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Toothbrush Blister Packaging

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Elsepack: Your Professional Toothbrush Blister Packaging Manufacturer

Elsepack has been designing Toothbrush Blister Packaging for over 10 years. These types of packaging are designed by Elsepack’s engineers in order to hold a toothbrush.

One of the biggest advantages of our Toothbrush Blister Packaging is that consumers can see the toothbrush inside. Since consumers always prefer to buy the products they actually see. 

tooth brush blister packaging

Elesepack’s wide array of Toothbrush Blister Packaging is usually made of ABS, OPS, PVC, PP, PETG, PET, and HDPE materials.

These are all tested by EN71 and approved by FDA. This assures you that these are all safe to use. Most of Elsepack’s Toothbrush Blister Packaging is highly recyclable.

Our Toothbrush Blister Packaging is designed with thermoplastic materials such as paper board or pulp. 

Elsepack engineers carefully choose materials with high strength, appearance, and weight.

Our Toothbrush Blister Packaging mainly functions as a protection for display and products especially toothbrushes into its excellent advantage which maintains the budget in your mind the whole time.

Blister packaging such as Elsepack’s face-seal blisters is commonly used for toothbrushes since it features a tiny plastic blister and paperboard backing.

toothbrush face seal blister packaging

Though it is easy to open, it will still protect your toothbrushes from moisture, debris, mold, and dirt. 

Due to the durability of the materials, our Toothbrush Blister Packaging definitely will fend off every tear and wear especially when transporting and handling.

Our Toothbrush Blister Packaging also offers theft prevention. It isn’t difficult to remove, yet it is cumbersome for someone to break it in the store. 

Toothbrush Blister Packaging from Elsepack also provides sustainability. It is an affordable option since it is very easy to recycle.

Starched-based bioplastics and other renewable materials are incorporated into our Toothbrush Blister Packaging since almost all shoppers are eco-conscious. 

The cost-effectiveness of our Toothbrush Blister Packaging is also one of its advantages.

Considering the number of materials needed to create our Toothbrush Blister Packaging, we can say that our Toothbrush Blister Packaging has lightweight, thus making it cost-effective. 

Elsepack’s Toothbrush Blister Packaging also maintains your product’s integrity. It is due to the shielding effect for the products against any adverse conditions.

Guaranteed that the toothbrushes inside are free from contamination such as moisture and air. 

Elsepack also provides personalization which helps to have an appealing and unique product to the customers.

With our Toothbrush Blister Packaging, it’s kind of a plastic insert tray that makes a toothbrush securely remain in its position during the transit period making it free from damage including breakage. 

toothbrush blister insert tray packaging

Elsepack is a professional manufacturer of Toothbrush Blister Packaging for many years. Through the years, we are able to provide a low-cost and innovative Toothbrush Blister Packaging that suits your requirements.

With our in-house designers, printing cards and tooling does not exceed your budget and increase as well your profit margin. 

When it comes to Toothbrush Blister Packaging, always trust Elsepack. We have 13 engineers who have rich experience in developing Toothbrush Blister Packaging.

Low volume orders will still be accepted by Elsepack. If you need more details about our Toothbrush Blister Packaging, our sales team is always ready to help you!