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Tri-Fold Packaging

  • Flexibility either hanging or standing feature
  • Ultimately unique in strength, security, and shape
  • Ease in sealing and frequently open by yourself
  • Custom any layout, size, and thickness
  • Free design,Low MOQ from Elsepack

Tri-fold packaging is a kind of unique type of clamshell blister packaging.

This tri-fold packaging has two hinges with a flat bottom. Such a tri-fold packaging gives you the selection of standing your product on a shelf, hanging from a peg, or sitting in a display.

tri-fold packaging

Type of sealing, you can snap tri-fold packaging shut with moulded enclosures. This feature allows you to assemble products anytime or anywhere. That’s why tri-fold packaging has fast growth in the market of portable electric goods, beverage, fruits, health care products, etc.

Elsepack Tri fold packaging provides clear visibility and level of security for high risk and value products. Tri-fold packaging is widely used in supermarkets, retail stores, and distribution to stand or hang particular & valuable products.

For industrial applications, although this package does not have many conventional sizes like a tray, you can also wholesale some standard tri-fold packaging in stock at any time.

Our tri-fold packaging can be segmented by raw materials.PVC is the most extensively used for tri-fold packaging. Elsepack usually designs PVC tri-fold packaging with impact strength for electronic, cosmetics, plant packaging,consumer and industrial products.

tri-fold plant packaging

Plastic materials such as PET and PP is widely used as well; it’s eco-friendly. This kind of material of tri-fold packaging is the best way to pack your food, beverages, candy, vegetables, and many others.

Tri-fold packaging is popular in various markets because of its unique ability either standing up or hanging. The key aspect to keep such feature is because tri-fold packaging is designed with a good balancing layout.

At Elsepack, our designer’s team works with you to give the best packaging solution on how to give the best balance and security to your products.

trifold packaging design

We give 7/24 quick reply on any of your problems. Elsepack would like to offer you high-quality tri-fold packaging, build the tooling, and deliver the goods on time at a competitive price.

Item NameTri-Fold Packaging
MaterialPP, PVC, RPET, PET, PS, etc.
FeaturedAny in-house pattern and mould design
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time 7-15 days
Payment Term T/T ,L/C, etc.

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Trifold Packaging: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is Trifold Packaging?

tri-fold packaging

Trifold Packaging is a unique type of clamshell packaging that can stand on shelves, hang on pegs, or sit in a display.

The package is made of two halves that are joined by hinges and has a flat bottom to enable the standing feature.

Due to the above features, Trifold Packaging is extensively used in applications that require improved product visibility, such as in supermarkets and retail store.

2. What are the Benefits of Trifold Packaging?

Trifold Packaging offers the following benefits;

  • Increased product visibility
  • Versatility as they can stand up straight at 90 degrees or be hung on pegs
  • A high level of security which is why it is often used for high value and high-risk products
  • unique strength and shape
  • easy to open in comparison to most clamshells

3. What are the Disadvantages of Trifold Packaging?

The main disadvantage of Trifold Packaging is its high cost compared to other types of packaging. Trifolds requires more material, and a larger mold/machine to manufacturer hence the high pricing points.

But compared to its benefits, this disadvantage isn’t at all prohibitive as most Trifolds are used for valuable items.

Plus, the increased visual appeal and extra security that it offers products are worth it.

4. Which industries use Trifold Packaging?

Trifold Packaging is used in various industries and applications, among them;

  • Food and beverage
  • Mail order plant
  • Electronics
  • Consumer goods
  • Healthcare
  • Beauty and cosmetics
  • Nutraceutical

5. Trifold Packaging with Hanging or Standing Feature; Which One is a Better Option?

Generally, Trifolds are considered an ideal option for products that need to stand at 90 degrees.

They, however, can hang on a peg. The problem with hanging Trifolds is that they won’t offer as clean a frame as a clamshell.

In other words, both features are great; it all depends on your application. Either way, make sure that your packaging is designed with a good balancing layout.

6. How Much Does Importing Trifold Packaging from China Cost?

Importation costs for Trifold Packaging from China vary depending on several factors. These include product cost, shipping cost, and customs duties and taxes.

Remember, this cost will vary from one order to another.

7. Trifold Packaging is Suitable for which Products?

Trifold Packaging is suitable for products that are heavy and those that have little or no balance. Trifold provide a solid base for such products to stand on when displayed.

tri-fold packaging

8. What are the Benefits of In-house Tooling in Trifold Packaging Thermoforming?

In-house tooling offers several benefits that include;

  • keeping your tooling costs under control
  • providing a guarantee for quality production as products are made up to spec
  • speeds up the production process as everything is done under one roof

9. Can You Use Trifold Packaging for Marketing?

Of course.

One way of marketing is to draw customers to your product. Trifold Packaging ensures product appeal by packaging your product in an attractive, clear, and transparent pack.

This way, customers can see and examine the features of your product before buying it.

In addition to an attractive and strategic design, transparent Trifold package creates an instant appeal to products which attracts customers.

And as more and more customers get attracted to it, your product sales and brand visibility improve.

10. What is the Best Trifold Packaging Material?

Trifold Packaging is generally made out of clear plastic material such as PP, PS, PVC, RPET, PET, etc.

The clarity of these materials allows for customers to have a clear view of packaged products. It also allows Trifold Packaging manufacturers to seal packages properly in order to prevent pilfering.

Please note that in plastic package thermoforming, different materials have different physical characteristics. It is the unique characteristics of a material that makes it suitable for specific applications.

So if you’re unsure what Trifold Packaging material will work best for your particular application, talk your manufacturer. Often, manufacturers have designers and engineers with years of experience in plastic thermoforming. Thus, they can significantly help you to determine the best Trifold Packaging material for your needs.

Note that when choosing a packaging material, several factors are considered. These include the:

  • Thickness of the material
  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Finish
  • Resistance
  • Thermal conductivity

For packaging that is to be used for food and drug products, you need to choose an EN71 and FDA approved material.

11. Can Elsepack Print Custom Logo on Trifold Packs?

We can.

Elsepack is a leading expert custom thermoformed packaging manufacturer in China.

Meaning, we can custom Trifold Packaging according to your detail requirements.

We can handle any custom thermoforming requirements. You just let us know what you want. Whether you need us to print custom logo or enrage your brand name and motto on the package, Elsepack can do it all.

Just include every detail specification in your order so that we can execute each detail to your expectations.

12. Are Trifold Packaging Tamper-resistant?

Yes, Trifold Packaging is highly tamper-resistant and pilfer-proof.

13. Trifold Packaging Comes with How Many Snap Options?

Trifold Packaging comes with two snap options; snap buttons and perimeter.

snap trifold packaging

Perimeter snap is the same closure style you see in clamshells. It’s disadvantage, however, is that it does not allow the product to extend into the foot of the Trifold.

So it might not work well for some applications.

The snap button option nonetheless is the most common closure method used with Trifold Packaging. It comprises of snap buttons that are strategically placed to hold the package together.

14. Are Trifold Packaging ISO 14000 Compliant?

Yes, our trifold packaging is eco-friendly and safe.

15. Does Elsepack have MOQ for Trifold packs?


Our minimum order requirement of 500 pieces is quite low compared to most Trifold Packaging manufacturers.

We have full production equipment and in house mold designs that helps us to produce packaging in any volume.

So whether you need 500 or 500000 pieces, Elsepack can deliver.

Just keep in mind that the larger your order, the more we can save you in per-piece costs.

16. Which Information does Elsepack Need to Thermoform Trifold Pack?

We need your product details, custom specifications such as shape, and size.

Also provide us with your material choice factoring in elements such as thickness, resistance, and thermal conductivity.

If you need custom Trifold Packaging, include the features that you want, such as closing mechanism, sealing option, etc. in your order specification.

17. Can Elsepack Design a Bespoke Package for Me?

Yes, Elsepack offers complete end-to-end Trifold Packaging solutions.

We have in-house designers that can provide a high level of design assistance for your custom Trifold Packaging.

Together with our engineers, Elsepack designers will work with you to improve your products right from the concept stage to final production. This way, we can provide you with the best quality and cost-effective packaging solution.

All you need to do is contact us with your requirements, and we will respond within 24 hours with the way forward.

18. Does Elsepack Provide Trifold Packaging Samples?


Elsepack will provide Trifold Packaging samples free of charge.

This will allow you to check the fit of the product, and make minor adjustments and changes, before production tooling.

19. Do Elsepack Use Recycled Material to Make Trifold Packaging Products?


Elsepack tries to use recycled material whenever possible.

In these instances, we use RPET and PVC.

20. How Long will Elsepack Take to Deliver Trifold Packaging Order?

Elsepack will work to ensure your product is produced and delivered in the shortest possible.

We have been known to provide designs in 24 hours, prototypes within 2 days, and finished products in 7-15 days.

thermoforming process

21. Does Elsepack Ship Trifold Packaging?

Yes, we can ship your Trifold Packaging order to any location of your choosing.

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