design Options

Your manufacturer can custom design your plastic shipping design depending on your requirements. Among the common types of custom design plastic shipping trays available include:

1. Cavity Shipping Trays

Cavity plastic shipping trays offer a secure way of shipping your products. This is because they position the products in a securely in the tray.

This prevents the product from shifting from the position while being transported.

2. Clear Pocket Trays

Clear pocket trays offer visibility for your products, which enhances inspection during the shipping process. Also, these trays allow for easy monitoring of the products therein, thus allowing for safe transportation and storage of the products.

3. Special Need Design Trays

Special needs design trays differ depending on the product requirements. They have a special design that puts into consideration all the conditions of a given product.

Using these plastic shipping trays ensures safe transportation, storage, and protection of the products.

4. Shipping Trays with Separate Needs

Shipping trays with separate needs are ideal for shipping of products which have different inseparable parts. The design constitutes of different compartments that allow you to store the product as a whole unit.

5. Snap-perimeter Design

Snap-perimeter design is a design that allows for the joining of your plastic shipping trays through interlocking. Interlocking allows for secure storage and transportation of your products.

What to Consider when Importing Shipping Trays

Before importing plastic shipping trays, you need to consider certain factors. These include:

· Plastic Tray Sizes

You will have to check on the plastic tray size depending on the niche of your plastic shipping tray business. Plastic shipping trays offer different packing options for different product sizes.

Confirm that the plastic trays you are importing meet size requirements for the available products.

· Color

Color is an important aspect to consider when selecting particular shipping trays for importation. There are different colors available to select from, depending on customer requirements.

However, clear plastic shipping trays are the preferred ones due to several advantages. First, it facilitates the inspection process at the port.

They also enhance the visibility of the product, which gives the impression of neatness while shipping.

· Gauge Size

Check on the gauge size of the plastic shipping trays before making a selection. The gauge size will affect the shipping weight.

Increase in the shipping weight has the effect of increasing the shipping cost, which is not a good idea. It is therefore critical to ensure that the gauge you select has a minimal addition on the shipping weight.

As a recommendation, always select a gauge size that corresponds with the sensitivity of the material that you are to ship. For instance, if you are planning on shipping sensitive material, then it is best to select heavy gauge plastic shipping trays.

· Ease of Transportation

Your plastic shipping trays should be lightweight and in shape that facilitates their transportation. They don’t have to be heavy, especially if they are suitable for a given application.

You can achieve this by selecting a lightweight material.

· Durability

The likelihood of damaging products during shipment is high. It is therefore important to select a plastic shipping tray that will not be affected by different factors.

For instant high impact absorption as well as anti-abrasion plastic shipping trays present the perfect choice for importation needs. Such trays will secure the products during the shipment process.

· Resistant to Harsh Environmental Conditions

Perfect plastic shipping trays need to be resistant to various climatic as well as environmental conditions. For instance, it should not react with humidity, temperature, as well as various chemicals.

The importance of this is to minimize the chances of contamination of the products that you are shipping.

· Available in Different Textures

Different products and clients will require different plastic shipping tray textures. You, therefore, have to consider the availability of these trays in different textures.

By selecting different textures, you will be able to meet the demands of different clients.

· Cost of Shipping Trays

An important aspect for consideration before selecting your plastic shipping is the cost. In as much as choosing the shipping trays with the lowest price is an option, it is not always advisable.

Check into the different factors that affect the cost of the plastic shipping trays before settling for a particular cost for the trays.

How to Handle Shipping Plastic Tray

There is a need for proper handling of the trays. Here are a few considerations for the safe handling of these trays to ensure the safety of the plastic shipping trays and the products they carry.


· Storing Plastic Trays

There is a need to ensure that you store the plastic shipping trays in an environment that won’t affect their usability. Such environment conditions include temperature, humidity, moisture, and chemicals.

Also, you need to store them in places where their physical condition cannot be affected, for instance, in places where they can be damaged.

· Packaging Plastic Trays for Transportation

When importing plastic shipping trays, you have to package them in a manner that won’t increase your shipping cost.

The packaging method should also be in a way that won’t affect the physical properties of the plastic shipping tray.

One of the ways of packaging these trays for when transporting is by stacking them together. There are many benefits to this method.

First, the shipping cost reduces, which means you will pay less. Also, stacking together helps in avoiding damaging the trays when packed individually.

· Handling Plastic Trays when Loaded

Once you load your plastic shipping trays, handling them with care helps in minimizing damages from occurring. If possible, follow your manufacturer’s requirements.

Uses of Plastic Trays

You will find plastic shipping trays in various applications. Among these applications include the following:

i. Storage (Storage Packing Shipping Trays)

The primary usage of plastic shipping trays is to store given products. This helps in holding and preserving the products until they are ready to be used.

ii. Transportation

You can use plastic shipping trays to transport products from one place to another safely. This facilitates the movement of your products, especially when they are bulky and in large quantities.

iii. Protection, Against External Environmental Conditions

Different external factors can affect your product in different ways. Such factors include adverse weather conditions, excessive pressure, and poor handling.

However, you can avoid these through the use of plastic sipping trays.

Different industries find plastic shipping trays a necessity in the transportation, storage, and protection of their goods.

This includes shipping of medical equipment, light and heavy machinery, electronic components and in the food industry.

Each of these industries has its unique plastic shipping trays that consider the products that you are to pack in them.

Reliable Material for Plastic Shipping Trays

Different materials are used to manufacture plastic shipping trays. However, the following materials offer reliable plastic shipping trays.

· Polypropylene (PP)

PP as a material for plastic shipping trays is a cheaper option compared to other material. Plastic shipping trays of this material are highly resistant to moisture and humidity.

This offers a secure way of shipping your products. in case of any damages to the trays, you can easily repair them, which extends their lifespan.

However, there are various limitations that you get from plastic shipping trays with this material. For instance, it is highly vulnerable to UV degradation and oxidation, which affects the lifespan of the trays.

Another limitation is its flammability element, which makes it unsuitable in applications where there is high heat involved.

· Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)

PVC offers a cost-effective material for the fabrication of plastic shipping trays. They are lightweight and durable, which reduces the overall shipping weight.

Also, when you compare to other materials, it does not react with chemicals making it ideal for packing shipping products. The other advantage you get from this material is its fire-resistant feature that allows you to ship various products.

However, the high chlorine quantity present in these materials may react with certain products, thus affecting the quality.

· Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (RPET)

If you are looking for a material that you can easily recycle with a low carbon footprint, then RPET is the best option. The recyclability helps in conserving the environment.

RPET material offers transparent plastic shipping trays which are indestructible since they don’t easily break.

Also, these materials are lightweight and flexible, allowing you to ship a variety of goods while reducing the shipping weight.

· Polystyrene (PS)

PS refers to a clear natural thermoplastic whose formation is through polymerization of Styrene. Styrene is a natural compound that occurs in various foods such as coffee and cinnamon.

It is a common material in the manufacture of transparent plastic shipping trays. There are different types of PS available for the manufacturer of plastic shipping trays.

These are expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS). The advantage you have with this material is its impact resistance properties which prevent the trays from damages.

This offers a product safety while shipping. However, you need to handle the trays with care since they are flammable as well as react with different chemicals.

Among products that you can use plastic shipping trays include electronics, automotive, consumable foods, and medical products.

· Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

PET also is known as PETE is a durable material for use in the manufacture of plastic shipping trays. Among its favorable features include being lightweight, which reduces the shipping weight.

Its resistance to pressure makes it hard to break during its use. Also, PET plastic shipping trays are transparent, which enhances the visibility of the package therein.

Lastly, the recycling aspect of this material helps in conserving the environment.

Finding a Reliable Plastic Shipping Trays Manufacturer in China

Looking for reliable plastic shipping tray manufacturer in China can be difficult. However, here are a few factors that you can check on when finding a reliable manufacturer for your plastic shipping trays.

· Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Most manufacturers work well with MOQ, which differ depending on the manufacturer. It is therefore vital that you select a manufacturer whose MOQ that works best for you.

Remember, the higher the quantity, the higher the likelihood of you getting a favorable price. However, don’t increase your quantity to obtain favorable prices since you may get a loss if your market is not that big.

You can select a manufacturer and try negotiating on the MOQ as well as the price.

· Delivery time

A reliable manufacturer should meet your demands. You don’t have to run out of stock before getting new plastic shipping trays supplies.

If you run out of stock, your clients will have to search elsewhere, which means you will lose your market share.

· Quality

If you want to increase your market share, then your plastic shipping trays need to be of the right quality. Quality is, therefore, a critical factor to consider when selecting a reliable manufacturer for your plastic shipping trays.

· Price

At the end of the day, you are in business, and the cost is one factor that you need to be keen on. In as much as minimizing the cost is important, you should not rely on lowering it much.

A lower cost may imply poor quality plastic shipping trays which affect their demands. Select a manufacturer who can offer the right price after considering all the specifications you need.

· Production Capacity

What is the ability of a given manufacturer to conveniently manufacture your plastic shipping trays? A reliable manufacturer should have the capacity, including the machinery to manufacture.

They use different assembly lines to handle huge or low volume orders, to guarantee the delivery time.

After the manufacturer you selected fabricates your plastic shipping trays from China, you need to import them. Here are the steps that you have to follow when importing your plastic shipping trays from China.


There you are. With this information, you are better placed to make the right choice on shipping trays. Get in touch with us if you want any clarification on shipping trays, and we would be at our service anytime.

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