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Wax Melts Containers

  • Simply snap securely and easy to open
  • Wide selection in style and design
  • Recycled and clear material

Elsepack is a leading manufacturer of wax melts containers in China.

We customize wax melts containers in a wide range of styles, sizes, and shapes based on your specific requirement.

wax melt container

Wax melts containers are also called clamshell tart packaging or plastic wax melt molds.

These clear empty containers are an outstanding way to make and present your wax melts.

Wax melts containers are made of PVC and PET that are recycled materials. At Elsepack, these materials are certificated.

PET, especially, won’t interact with fragrance or dyes. And these materials for melting temperature is 160 degrees or lower.

This wax melts containers are sturdy with tight snaps but easy to open and close. They also have good sealing to keep wax melt fresh.

Also, wax melts containers are multi-purpose packaging for tarts, candle, bath melts, soap, sugar or other goodies which you want to sample up. We can also give some tips on how to make wax melts.

Elsepack already customizes many shapes for customers based on different applications. We can design wax melts containers with embossed logos, images to upgrade your wax melts and enhance your brand.

Our rectangle wax melts containers have many cavities. For wholesale marketplace, we have many kinds of wax melts clamshell in stock. Such as 6 cavity wax melts containers, we can ship it 1 up. You can wholesale them anytime and be assured same day delivery.

wax melt clamshell

Our standard 6 cavity wax melt clamshell molds specifications for your reference:

Material: Clear PVC or PET

Exterior Dimensions: 4.12″ H x 2.75″ W x 1″ D

Total wax capacity 2.5-3 oz.

Each Cube: 1.1″ H x 0.985″ W x 0.625″ D

Top Lid Space for Label 3 3/8″ x 2 5/16″

Recommended Label Size: 3.1″ x 1.8″

Moreover, Elsepack already has wax melts containers from 1 cavity to 12 cavities. And we design a melt POP display to help you display and sell more wax melts.

thermoformed tray for wax melts

In this way, displaying your full customizable label which is on top lid space will help give your consumer a deep impression.

Elsepack owns our own graphics card & labels factory; we can offer full service for you.

All of our empty wax melts containers are manufactured using the latest equipment and designed by our average 15-years experienced specialists. Regarding customized wax melts containers, we can finish full production in 7 days.

Please tell us your wax melts containers ideas and let us help you pack your vision.

Item NameWax Melts Containers
MOQ500pieces/In stock
FeaturedAny in-house pattern and mould design
Sample ChargeFree
Production Time 7-15 days
Payment Term T/T ,L/C, etc.

thermoforming factory in chinaElsepack thermoforming workshop

Wax Melts Containers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is a Wax Melt Container?

round wax melts containers

A wax melt container is simply a container, sometimes with a wick hole at the bottom, into which you pour melted wax, and out of which comes your wax melts, cubes, or tarts.

It is a type of plastic retail packaging which provides an outstanding way to make and present wax melts.

And, it can take any shape ranging from cylindrical, round, square, rectangle, octagonal, etc.

You can also refer to a wax melt container as a clamshell tart packaging, plastic tart container, or plastic wax melt mold.

2. Why use Plastic Wax Melt Containers?

You should use wax melts containers if you need a unique and affordable means of making and presenting your wax melts.

Wax melts containers provide a broader choice in style and design for your wax melt making and packing.

Besides, the clamshell tart packaging is easy and convenient to use. You can easily break off individual tart cubes from the container as needed.

What’s more, is that the containers are available in a variety of colors allowing you to match your product to the packaging for more appeal.

3. What is Clamshell Tart Packaging used for?

 Wax melt packaging

Clamshell tart packaging is a versatile type of plastic with a broad scope of usage.

The packaging can be used for tarts, bath melts, candles, sugar, soap or other items of your choosing.

4. How do you choose the Right Wax Melts Containers?

As I’ve said, wax melts container is a kind of container that you put melted wax in and let it cool.

After cooling, the wax will take the shape and size of the container you use, so choosing the proper mold for your project is essential

Here are some factors to consider when looking for the best wax melts container for your project.

  • Material: wax melts containers can be made from a variety of materials with unique qualities and properties. So choose a wax melt mold material depending on their affordability and performance for your unique application.
  • Durability and resistance: it is crucial to find a mold that you can use for long before discarding, and that is heat resistant. How good the mold performs in this regard will depend on the material used to make it. So again, choose your material accordingly.
  • Usability: you need a mold that is easy to use and maintain. Plastic wax melts molds are very user-friendly and are also easy to clean. They are also reusable and recyclable
  • Flexibility: get wax melt containers with desirable stretchable qualities. Releasing wax melts, cubes, and tarts from these molds are easier and need no releasing agent.
  • Size and shape: as wax melts, tarts and cubes retain the shape and size of the molds used, it is essential to choose molds of the right size and shape for your specific application.

5. What Plastic is Used to Make Wax Melt Molds?

thermofromed packaging material

As I’ve said, wax melt molds are made from a variety of materials, with each having a unique set of qualities and characteristics.

Meaning, material choice when it comes to these molds should be based on their suitability for the intended application.

That said, plastic wax melt molds are made of PVC and PET, all of which are recyclable materials and are FDA certified.

These two types of plastic are preferred for wax melt molds as they don’t react with fragrance or dyes. They are also affordable, and their thermal conductivity is desirable.

6. What is the Advantage of Plastic Wax Melts Containers Over Other Alternatives?

wax melts containers-1

Firstly, plastic wax melts containers are inexpensive and easier to use compared to other mold alternatives.

Secondly, they are versatile and more flexible when it comes to releasing content as no releasing agents are needed.

Thirdly, plastic mold options offer excellent product protection and security. The clamshell options can be creatively labeled on the front to create more appeal for gift-giving, or retail display.

Last but not least, these types of wax melt molds are easy to clean and maintain, and can be reused.

7. How is Wax Melts made?

To make the best wax melts, follow this step by step guide:

Step 1: start by gathering all the items that you need for this process. These should include the wax, fragrance, color, mould, melting container and some paper towels.

Step 2: Next, cover your working area with a paper towel to avoid spills then proceed to cut the wax (if in blocks) to smaller pieces for quick and easy melting.

Step 3: melt the wax in a double boiler. If you don’t have the boiler, take a slightly bigger pan and fill it halfway with water. Place this pan on heat and let it boil. Take another pan, a smaller one, and put the wax in it then place it into the pan with boiling water.

Step 4: allow the wax to heat to 175- 185 oz. Use a thermometer to monitor the temperature.

making wax melts

Step 5: once you achieve the above temperature, add in the right amounts of your chosen fragrance and color, and then stir gently.

Step 6: allow the mixture to heat further as you get your mould/s ready

Step 7: once ready, remove the mixture from heat and pour gently into the mold/s. As you do this, be careful not to burn yourself or cause spills as the wax will still be hot and molten.

Also, do not pour too quickly; least the wax will overflow and cause a mess.

Fill the mould to the top if you’re looking to make thick tarts. For thinner tarts, fill the mould halfway.

Once done, leave everything to cool down and harden in readiness for packaging.

That’s it!

8. What Design Options does Elsepack Offer for Plastic Wax Melt Molds?

Elsepack offers several design options for plastic wax melts containers including;

  • Simple snap options for easy and fast opening
  • Different sizes and shapes depending on your project requirements
  • Secure sealing for better preservation of wax melts
  • Embossed brand logos to advance your brand
  • Images to enhance package visual appeal
  • Melt POP display for easy and better product display
  • Multiple color choice for more appeal

wax melt container


There is a wide range of design features that Elsepack can incorporate into your wax melts containers. You can come up with your ideas or engage our designers and engineers to come up with viable solutions for your project.

Either way, Elsepack is up to the task. We will take the design idea and turn it into the perfect clamshell tart packaging for your project.

9. How many Times can you use Plastic Wax Melt Molds?

With proper care and maintenance, you can use your wax melt molds as many times as possible. You just need to clean them after use/change of products.

10. Can Elsepack provide Melt POP Display for Wax Melts containers?

Yes, we can design melt POP displays that provide ambient displays for wax melts.

This way, you can put your wax melts in full view with an eye-catching presentation to woo your customers and increase sales.

11. Are Plastic Wax Melts Containers from Elsepack Food Safe?

Yes, all our wax melts containers are made with plastic materials that comply with all regulations set forth and approved by the FDA.

Also, our manufacturing is done following all the requisite quality control standards to ensure our packaging is of top quality and safe. We also subject all products to testing by certified inspectors.

All these certifies that our containers are safe for use with both food and non-food products.

12. Does Elsepack offer Stock Wax Melt Molds?

Yes, we do.

We have a variety of wax melts containers in stock ranging from 1-cavity to 12-cavity wax melts clamshells.

The 6 cavity wax melts container is the standard stock option from Elsepack, and it comes in size 4.12″ H x 2.75″ W x 1″ and a capacity of 2.5-3 oz.

Elsepack can also customize clamshell tart packaging in a range of sizes, shapes, and designs based on your project requirement.

6 cavity wax melts clamshell

13. How much does Elsepack Wax Melt Containers Cost?

At Elsepack, all our products are priced at wholesale with several quantity-based price points to help minimize your costs.

The overall costs of wax melt containers will depend on your order type and volume. Generally, the more you order, the more discount we can offer per unit.

14. Can Elsepack offer Printing Service for Wax Melts Containers?

Yes, Elsepack has an in-house printing service with the latest graphics card and labels machinery. So yes, we can offer full custom clamshell tart packaging service.

We can emboss your brand logo and also include images on your packaging to help advance your product and brand.

15. Are Plastic Wax Melt Molds Recyclable?

Yes, our plastic tart packaging is recyclable as it is made of recyclable plastic materials.

16. How Long will Elsepack Take to Deliver Wax Melt Containers?

Stock orders received by UTC 8 am typically ship the same day, next day at the latest.

For custom clamshell tart packaging orders, we can deliver in 7-13 days, depending on your order volume and order complexity.

Don’t hesitate to ask for a quote from us today; we will respond as fast as possible within 12 hours.

17. What is Elsepack MOQ for Wax Melts Containers?

Elsepack’s MOQ for wax melts containers is 500 pieces.

We can, however, provide you with a low volume order to test your market. If you’re satisfied with the feedback, you can go ahead and make your order with us to continue enjoying the perks of well-made plastic tart packaging.

18. Does Elsepack Ship Wax Melt Containers all Over the World?

Yes, Elsepack can ship wax melts containers anywhere in the world.

Generally, we send international packages by air, sea, or courier depending on the urgency, volume and package destination.


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