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Elsepack Slide Blister

  • Cost Savings
  • Eco-friendly, recycled plastic
  • Customized at lower volume
  • Easy-to-close feature, no special sealing equipment required
  • Full slide card is ideal to display your product information

Slide blister is a viable option when you are looking for cost-effective, recycled and clear packaging solution.

Slide blister has been popular in budget-friendly packaging market for many years.

Unlike heat seal clamshell blister ackaging, its sliding feature helps you to close and open it easily.

Slide blister is a kind of thermoformed blister, which is folded on three or four sides. Then full backing cards slide into the blister without any tooling.

slide blister pack

This means no extra additional heated tooling cost; it’s cost saving.

Elsepack is engaged in offering the full service of packaging solution for you.

So we have our own printing house, in-house designer, tooling to control the best quality of slide blister.

themoformed package mold

Sometimes, we have standard slider blister pack in stock for sale.

You just need to change, or DIY printed back-card

We have an inspection team that inspects all raw material and the following steps, and you are kept to know all about it.

Slide blister is typically made of PVC or recycled RPET, meet your Eco-friendly needs.

thermoforming material

All materials are available in various thickness depending on your end use, printed cardboard as well.

Our professional designers’ team will work for you to recommend the best slide blister for you.

Slide blister is retailer and consumer friendly. It can be customized in any shape or sizes.

Offering clear showcase and excellent protection to your products. Help your customer decide to buy it within 30 seconds.

Elsepack can start your slide blister project at 500 pieces. At Elsepack, you can get the customized slide blister at a lower cost because there are different lines to make different orders, and production costs are kept to a minimum.

Further, we have a dedicated department which handles minimums or millions order, to make sure all slide blisters are delivered to you timely.

If you are looking for a reliable slide blister manufacturer in China, then you’ve come to the right place. You will be excited about our packaging solutions.

Item NameSlide Blister
MaterialPP, PVC, RPET, PET, PS, etc.
FeaturedAny in-house pattern and mould design
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time 7-15 days
Payment Term T/T ,L/C, etc.

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Slide Blister: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Slide Blister?

A slide blister packaging is a type of blister packaging that allows for easy opening and closing during packing of the product.

The opening and closing mechanism of this type of blister packaging is through sliding of the blister on the cardboard.

How do Slide Blister and Normal Blister Packaging Compare?

A slide blister offers an easy to open and close alternative when you compare to a normal blister. This is because you have to slide the blister along the cardboard to open and close during the packing.

It is easier to thermoform a slide blister than a normal blister as well as it being relatively cheaper.

Moreover, slide blister is a cost-effective way of packaging products in most industries.

Remember, the slide blister packaging is also called:

  • Flange or flanged folded blister packaging
  • Flange blister packaging
  • Edge blister packaging
  • Sliding or slide on blister packaging
  • Folded flange blister packaging
  • Bent blister packaging

Is Slide Blister Material ISO 14000 Compliant?

Yes, slide blister materials comply with ISO 14000 requirements which ensures that there is a minimal negative impact on the environment.

These materials are recyclable, which reduces environmental waste.

At Elsepack, we ensure all our products and sustainable and eco-friendly.

How do you Choose Slide Blister Material?

  • When selecting a slide blister material, you need to consider the following factors:
  • Check if it is waterproof
  • Check on its UV light protection properties
  • Ensure that one cannot tamper with the material easily
  • It is moisture and oxygen-proof
  • The material should be easily visible and if possible transparent

slide blister packaging

Of course, all these will depend on where you intend to use the slide blister packaging.

What is Slide Blister Packaging Used For?

Slide blister packaging is of use in packing the following industries:

  • Electronic components such as batteries
  • Packaging of cellphones
  • Food packaging
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Packing of certain cosmetics

Basically, it provides secure, safe and cost effective packaging solution.

Why Choose Slide Blister Packaging?

You can consider slide blister packaging because they:

  • Are a cost-efficient way of packing your products
  • Offer an advertising option for your products
  • Allow for product visibility
  • Minimize chances of product theft
  • Offer a tamper-evident way of packing your product

What is the Difference Between Slide Blister and Heat Seal Clamshell Blister Packaging?

The main difference between a slide blister and heat seal clamshell packaging is the hinges.

Heat seal clamshell packaging normally has hinges on the sides which is lacking in slide blister packaging.

At times, you can substitute the two when packaging products since they may serve the same purpose.

Why Full Slide Card in Slide Blister Packaging?

A full slide card in a slide blister packaging offers better protection of your product against external interference.

Also, a full slide card enhances the visibility of your product. Therefore, you can use it for your marketing and advertising strategies.

slide blister

Are There Material Thickness and Size for Slide Blister Packs?


There are limitations as to the material thickness and the size of a slide blister pack. This depends on the product to pack and also how secure the products should during packing.

In most cases, slide blister packaging are commonly used for small products. Therefore, they come in small sizes but you can discuss this with the slide blister manufacturer.

Also, material thickness will depend on the weight of product you want to pack. Heavier product will require relatively thick material for the slide blister, and vice versa.

What is the Difference between Strip Packaging and Slide Blister Packaging?

Strip packaging entails packing of a product between two layers of sealable heat foil such as aluminum-poly and paper-poly.

Slide blister packaging involves packing of the product using a type of blister that easily opens and closes by sliding mechanism.

How do you Thermoform Slide Blister Packaging?

Thermoforming is a popular techniques in blister packaging manufacturing process. It is a straightforward process that involves the following:

  • Heating of a plastic sheet
  • Molding of the heated plastic sheet to form the shape of the slide blister
  • Trimming to have the desired slide blister product.
  • Cooling of the final slide blister
  • Inspecting quality of the final thermoformed slide blister

Which Slide Blister Features Should You Look For?

First, the type of slide blister pack will depend on the unique specifications of your application requirements.

But more importantly, when importing slide blister packs, it is important to consider the following key features:

  • Water-resistance features
  • Slide blister pack color
  • Thickness of the slide blister pack
  • UV protection features
  • Designs and size of slide blister pack
  • Tamper evident features
  • Material type for the slide blister
  • Product visibility features
  • Oxygen and moisture barrier features

Does Elsepack Support Custom Slide Blister Designs?

slide blister manufacturer

Yes, we allow for customization of slide blister designs. However, you need to bring the design in advance with all the specifications.

In fact, Elsepack has an in-house pattern and mould design capability. It implies, we can custom thermoform slide blisters to your unique specification, while ensuring competitive prices.

What is Elsepack Slide Blister MOQ?

Elsepack MOQ for slide blisters is normally 1000 pieces. However, depending on the client requirements, we can negotiate on the quantity.

Does Elsepack have In-house Tooling Design Capability?

Yes, there is an availability of an in-house tooling design capacity for your slide blister.

However, you will have to incur all the charges incurred while using the facility. For your branding and marketing needs, it’s a cost competitive and viable solution.

How does Elsepack Control the Quality of Slide Blister Packaging?

There are several quality control procedures in place to ensure all our slide blisters meet market standards.

Any fault is easily detected and proper procedures initiated to rectify it.

Our quality control begins from the time we receive the plastic raw material for thermoforming slide blister.

Elsepack quality control team tests material, assess thermoforming process, and test final slide blisters.

Also, we can send you test reports if you need.

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