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Sushi Tray

  • A wide range of sushi trays in stock
  • Free design and low tooling cost for custom sushi tray
  • Food grade and certificated material produced by dust-free room

Elsepack: Your Professional Sushi Tray Manufacturer

Elsepack as a sushi trays supplier, manufacture sushi trays to pack and protect your sushi from rancidity and keep it safe to eat. It is a durable plastic disposable kind of tray that can maintain cleanliness in our environment.

Sushi trays supplier use the sushi tray to arrange sushi perfectly. Sushi trays are considered rare pieces. This disposable sushi tray features a black lowest point for an upscale aspect.

Sushi trays supplier always manufacturer the close-fitting lid that blocks the spills and makes your meal automatically.

Sushi trays are required to be shown in public and an ultimate partner of sushi. 

sushi tray supplier


Elsepack, a sushi trays supplier provides trays that are made from our high and advanced equipment.

Due to that, we could provide a comprehensive range of sushi trays that meet your needs. We can also produce different colors like black, white, and gray designs.

We have experts and an excellent team that assure you about the safety products. Our facility experts had selected the best hardwoods to be used in production. 

These trays of us are beautifully designed. We ensure to get your high expectation by our smooth finished sushi trays.

You will have no worries because it is legal FDA approved for its non-toxic materials used. Each of the trays is placed higher from the table.

If your an artist, sushi trays are also can make classy jewelry for your own. When you have a party in your house, sushi trays are also compatible with your sushi preparations. 

black sushi tray supplier

In Elsepack, we can manufacture various designs of sushi trays that easily attract viewers.

But, some of our sushi tray designs are just simple and neat yet functional sushi trays.

All trays are made by such a reliable sushi trays supplier are durable and can be used for a longer period of time. Many people used chopsticks for eating Japanese sushi but some people prefer to eat sushi with their clean hands and finger. 

Our productivity of sushi trays can be used in any restaurant. At some point, our trays are also the best way to provide your guests at your party or any big event.

With our trays, you can create beautiful designs. By simply arranging and displaying it in public, you can assume to get the attention of your customers. Even in traditional events, using these kinds of trays is the best.

However, Elsepack sushi trays supplier is not only for sushi for it can be used in any kind of Japanese food such as Udon, Chicken, Tempura, etc. 

With these trays, there will be no hassle for you to arrange sushi and other dishes. It is actually designed by our team for you to use the easiest way to serve your customers all at once. 

Our packaging is the best option for you to inquire about. It is the best way to attract and get the attention of your own customers. You can make sure that it will be moved safely during its transportation.

For more efficient and reliable solutions, please contact us for further info and for faster transactions. We are looking forward to working with you.