• 6 cavity wax melt clamshell
  • 1-wax melt clamshell
  • 3-wax melt clamshell
  • 2-wax melt clamshell

Wax Melt Clamshell

  • Customize any type of wax melt clamshell
  • Free design drawing within 24 hours
  • Eco-friendly materials with high temperature resistance

Elsepack: Your Professional Wax Melt Clamshell Manufacturer

Elsepack is a home of thousands of wax melt clamshell. Our clear empty wax melt clamshell is the best way present and make your wax melts.

You can always make your wax tarts and melts easily and quickly with Elsepack’s clear plastic clamshell packaging and molds.

Our wax melt clamshell molds and packaging are varying form sizes and shapes.

wax melt clamshell packaging


We have wax melt clamshell which is round, rectangle, square and more. Our wax melt clamshell sizes and cavities can be customized in order to meet your specific requirements.

We have 4 cavities,6 cavities, 16 cavities wax melt clamshell that can hold more wax melts. Its cavities are also designed with different shapes such as heart, square, round and more for a unique wax melt design.

Every Elsepack’s wax melt clamshell is incorporated with a snap on feature which securely shut the mold and packaging while making it easy to close and open.

Elsepack’s wax melt clamshell standard size can hold up to 2.75 oz of melted wax but can customized according to your needs.Also, we can produce the thermoformed display tray to hold these wax melt clamshell.

Elsepack leads many industries for a quick, cost-effective and clear wax melt clamshell solutions.

11-wax melt clamshell

Our wax melt clamshell provides protection to your wax melts ensuring you that your wax melts are in good condition. Also, wax melt clamshell is an aid to help prevent potential damages of wax melts.

In addition, by using Elsepack’s highly sealed wax melt clamshell, guaranteed that your wax melts are free from contamination allowing it to stay fresh looking.

Elsepack’s wax melt clamshells have flat base which makes it ideal and perfect to stack for any display purposes.

Wax melt clamshell manufactured by Elsepack PET and PVC filming which makes it heat resistant and highly crack resistance.

These materials used to create our wax melt clamshell are all certified by SGS.

Elsepack’s wax melt clamshell are all durable and all are highly and 100% recyclable and re-usable.

wax melt clamshell material


Wax melt clamshell made by PET materials don’t interact the dyes and fragrance of your wax melts. Recommended temperature in pouring melts is 160 degrees and below.

For more than 10 years of manufacturing wax melt clamshell, we are able to give a versatile wax melt clamshell.

These multi-purpose wax melt clamshells can also be used as a packaging for candles, soap, tarts, sugar, bath melts and other goods.

In order to support your business, we can upgrade and enhance your wax melt brand by providing a wax melt clamshell with an embossed logos.


wax melt clamshell-20


Choose Elsepack as your manufacturer of wax melt clamshell. We have our own labels factory and graphic can so that we can provide you a full service.

Elsepack’s wax melt clamshell are all designed by our well-experienced engineers, made with the latest technology and strictly inspected by our quality control team to ensure its reliability.

Contact us now and tell us your requirements for a wax melt clamshell.

Let us work with you and you will be satisfied by our excellent services!

Item NameWax Melt Clamshell
MOQ5000pieces/In stock
FeaturedAny in-house pattern and mould design
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time7-15 days
Payment TermT/T ,L/C, etc.

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