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Vac Tray

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  •  Large material options for vac tray

Elsepack: Your Professional Vac Tray Manufacturer

Elsepack is among the popular manufacturers and suppliers of an excellent range of vac trays or vacuum-formed trays.

Vac trays from Elsepack are highly durable and moisture-resistant. Thus, making our vac trays long-lasting and functional for various industries such as in food packaging, toys, and electronics.

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Elsepack also offers vac trays with deep-draw and wide capabilities for special needs and displays. 

Vac trays manufactured by Elsepack have stacking features with no contact or load to parts. It is ideal for component transportation and storage.

Our vac tray is designed with nesting ability which helps save space also provides a close-fitting lid as well. It is also designed in order for it to sit on top securely as well as protect the inside components. 

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Elsepack’s vac tray also has a grip and finger recess and slot features. This feature is incorporated in our vac tray to get the components out without compromising their protection.

The slot feature of our vac tray also can be utilized in order to secure and slide n the products. 

In addition, our vac tray can be engraved and embossed with images or texts. It is for enhancing your brand and product presentation.

Engraved vac tray with numbers and text are also available especially for transport and production lines for easy identification and counting of parts. 

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Vac tray designed by our engineers can be customized to any thickness and size and are made of high-quality materials.

Informing our vac tray, Elsepack engineers used PET, HIPS, ABS, HDPE, PETG, PVC, RPET, styrene, polycarbonate, and more materials. These raw materials would be very thin and thick.

Elsepack provides thin gauge (.015″ – .050″) and heavy gauge (.060″ – .375″)  vac trays. 

Vac tray offered by Elsepack provides various options for displaying and protecting your products. This is a similar characteristic to thermoformed trays.

Our vac tray has a low tooling cost and quicker turnaround. These are also long-lasting, reliable premium quality, dimensionally accurate, smooth, and a stylish vac tray. 

Elsepack’s vac tray is a cost-effective and the best solution for transporting and storing components as well as products safely and free from damage.

Moreover, our vac trays are for handling, processing, and shipping products and parts for a specific application.

These vac trays are engineered specially for the protection of parts while in shipment. Vac trays from Elsepack can be used for material handling for commercial and industrial applications. 

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Our vac trays are re-usable and customizable in order to fit a specific product. These are all lightweight which adds to the negligibility of the weight into a shipment.

Whether you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of vac trays, Elsepack is your best choice! 

When it comes to manufacturing and supplying vac trays, Elsepack has a great reputation.

We offer low MOQ of our vac tray so that you will be convenient in testing your market. We also have 13 professional and expert engineers who will design an excellent vac tray. 

If you want to know more about our vac tray and other services, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales team today!

Item NameVac Trays
MaterialPP, PVC, RPET, PET, PS, etc.
FeaturedShipping Trays
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Anti-Static Tray
Industrial Trays
Dunnage Trays
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time 7-15 days
Payment Term T/T ,L/C, etc.