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  • trapped blister packaging

Trapped Blister Packaging

  • Cost-effective design
  • Better Tamper-evident
  • Real Sustainability choice
  • High Visibility and more billboard space
  • One Stop Solution for Blister and Cardboard

Trapped blister packaging is a functional and attractive way to showcase products and enhance your brand.

Trapped blister packaging that is a blister trapped either a single folded card or two cards that are sealed together.

trapped blister packaging

Trapped blister packaging offers not only clear visual but also difficult to open. It has better tamper-evident due to there is an easy open die-cut in the back card.

Elsepack high-speed custom trapped blister packaging capabilities to develop innovative thermoforming solutions to meet your specific needs.

Elsepack creates the best plastic blister packs process in the market. Our designer team can give you free design in 24hours, tooling in 3 days, and 5 days lead-time for final parts.

Our well-designed trapped blister packaging is widely used for heavier goods which can be fixed to the cards during shipping. We will calculate the exact flange size of blister and let it fix to card slot tightly.

Or in another way, heat seal directly if you want. Elsepack has in-house sealing equipment, and own 2000 ㎡ workshop to handle this process.

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You can get all the final parts in short lead time.

Trapped blister packaging is a good replacement for a plastic clamshell pack in a box.

Only a blister sandwich between cards is a cost-saving design, less plastic material to be used.

And glued trapped blister packaging is easy to assembly, there’s no additional heat sealing equipment needed.

With glue being used to seal cards, it makes trapped blister packaging much more ecologically friendly.

Trapped blister packaging is popular in the retail market because there’s less visible blister flange that allows more space to build your billboard.

Besides the retail market, there are some other industries, such as toys, school & office, hardware, health & beauty, etc.

Elsepack always offers low-cost packaging solutions for any industry. Our combo run program allows us to provide you with tooling containing different shapes and sizes of the plastic blister.

This program requires the same material, same thickness, and same or multiple quantities.

No matter how low volume, various types, we can manufacture plastic blister under-budget.

Elsepack provides turnkey service including in-house blister card, heat-seal tooling, custom blister tooling, thermoformed packaging.

At Elsepack, you are assured to get the best color management for trapped blister packaging, low-cost sealing and blister tooling, short lead time.

Contact Elsepack experts today to design an under-budget and attractive packaging solution.

Item NameTrapped Blister Packaging
MaterialPP, PVC, RPET, PET, PS, etc.
FeaturedAny in-house pattern and mould design
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time 7-15 days
Payment Term T/T ,L/C, etc.

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Trapped Blister Packaging-The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is a Trapped Blister Packaging?

Trapped blister packaging is a type of blister packaging whose manufacturing involves trapping the blister between a single folded card or two different cards.

It is a high performing and an alternative to the traditional blister packing techniques.

trapped blister packaging-2

What are the Advantages of Trapped Blister Packaging?

  • Offers a high visibility of the product
  • It is a cost-effective way of sealing your product
  • It offers protection to your products
  • Trapped blister packaging allows for customization, which allows for a wide range of products.
  • Minimal environment interference ensures the product remains fresh.
  • Allows for product inspection before purchasing by the consumer

Trapped Blister and Double Blister Packaging; What is the Difference?

Double blister packaging covers the product on both sides using only a blister.

A trapped blister, on the other hand, utilizes a blister to cover the product on one side and a cardboard on the other side.

When Should You Choose Other Blister Packaging Options and Not Trapped Blister?

Select other blister packaging options when packing the following products

  • Certain tablets and capsules
  • Items that can easily break such as glassware
  • Consumable products such as confectioneries fresh products
  • Toothbrush and dental floss
  • Large items

What are the Other Types of Blister Packaging Available?

Other types of blister packaging available include:

i. Face Seal Blister Packaging

It is a common and inexpensive blister packaging suitable for lightweight products.

In face seal blister packaging, a flanged blister is heated on a paperboard thereby sealing the product.

However, the plastic blister remains only around the product.

Alternatively, you can also opt for full face blister packaging solution.

ii. Full Face Blister Packaging

Unlike the face seal blister packaging, full face blister packaging extend to the edges of the card board.

Although it is more expensive, full face blister packaging is durable, and strong as it reinforces the card board edges.

iii. Full Card Blister Packaging

Although the plastic blister extends on the entire surface of the paperboard like full face blister packaging, it is not sealed.

The plastic blister has flanges that wrap around the paperboard. That is, the paperboard only slides in place.

iv. Blister Tray Packaging

Blister trays are preformed plastic trays used for packaging, store and shipping products in various industries.

Others include clamshell blister packaging, double blister packaging, slide blister packaging and heat seal blister packaging.

Of course, most of these types of blister packaging are manufacturing through thermoforming process.

Are Trapped Blisters Made from Eco-friendly Materials?

Manufacturing of trapped blister packaging utilizes eco-friendly plastics and cardboards, which are highly recyclable.

Remember, Elsepack an ISO 14000 compliant trapped blister packaging manufacturer. It makes our products acceptable across many industries.

Is Trapped Blister Packaging Tamper-evident?

Yes, trapped blister packaging offers a tamper-proof packaging solution for your product. Trapping the product in a blister helps in preventing external tampering of the product.

You can easily notice in case of tampering of the trapped blister packaging.

What are the Main Applications of Trapped Blister Packs?

Main applications of trapped blister packs include:

trapped blister packaging-4

  • Packaging of toys and hardware products
  • Packaging of certain consumable products
  • Packaging of electrical tools and accessories
  • Packaging of pharmaceutical products
  • Packaging of stationeries

Can Trapped Blister be Alternative to Clamshell Packaging?

Yes, you can use trapped blister packaging as an alternative of clamshell packaging depending on the product you want to package.

Clamshell is a special type of blister packaging that only utilizes the blister pack without the cardboard.

How do you Thermoform Trapped Blister Packaging?

Thermoforming of trapped blister packaging involves heating the plastic material and molding it to form the shape of the product.

The trapped blister pack is then covered using a cardboard and sealed with a special adhesive coating.

Are Trapped Blister Packs Reusable?

Yes, you can recycle and reuse trapped blister packs.

Freestanding or Hung Trapped Blister Packs; What is the Best?

It depends on the product you are packing. Freestanding trapped blister packaging allows for packing of your product without holding them onto something.

You can use hung trapped blister packaging to hang your product onto something such as a rod. This saves space, especially in a store.

Freestanding blister packaging enhances product inspection by consumers when you compare with a hung blister packaging.

What is Face Seal Blister Packaging?

A face seal blister packaging utilizes a plastic sheet which has the shape of the product. Heat sealing of the blister package onto the cardboard then takes place.

It can either be full-face or partial face seal blister packaging. A full-face seal blister packaging covers the entire product and cardboard.

A partial face seal only covers the product while leaving the cardboard.

What Material is Trapped Blister Packaging Made From?

The available materials for manufacturing of trapped blister packaging are mainly plastic which includes:

thermofromed packaging material

  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETE or PET)
  • High-density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polystyrene (PS)
  • Polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC)
  • Polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE)
  • Cyclic Olefin Copolymers (COC)

And of course, you will also need a paperboard.

How do Trapped Blister Packaging and Slide Blister Packaging Compare?

Slide blister packaging is easy to open and close since you only have to slide the card along the blister pack.

slide blister

Trapped blister packaging tightly covers the product firmly hence opening it can be a little difficult.

You can use slide blister packaging several times while blister packaging only allows for single-use before disposal.

Trapped blister packaging is relatively expensive when you compare to slid blister packaging.

How are Trapped Blister Packaging Sealed?

Sealing of trapped blister packaging is by using a heating seal coating. Pressure and heat are applied to activate a special adhesive that holds the card and the blister securely together.

Do Trapped Blisters have Size and Design Limitations?

No, there is no size or design limitation for trapped blister packaging. We can manufacture your trapped blister package depending on the products you want to package.

Elsepack Offers which Other Types of Plastic Packaging?

Other types of plastic packaging that Elsepack offers include:

  • Full Card blister
  • Clamshell packaging
  • Thermoformable blister packaging
  • Skin packaging
  • Face Seal blister packaging

How Does Elsepack Control the Quality of Trapped Blister Packaging?

Elsepack controls the quality of trapped blister packaging by subjecting them through various quality tests. They include:

  • Leak detection test
  • Gas transmission analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • Collapsibility test
  • Transparency test
  • Fluid permeability test
  • Product reactivity test

Also, the availability of various ISO certification ensures that our trapped blister packaging is of high quality.

Can Elsepack make Custom Trapped Blister Packaging?

Yes, we can customize your trapped blister packaging depending on your requirements. However, you need to give the specifications in advance to allow for the manufacturing process.

themoformed package mold

Does Elsepack have MOQ for Trapped Blister Packaging?

Yes, the minimum MOQ that Elsepack offers for trapped blister packaging is 1000 pieces. However, we can negotiate on the MOQ depends on your requirements.

What Payment Methods does Elsepack Accept?

Elsepack accepts the T/T or L/C. However, we can still agree on a convenient mode of payments when importing trapped blister packaging from us.

Will Elsepack arrange Trapped Blister Packing Shipping?

Yes, Elsepack will arrange trapped blister packing shipping for you once you have made your purchase. However, you will have to cater for the cost of the shipping.

For any inquiries on trapped blister packaging, contact our technical support now.


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