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Toy Blister Packaging

  • Extremely versatile,more security
  • Custom made and effective-cost solution
  • Free engineering drawing and in-house tooling

Elsepack: Your Professional Toy Blister Packaging Manufacturer

Elsepack customized and manufacture the most appropriate blister packaging for your toy product’s best fitting.

Typically, Elsepack toy blister packaging is available in heat seal blister packs ,plastic insert tray and plastic clear box.

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Your toy blister is dust-proof, transparent, and beautiful after sealing. By using Elsepack toy blister packaging, it makes your products to have a well-designed package to sell well.

Thus, your product has superior quality and has an attractive appearance. 

The material used in toy blister packaging is PVC, PET, BOPS, PP, PS, and many others.

However, if you want a custom toy blister packaging, Elsepack will be cater.  Just send us the items detail info and related drawings, we can make your toy blister packaging upon request. 

toy blister packaging drawing

Elsepack toy blister packaging is used to protect, enhance shelf display, and to show your product as well.

Our toy blister packaging is an economical option considering the number of materials used.

Toy blister packaging from Elsepack is perfect to fit your product specification.

As a professional manufacturer of all blister packaging, Elsepack has extensive experience implementing toy blister packaging in many different industries and many purposes. 

Most customers will choose the appropriate packaging of the product.For those of you new to this packaging project,you may have some questions as follows:

What is the blister card packaging?

It has a pre-formed plastic “pocket” or “shell” (where a product sits securely in place) ,it’s heat sealed to an adhesive coated paperboard or  it’s folded to match a slide card. We call it as a slide blister.

Why is blister packaging used?

Because it’s easy for you to reassemble, it’s the least expensive.

We guarantee that it translates into the experience of your brand and generates trust.

What are the advantages of blister packaging?

Toy blister packaging allows your customer to see what he is buying. You can see the details of the product from all angles.

However, the product is protected from damage by the plastic and paperboard. Also, the toy blister packaging is anti-theft feature.

toy blister packaging-sealed

With years of experience in delivering and understanding the right packaging, Elsepack is one of China’s fastest emerging supplier, manufacturer, and exporter of different kinds of materials.

Elsepack is focused on the quality of all packaging solutions we offer. We will be your one-stop-shop solution for innovative packaging.

Our engineer team can provide the free design drawing according to your detailed requirements within 24 hours.

And we have in-house tooling, not only does it avoid toy blister packaging mold damage, but it also reduces overall costs and saves time.

themoformed package mold

Elsepack is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality blister packaging for toy products.

Our toy blister packaging is offered to our customers which are safe to use.

Also, we offered toy blister packaging at market leading rates in numerous shapes and sizes.

Our toy blister packaging features fine finish, durable, and hygienic.

As a professional toy blister packaging, Elsepack offers an inexpensive option enable to create tamper-proof, transparent and durable packaging.

We provide innovative solutions for toy blister packaging to more than 500 companies including small businesses. 

Elsepack will make your mold every packaging project perfectly and successful.

Thus, we will always want to work with you to flourish high-quality and best solution toy blister packaging in minimum tooling costs and competitive prices. 

Elsepack is owing to diverse patterns and broadly admired in the market. Our toy blister packaging is made using reliable input in which acquire from reliable vendors of the market.

Our toy blister packaging is available in dissimilar sizes to meet your demands.  

trapped blsiter packaging -1

Elsepack is a highly acclaimed well-founded provision of a wide variety of toy blister packaging products.

We produce accessible toy blister packaging to our customers at an extremely reasonable price.

Elsepack’s services and products are highly demanded by our customers due to their reliability, affordability, and ease of use.

Moreover, our toy blister packaging provides a safety net to the products and enable us to transport different places with ease. 

For more details about our product. Please contact us today!

Item NameBerry clamshells
FeaturedAny in-house pattern and mould design
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time7-15 days
Payment TermT/T ,L/C, etc.